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  1. Quite possible, as the universe is a rather large place. I doubt very much that the "something" has any supernatural powers, though. Hard pass on that. Religion is simply not necessary.
  2. Stop right there. What you have there is an unsupported assertion and an existential fallacy. First you have to come up with evidence that this god of yours actually exists. The evidence has to be acceptable to us, and if it doesn't convince us you might as well quit while you're behind. Only then can you start on the problem of whether this particular god exemplifies perfect order. And I suspect you'll fail spectacularly at that, because the god described in the Bible is a self-contradictory, erratic and uninspiring entity that better exemplifies "might m
  3. Pizza, cava, mulled apple juice and tiramisu - a balanced New Year's Eve diet!

  4. Unless the person on the Christian side of the argument is already well-versed in science and willing to follow evidence wherever it leads, it's an uphill battle and usually a battle not worth waging. Misunderstanding or outright denial of modern-day scientific principles is the usual response I've gotten, to the point where I am no longer providing a free science education to believers. They have to do their own homework. Rather than the supernatural or the scientific, I prefer to debate them on ethics -- both from a believer's and a deity's POV. It tends towards subjectivity,
  5. is trying to decide what to practice on clarinet this evening.

  6. Oh, do go fuck yourself with a large, pointy farm implement. Your denial is unconditionally rejected. I'm done with you, you sick lout.
  7. Agreed - Mario is broken in a way that we can't fix. The kindest thing we could do for him is cut him loose.
  8. Makes you wonder if he's telling the truth about being a professional writer, doesn't it? Me, I'm not wondering very hard at all.
  9. Why would I need to "hope" when you demonstrated in your own words on a public forum that you had in fact lied about me? You can't un-tell a falsehood. I am now firmly of the opinion that you are mentally ill - probably borderline personality disorder, driving you to try to affiliate with people whom you know will reject you. Get help. Seriously. As soon as possible. And start properly mourning the people you've lost -- they're gone, gone forever.
  10. You said a page ago that there was "very little religion" in your life. I'm questioning the veracity of your claim. This is what "very little religion" looks like from my perspective: I, on the other hand, was born Canadian to parents who only attended church on rare occasions (a wedding, a christening, one Easter service ). They told me literally nothing about Christianity in my early years, and at no time did they ever insinuate that any of it was true. I read the Bible that was in my parents' bookcase solely because I was a precocious reader who was always looking for new bo
  11. Hey, I do a lot of stuff too -- just not all at the same time. Kind of hard to make mascarpone cheese while sanding drywall, reading a psychology e-book, fitting a clarinet reed on a mouthpiece, and cutting linings for some non-medical masks -- -- Oh, wait; the masks were yesterday evening. NVM. Seriously, Mario, we all do stuff. Who are you trying to impress?
  12. I hereby declare for the record that you have been found guilty of bearing false witness against me. I was a practicing Buddhist for over ten years. I told that story from memory. May you lose your god forever.
  13. When telling a story about the Buddha, how could you possibly leave out the sights Siddhartha saw outside his palace prior to his departure, his experimentation with various contemplative traditions (and rejection of extreme methods), his meditation that enabled him to realize the Four Noble Truths and construct the Eightfold Path, and, um, his return to the palace for a visit after his enlightenment? Not only did he see his son again - that son, Rahula, became one of his disciples. If this is the best you can do with one of the foundational tales from an extremely well-known 2500
  14. Uh... what part of "EX-Christian" do you not understand? What makes you think that people on this site didn't try as hard as they possibly could to have an experience like yours? (I exclude myself from that group, BTW - I have an inability to develop religious faith that has been part of my psychological and neurological profile since early childhood.)
  15. I'm wondering if Mario actually knows what it feels like to not believe in gods. I suspect that he was raised in a family that was at least nominally religious, and that the foundation of belief was instilled in him when he was very, very young. If he's incapable of understanding unbelief, then he'll keep shooting blanks when he tries to discuss religion with people who don't believe.
  16. Mario, do you even do art? Your understanding of it is execrable. I haven't formally studied art appreciation since the 1970s, but I did actually study it. You need to get out more. May I suggest the Art Institute of Chicago (wonderful, wonderful modern collection!) or in fact any reputable museum with collections from different periods?
  17. There is no credible contemporaneous report from the time that Jesus was supposedly alive. The first Jesus stories showed up several decades later, and are just variations on other god-man myths from neighbouring cultures. If there ever was a historical Jesus, I believe that he was an obscure cult leader, an ordinary mortal who died and stayed dead, and that his followers embellished the legend after his death. I do not believe for one instant that Jesus actually came back to life. I believe wholeheartedly that if he was a real person who was actually executed by the Romans, th
  18. That's a laudable, worthwhile goal. (Doesn't make your religious musings true, though.)
  19. Meaning is personal and subjective. You can't get it secondhand. And death is never conquered - only deferred.
  20. Mods, can you change BM's avatar to that special one that you use for particularly odious godbotherers?
  21. Then it can fucking well speak for itself. Stop pretending to speak on its behalf.
  22. Your confrontation is not achieving any meaningful goal here, other than making you and your beliefs look very, very silly. Whatever it was that you hoped to accomplish here, it's not working out very well.
  23. False dichotomy. I believe that you had some sort of experience, and that you did indeed sacrifice seven years of your life to it. I don't think that you're lying about that. However, I also believe that your experience was totally unconnected to the real world, just a phantasm in your brain, and that you had a psychological experience rather than an encounter with an actual god. Perhaps you should be discussing this with a mental health professional rather than with us.
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