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  1. Telling a group of ex-Christians that the mythology they dumped was real is not a good idea. Of course you're going to get pushback! It's analogous to walking into an AA meeting and telling them that booze is good for them and that they were wrong to give it up. We've worked very hard to put Christianity behind us, and in fact many of us are still working on it. Judging from how deeply this affected you, I don't think we can help you at this time and that leaving (at least for a while) will be more helpful than arguing with us.
  2. He may have been real 2000 years ago. If he's real now, it's only as a cluster of dry, disjointed bones in a Roman mass grave.
  3. I consider Christianity to be a very, very childish collection of mythology that preys upon people's fear of death. It is not necessary for a good life, and some of its primary "features" actually get in the way of a good life. If you tell yourself that you were born evil and deserve to be burned forever for something that isn't even in your control, unless you acquiesce to letting Jesus die in your place, you do severe chronic psychological damage that can take decades to undo. Don't go there. It's a long, long trip back.
  4. He certainly seems to be obsessed with order. Doesn't seem to have any tolerance whatsoever for ambiguity or imperfection. Maybe his upbringing involved parental units who criticized him for getting mere A's and B+'s instead of across-the-board A+'s.
  5. Hey, no problem! Just put one hand on pJoe's right shoulder, one hand on JoeM's left shoulder, knock their heads together, then use them as a stepping stool to climb up out of the elevator!
  6. In the comment right after Walter's "Good night" post, Joe has asserted that someone can be made of good, as if it's some kind of substance. WTAF? Last I checked, good and bad referred to actions, not some form of matter. Pursuing this rather odd hypothesis ad absurdum, that suggests that the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was tainted with some bad substance. Is Joe suggesting (be it accidentally or on purpose) that the knowledge necessary for informed morality is itself tainted and evil? If so, where does that leave Biblegod and the unknown entities who were
  7. You know no such thing. You merely believe it. You have demonstrated amply to us and the lurkers that your idea of knowledge is fatally flawed.
  8. Don't you ever tell someone else what they will think, feel or want. Fuck you and fuck the Holy Spirit, too.
  9. Why not? It would have advanced science tremendously to have the Bible at least up to the standards of a Grade 8 science book. (Disclaimer: I'm the sort of person who buys second-hand college-level science books and reads them for fun. Avogadro's number FTW! )
  10. I don't want to be saved, you pretentious ass! I unconditionally reject your evil little god and all its sock puppets, and I have no interest in eternal life.
  11. If the "dude from 2000 years ago" was an actual god, perhaps he should have known. Silly bugger didn't say anything useful about anything that wasn't already known to mortals of that time period.
  12. Yes, they *do* sound quite possible -- because we are all connected. The point of connection was approximately 13.7 billion years ago, at the time of the Big Bang singularity. What I can't fathom about your line of reasoning is why you're so eager to sacrifice the uniqueness we possess now, in favour of some nebulous connectedness. To me, there is nothing appealing about being subsumed into some mythological godhead and having the 'self' obliterated. And what you say above has nothing to do with what *I* said. You're just another Internet stranger pretending that you
  13. You said it, but we do not accept it because there is absolutely no credible evidence to support your claim. You're so in love with your own silly hypothesis that you think that we should just take your word for it. Not. Gonna. Happen. Not here. If you can't back up your claims, they're worthless.
  14. I don't think he actually saw hell. More likely he hallucinated, or is simply lying about what he saw.
  15. Can any being, even a god, be truly infinite? Let's look at omnipresence for a moment. True omnipresence, simultaneous existence at every point in time-space, would imbed the god into the bodies and minds of "sinners," forcing the god to participate in every thought and action. The instant the god pulled away, separated itself from the being doing the thinking or acting, the god would no longer be omnipresent.
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