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    If you talk to the left hemisphere of my brain you'll get a skeptical, science-friendly humanist who periodically engages in activism -- I have broken a metatarsal bone in a five-mile protest march; yelled at a prime minister; waved gay-rights signage; and videotaped Laura Secord's cow at Portage and Main.

    If you talk to the right hemisphere, I'll cheerfully tell you that I hang out with the Æsir and Vanir; that my older sister is the Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin; and that my guardian dragon would like another coffee and donut, please.

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  1. brewed mead today.

  2. At one point I had three - a King James, a Catholic one with the Apocrypha, and Hebrew OT scriptures with English translation. To the best of my recollection, I gave them all away to a thrift store when uncluttering my library.
  3. has a brand new pail of drywall mud.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

    1. TrueFreedom


      Do some texturing? I did some heavy plaster-style texture on several walls a few years ago. I loved it for a while, but I'm thinking about sanding some of them down. It worked well with tea-stained walls.

    2. Astreja


      I have done textured walls, but usually with heavier mixes like 50/50 Plaster of Paris and floor-levelling compound (mix it in very small batches, as it hardens really, really fast -- which makes it work very well on vertical surfaces).  One of the nicest looks I've gotten is with top-and-bond concrete, which creates a rough medium grey surface.


      The drywall paste, though, is for finishing some rather ordinary, flat walls so that they can be primed and painted.

    3. TrueFreedom
  4. Either that, or he's channeling Weird Al Yankovic channeling Michael Jackson.
  5. And yet you keep quoting and referencing me, and you falsely assumed that I had not read the entire quote.
  6. One could charitably call it a lack of self-control, rather than outright lying. Neither one paints a particularly flattering picture.
  7. Irrational? Heeheeheeheehee! You worship an undead god-man who supposedly sacrificed himself to protect properly deferential humans from the aftereffects of unauthorized fresh fruit consumption at the behest of a helpful Talking Snake™, and you have the nerve to call RNP "irrational"? (exits stage right, still giggling)
  8. To the best of my knowledge, "I don't believe" is not a curse. It is a simple statement of fact: We don't believe what you're telling us, and we don't believe what the Bible says. It's telling -- and unspeakably horrifying and tragic -- that you're actively hoping for your god to "take us out." That, sirrah, is a genuine curse and I throw it back in your face.
  9. Repent? Not to a god that I see as fictional, for the "crime" of not believing scriptures that I see as fictional, for the sake of a kingdom that I also see as fictional. I'm already trying to behave well to the best of my ability in RL, so what more is there for me to do? Pretending to believe is absolutely, permanently off the table.
  10. (heavy sigh) What a sad, sad little man LuthAMF is -- no answers, no eloquence, no manners. So much for "life in abundance," wot?
  11. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the Invisible Pink Unicorn is female. However, we have to take that on faith, just as we are asked to believe that She is simultaneously invisible and pink. May Her holy hooves never be shod!
  12. That's why it irks me to see some pretentious little brat show up here and waste our time. I know that it's a painful experience to go through that kind of disillusionment, and LuthAMF is clearly disrespecting that. He deserves no benefit of a doubt, and no mercy.
  13. Ah. So you're one of those insufferable pricks who flings out unsupported criticisms (documented both here and on the blog) and then prays to Jesus for forgiveness, then. I'm done playing with you. May you lose your faith in the most excruciatingly emotionally painful way possible, and may that pain dominate every waking moment of your life until you come to appreciate our experiences as non-believers and feel remorse for your behaviour. *plonk*
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