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    If you talk to the right hemisphere, I'll cheerfully tell you that I hang out with the Æsir and Vanir; that my older sister is the Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin; and that my guardian dragon would like another coffee and donut, please.

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  1. (Passes Midniterider a copy of Holst's First Suite in E Flat for Military Band and picks up her own clarinet) Let's rock!
  2. That kind of relay is fascinating in itself. What compels them to come this far north?
  3. Ah. Craniorectal impaction. Difficult condition to treat.
  4. Weezer, it's entirely possible that a lot of trolls do have psychiatric conditions. However, in the aggregate we are not mental health professionals and aren't in a position to provide help with any such conditions. All we can do is tailor our responses according to our perceptions, and get the mods involved if things escalate. Personally, I suspect that SV is having us on -- and that he's also the reincarnation of a user banned from Ex-C four or five years ago (although the user name doesn't spring to mind). There's something in the writing style that sounds oddly familiar to m
  5. Generally when someone gets that particular icon, they're on borrowed time. Either they cross a line that brings out the banhammer, or they flounce out of here because they don't like the icon.
  6. Butterflies are the means by which caterpillars can transport themselves over great distances. This enables, for example, monarch butterflies to spend the winter in Mexico but come to my garden in Manitoba in June and July to eat from milkweed plants. And the butterflies just have to live long enough to lay eggs. That's it. That's all.
  7. Science draws closer to the truth by admitting its mistakes and adopting new theories. Religion claims to already have the truth and refuses to admit its errors.
  8. Ah, but if SV actually thought about his beliefs he might start doubting them, and forfeit the eternal life that he never had in the first place.
  9. What purpose? I clearly said that there isn't a purpose. There is only an effect. (adds reading comprehension to the growing list of things SV needs to learn)
  10. Evolution has no predetermined "purpose" at all. It is an observation and explanation of something that happens naturally: If an organism has even a slight advantage over others in the same environment, it out-competes them for food, reproductive mates and other resources, and goes on to produce more offspring. This repeats with every generation: Slight advantages eventually dominate, because the organisms with that advantage have better survival prospects. And there is literally nothing you can do about this, other than put your fingers in your ears and yell "La la la la I don
  11. (looks around) Who said that?
  12. is trying to figure out (for the nth time) how meditation works.

    1. Edgarcito


      If you concentrate on one spot diligently with your eyes closed....before you know it, you wake up from

      a good nap.  Sleep helps everything. 

  13. Meaningless? No. Meaning is a personal value and is subjective, not objective. There is no one meaning to life; each is unique to an individual. And quite frankly, I can't conceive of anything more meaningless than being condemned to eternal existence (heaven, hell, insert mythology of choice) by a super-powerful being, rather than simply dying and staying dead.
  14. You're not capable of "helping" us in a way that we would actually want to be helped. Cut your losses and shake the dust off your sandals.
  15. So, SV, come back in a few million years with your preliminary results to demonstrate that the amino acids have indeed degenerated. We'll wait. In the meantime, I'm going to work out the probability that an eternal being more advanced than humans could spontaneously appear from nothingness, and create matter/energy without using {already existing} energy to work its magic. My physics is a bit rusty, but IIRC there are no papers reporting gods being created from quantum fluctuations, and it's rude to claim credit for inventing something that was already there (in this case, matter
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