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  1. Similarly, just because I helped moderate a domestic violence forum at one time, it doesn't mean I have training equivalent to a registered psychologist or social worker.
  2. Well, that's rather presumptuous of you. Do you have any evidence -- hard, testable scientifically rigorous evidence -- that this "devil" even exists? I say again: I have no religious faith. I cannot, and will not "give it a shot."
  3. I work in healthcare in a behind-the-scenes capacity (no contact with patients) and am still going to the office. Got fed up with the bus schedules being cut back, so for the past couple of weeks I've been walking to work and back again. My usual after-work activities have all been disrupted. No band rehearsals, no in-person astronomy gatherings or clarinet lessons or writer's group -- but we've managed to set up Zoom or Discord meetings to keep everyone in touch. (Alas, there isn't enough Internet speed or bandwidth to allow for virtual band practice. The lag time for forty people playing simultaneously would just result in cacophony.) Spending a lot less money because most stores are closed and restaurants are all take-out/delivery rather than eat-in. I do miss not being able to hang out in coffee shops, though.
  4. Be careful what you ask for, Edgarcito. (imagines the troll in the exact same straits as she experienced twenty years ago)
  5. I mean it in a literal sense -- I am neurologically and psychologically unable to suspend disbelief in order to see gods as real beings. (It doesn't matter which god, either.) I can't love them, hate them or otherwise care about them in any way. If I try to talk to them, it is indistinguishable from my imagination in all respects. I cannot profess faith in something when my own brain is muttering "Yeah, right..." under its breath. My amount of religious faith is zero, and has been this way for as long as I can remember. I also can't have any relationship with "the father," as it simply isn't real to me. It doesn't matter what is "required" of me. It isn't going to happen, and I have no good reason to try to make it happen.
  6. Neither does it mean that it *is* true. There is no credible evidence for life after death, nor is there any evidence for heaven or hell. From my point of view, it's all delusion and psychological manipulation that has been foisted upon society for thousands of years, and can simply be ignored. I live in Canada. We abolished the death penalty decades ago. There is nothing whatsoever that justifies a god reviving someone in order to kill them again. That is obscene.
  7. The vow was broken long before I made my move -- adultery, financial abuse, verbal abuse. Kindly refrain from judging people when you don't know the first fucking thing about their personal experiences.
  8. Oh, I assure you that I am familiar with the notion of faith. I'm just not able to feel it in a religious sense. I see those stories as fictional, not historical. Encountering a god-like being in the real world, not in events or thoughts or stories but the actual being itself. Anything else can be misconstrued, imagined, or faked.
  9. No, the concept of hell is definitely worse. Once we're dead, brain science strongly suggests that we simply don't experience any of the things happening to our bodies. In order for us to experience hell, your god would have to deliberately reconstruct the neural networks that existed in our physical bodies and that died with us. That is utterly inexcusable -- reviving someone specifically to torture them.
  10. Genesis 3:16 is BS. It doesn't take much in the way of observing other humans over thousands of years of civilization to realize that human females regularly experience pain in childbirth. It has nothing to do with your god cursing them, and everything to do with the fact that human babies have comparatively larger heads in proportion to the mother's hips. I dumped a spouse because, in addition to being childish and narcissistic, he was also fucking useless at providing assistance. He ran a business into the ground after financing it with my money. I paid 99+% of the mortgage payments on my first house. I am now sitting in my second fully-paid-off house, which I am renovating without male help, absolutely overjoyed to not be in a relationship. Perhaps you don't know any women who don't fit your stereotype because they smell the misogyny on you and steer clear of you. I, for one, wouldn't bother with someone with your attitude, and suspect that the feeling is mutual.
  11. 50% Valkyrie, 50% barking mad Scot, and 54 years since my dad showed me how to use the hand-cranked drill in his workshop.
  12. Ah. Apparently I'm not a woman, then, because I've gutted two houses, torn down two ancient garages, built three porches, shingled a couple of roofs, hauled lumber, carried sheets of drywall up flights of stairs by myself, and am currently putting the finishing touches on my new home office. I have a strong kinesthetic component to my learning style, and I am extremely spatial. Been that way most of my life, and even got a final mark of 100% on grade 9 geometry (in-class mark plus Provincial final exam). I visualize better in 3D than in 2D, in fact.
  13. In my collection I have a lovely dagger that I acquired at a hunting/fishing store, of all places -- no modifications required. Over the years, though, most of my magical stuff has been homemade. A good way to make things like pentacles is to get a craft knife and some masking tape, and stencil a design onto a ready-made disk of wood from a craft store. The layout is geometrical rather than free-hand art (72° between points of the star = 360°), so that's one of the easier things to make. Still procrastinating on a wand that I've wanted to make out of a piece of ebony I bought over 20 years ago...
  14. You could start by asking him why a god would want to make things old. The simpler explanation is that things really are that old.
  15. And I think that the best way to fix the problems is to tackle them one by one, with social consensus and the aid of professionals from relevant areas (e.g. biology, sociology, etc.) We're still vastly better off than the pre-Enlightenment days when religion dominated Western culture and quality of life was in the toilet.
  16. I'm going to have to disagree with you here. The world is not uniformly horrible. There are a lot of dysfunctional human societies, but life in the western world wasn't always a cakewalk either. If you go back a few hundred years, a lot of things we take for granted such as clean water and warm houses were the exception rather than the rule. On the whole we're getting better, not worse -- it only seems like things are getting worse because bad news dominates the media.
  17. No faith whatsoever here. When I was younger I tried to play along, tried to give Christianity the benefit of the doubt to see if it would actually do anything, but never felt a single thing. I seem to be congenitally unable to do religious faith.
  18. I've already been through that exploration process, investigating occultism, Buddhism and Asatru over a period of several decades. My epiphany came when I realized that I had never in all that time wholeheartedly believed in any of it. I seem to have been born with a brain that has the "Yeah, riiight..." circuit stuck in the "on" position. The best I can do is pretend to believe, and knowing what I know now I would feel awful even attempting to do that.
  19. Astreja


    Nope. I wouldn't associate with someone like you IRL. Yes, it is rather exhilarating to verbally smack around people like you, who cheerfully dismiss whole decades of other people's experiences.
  20. Astreja


    Knott, the word ex-christian exists. We use it to describe ourselves. You have no say in the matter.
  21. You have to request access for the Spirituality forum. Send a private message to any of the mods.
  22. So what makes "evidence of things not seen" any less of an abomination?
  23. Not so. I have no conscious control over my standard for evidence -- things either make sense, or they don't. And wanting to believe doesn't necessarily mean that someone does believe. You're going to have to provide an example of "want to believe that which agrees with their life choices," because that makes no sense to me.
  24. Long-dead anonymous Scandinavians leaving books behind for people to read is vastly preferable to someone coming up to my house in person and trying to foist their particular worldview upon me, often with great rudeness and occasionally threats of afterlife harm.
  25. The problem with that "...the evidence of things not seen" bit is that people have varying standards for evidence. What a believer calls "evidence" usually evokes a "nope" from me -- it always feels like 1% conjecture and 99% wishful thinking from my standpoint, and it just isn't compelling to me.
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