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    Music, writing, gardening, meadmaking, astronomy, sleight-of-hand
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    I'm a cranky and eccentric polymath who, for most of her life, has had a morbid fascination with religion and society.

    If you talk to the left hemisphere of my brain you'll get a skeptical, science-friendly humanist who periodically engages in activism -- I have broken a metatarsal bone in a five-mile protest march; yelled at a prime minister; waved gay-rights signage; and videotaped Laura Secord's cow at Portage and Main.

    If you talk to the right hemisphere, I'll cheerfully tell you that I hang out with the Æsir and Vanir; that my older sister is the Bodhisattva Guan Shi Yin; and that my guardian dragon would like another coffee and donut, please.

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    Humanist and agnostic polyatheist

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About Me

The overriding theme of my life is curiosity, and along the way I have explored numerous philosophies and even more numerous career and educational paths.

I've practised Western occultism, several varieties of Buddhism (finally settling for the meditative, non-theistic variety), Ásatrú (an attempt to reconstruct ancient Scandinavian belief and culture), and had a very short and thoroughly unfulfilling encounter with Sunday School in the United Church of Canada.

Currently I am a card-carrying humanist.  The Humanist Manifesto (specifically, the 2002 Amsterdam Declaration) is in accord with what I actually believe about humanity's role in the universe.

My education consists of a science-heavy curriculum in the Quebec English-language school system; an Arts degree, also from Quebec; a certificate in Business Administration; and several computer certifications.

On the career front I've had innumerable clerical positions, but also spent eight years as a certified network technician (MCSE, CNE and A+ plus a bit of Linux when no one was looking).  I've helped manage a kung fu school, waited tables, painted walls, and printed vinyl decals with ominous warnings and a lot of exclamation marks.

For the last decade I've been a medical stenographer.  I type examination reports from dictation, and have acquired a huge new vocabulary that includes such words as 'gastroesophageal,' 'atelectasis,' and the dreaded 'nasopharyngoscopy.'

I write novels (Genre: Urban SF/fantasy/humour mash-up with gods, nerds and a dragon who likes Casablanca).


Music is a huge part of my life.  I started with piano in 1965, but since 2004 I've been studying clarinet and play it in several community concert bands.  As of 2017 I'm doubling on alto clarinet in one band and playing alto sax and flute in another one.  Recently I acquired a bass clarinet and expect to complete my woodwinds collection by adding an E♭ sopranino clarinet and a tenor sax.  (I've already sworn off double reeds after giving oboe a try.)   I can also find my way around a guitar, bass, and violin.


Fitness-wise I enjoy swimming, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and short hikes in the woods, and am always on the lookout for quiet solo activities that give the audio channel of my brain some time off.  I also belong to the local Astronomical Society; dabble in juggling, tap dancing, and coin tricks; and am taking classes in Icelandic in preparation for a trip to Iceland sometime in the next few years.


And yes, I do sleep occasionally...

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