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  1. Hopefully she stuck the landing on the turtle and didn't get trampled by one of the elephants.
  2. So much for the Bible being inspired by a god -- it reads exactly like a myth told by multiple people who were not in communication with one another, with no divine proofreader in sight. Translation from Jamesish: "If you read the article in such a way as to agree with me, me, meeee..." Nope, James, not buying your feeble excuses for your deeply flawed mythological book. Calling the Bible inerrant just reinforces my impression that you're so badly stuck in your beliefs that you're emotionally and intellectually incapable of seeing an alternate point of view.
  3. That was ten minutes very well spent. I was particularly delighted by the machine that flipped the TP rolls upright - I would've never even imagined that such a thing was needed, but someone had the ingenuity to invent it.
  4. In order to be consistent in his worldview, James needs to give away his bike and his tent, walking everywhere, living out in the open, and never again eating food that was produced by other people using fridges, stoves or other appliances. No consumer-made goods of any kind - just scrounging for fruits and berries, and whatever animal flesh he can kill with homemade weaponry and then cook on a campfire made by rubbing sticks together (Matches? Lighters? Heaven forfend!) He doesn't seem to realize that there are consequences to owning nothing and not working, and that those conse
  5. To us, you are. You don't get to decide how we see you, James. Nope. Your so-called "facts" are no more than superstition. If we test them in the real world, they will fail. James, you don't have "the truth." All you have is a belief - a belief that we already examined and rejected. It may be the only thing that gives your life meaning. It is execrably rude of you to try to declare what anyone else on Earth should find meaningful. That is for them to decide, and them alone. The existence of a god does
  6. I own that alleged "mistake" unconditionally and wholeheartedly. I do not possess any religious faith at all. I never have. I went to Sunday School, read the Bible, had religious classes in elementary school, was proselytized in a laundromat by someone who wanted me to say the Sinner's Prayer*. It had no effect whatsoever on my lack of belief, but did lead me to wonder why anyone took it seriously. (* I never said that prayer because I see it as a lie. I don't believe that people are naturally evil, I don't believe in sin, I do not think that it is moral to let someone die in
  7. And you have not proven it to our satisfaction. There's a very good reason we're EX-Christians, and you refuse to respect that. There is only one thing that I would accept as plausible evidence for a god, and that one thing is completely out of your control. Even if it did happen (very unlikely) it wouldn't be enough to make me a Christian, because Christianity itself is broken. It's a very, very poor philosophy of life that psychologically damages people and manipulates them with a bombardment of promises and threats. Quite frankly, James, if I had the power to lite
  8. James, you are wasting your life with Voice in the Desert. You are suffering needlessly, living a substandard lifestyle that will get you nothing of value. There is no heaven waiting for you. You will simply live and then eventually die, and reap absolutely no rewards for the way you're living now. It doesn't matter what you did prior to adopting your current way of living - beating yourself up over it is not going to change the past. What you need to do is discuss things with a non-religious therapist and then develop a better set of habits that will allow you to live in a les
  9. Oho! Wouldn't that be ironic - Mr. Poverty with mobile techno-bling!
  10. Maybe he set up his tent within WiFi range of the library building so that he can mooch Internet bandwidth off them when they're closed.
  11. I'm a medical professional. I've typed over 60,000 reports, including several thousand for neurologists. I'm also capable of reading peer-reviewed literature and understanding it. The brain is known to hallucinate, especially under high stress. He could have easily hallucinated heaven, and then discovered that he could get a lot of attention (and possibly also lots of money), if he spread his silly story among gullible believers. (He could have even made up the whole story and reaped the same benefits - attention and $$$.) And we have an absolute right to
  12. "Debunk." You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  13. Hell is an infinitely evil punishment. Therefore, you are worshipping an infinitely evil god. If I were you, James, I'd think long and hard about trusting the promises of anyone who thinks eternal punishment is just.
  14. He says we don't need money, and goes on an Internet connection paid for by other people's money. He rides a bike built in a factory with materials and labour that someone had to pay for. He's trying to get to his idea of heaven by using the hard work of other people as stepping stones, and then criticizing them for the very thing that makes his lifestyle possible. What a hypocrite.
  15. Why would I blame two people who never existed? And even if they did exist, why would a god blame people not yet born for something done by other people? In Christianity, morality is a sick joke. We get blamed for something we didn't do, and get freed from that blame because someone else died in our place? That's pure evil. And, you little brat, I have read the Bible. I read it over fifty years ago, and I did it without some brainwashed fool leaning over my shoulder telling me what it was supposed to mean. That's why I've never believed -- because I immediately saw
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