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Status Updates posted by Astreja

  1. is trying to figure out (for the nth time) how meditation works.

    1. Edgarcito


      If you concentrate on one spot diligently with your eyes closed....before you know it, you wake up from

      a good nap.  Sleep helps everything. 

  2. brewed mead today.

  3. has a brand new pail of drywall mud.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

    1. TrueFreedom


      Do some texturing? I did some heavy plaster-style texture on several walls a few years ago. I loved it for a while, but I'm thinking about sanding some of them down. It worked well with tea-stained walls.

    2. Astreja


      I have done textured walls, but usually with heavier mixes like 50/50 Plaster of Paris and floor-levelling compound (mix it in very small batches, as it hardens really, really fast -- which makes it work very well on vertical surfaces).  One of the nicest looks I've gotten is with top-and-bond concrete, which creates a rough medium grey surface.


      The drywall paste, though, is for finishing some rather ordinary, flat walls so that they can be primed and painted.

    3. TrueFreedom
  4. is going cross-eyed from transcribing sheet music into digital form.  *shakes fist at coffee-stained page full of crotchets and quavers*

  5. Drop-dead-gorgeous November weather in Winnipeg. Normally we would have snow on the ground. (glances apprehensively to left and right) When does the other shoe drop?

    1. rjn


      I take snow anyday over the usual weather we tend get over here in November: constantly overcast sky, non-stop rain and chilling winds. Luckily, the weather gods seems to have granted me my wish, so winter arrived early this year.

  6. Just two gigs left in summertime community band season. Time to get out the alto clarinet, alto sax and flute in anticipation of regular-season musical mayhem.

  7. Mixed up a batch of fruitcakes today, and now they're baking in a slow oven. Sometime around midnight I get to poke them full of holes and soak them in mass quantities of brandy. By Yule they will be *so* nom.

  8. A friend and I demolished a cast iron bathtub today, using a sledgehammer and a crowbar. It got a mite noisy in the *KABONGGG* bathroom.

    1. Deidre


      this sounds rather cathartic in its own way. :)

    2. Lilith666


      Curious about why you decided to demolish the bathtub?

    3. Astreja


      Main reason I wanted the old tub gone was to put in a more functional tub/shower combo with a more waterproof tub surround.


      As to why we smashed the old tub, it was the easiest way to get it out of the bathroom and out of the house. (I also doubt that My Lovely Assistant and I could have gotten the tub downstairs without injuring ourselves.)

  9. is wondering where those gloriously long summer days have gone.

    1. Travi


      Taken by the cold, frozen paws of Old Man Winter coming to bring misery to us all.



  10. is painting stuff in the house, and occasionally Herself as well.

    1. Deidre


      lol what are you painting in your house?

    2. Astreja


      We just finished putting 2 coats of paint on the stairwell, and I've been staining and clear-coating the hardwood on the main floor. I'm also building a cabinet for My bedroom and will be giving that a few coats of some dark enamel to match the rest of the furniture in there.

  11. has reached an uneasy truce with the holiday season, due in part to mass quantities of food in the house. Hard to be feisty when You're so full You can barely move.

  12. has a gazillion Christmas concerts to play in the next few weeks -- Well, nine of them, anyway.

    1. Fweethawt


      Might as well be a gazillion + 9.

    2. Astreja


      It's beginning to feel a lot like gazillion, er, Christmas... Rehearsal tonight, then 4 more shows to go. At least this evening isn't a BYOP (bring your own piano) event; I get to play Charlie Brown Christmas stuff on an actual grand piano.

  13. is hoping to regain custody of Her bedroom sometime this weekend. Sleeping in the study is like sleeping in Grand Central Station -- If GCS had been taken over by cats, that is.

  14. is repairing the trunk of a very small elephant using epoxy putty. And you thought *your* hobbies were weird!

    1. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      I was trying to picture epoxy and a real, live small elephant. Then, it dawned on me... lol...

  15. has tap-dance shoes and a fresh box of #3 clarinet reeds. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  16. is watching the summer of 2014 go by at Warp Factor 9.

    1. Brother Jeff

      Brother Jeff

      Indeed it is! Seems like just yesterday it was May and summer was just beginning here in Alaska. Where has the time gone? But at least the Alaska State Fair is coming up soon, and that's always a lot of fun! :)

    2. Fweethawt


      This seems so true! Where has it gone? Been working, eating and sleeping...

  17. is almost done re-knitting Her Dr. Who scarf.

  18. has been rearranging rooms in the house again. RIght now the bedroom is in the study and most of the study is in the office. Cats are confused and slightly miffed.

  19. is finally getting Her garden tidied up.

  20. is into the last bars of this year's community band season -- 5 concerts in 2 weeks. Gotta be some gardening time in between there somewhere, if it'd only stop raining for a couple of days in a row.

  21. has tax stuff all over Her desk. And under it. And beside it.

  22. is starting to think about Her garden already. Spring greens... Nom nom nom.

    1. Eugene39


      I got a seed catalog in the mail the other day. There is hope!!!

    2. TheBluegrassSkeptic


      I'm so there too Astreja. I keep looking out my kitchen window at my raised bed, wondering how long till the ground thaws so I can start tilling!!

    3. Margee


      Me too Astreja!! I'm counting the hours till February the first today! *hugs*


  23. has three more Christmas concerts to play and is mentally rewriting the carols as polkas and heavy metal tunes. Send help. And chocolate. Lots of it.

    1. Sheild Maiden

      Sheild Maiden

      Just replace the Christian lyrics with Solstice lyrics. Way cooler.

  24. is now convinced that Canadian fast food chains are certifiably insane. Three words: Maple bacon donut.

    1. Ramen666


      Those are simply amazing....

    2. mymistake


      Would that be Canadian bacon?

    3. Astreja


      Not Canadian bacon in the donut -- More like generic crumbled bacon, some in the donut but most of it in the icing. Had to try one once, but it's merely okay (as opposed to awesome).

  25. is re-knitting Her Tom Baker-style scarf so that She can actually wear it as a scarf, and not as a king-size bedspread.

    1. Margee


      You could start a new look!! Maxi Scarves that go right down to the ground!! You could call them, "Astreja's King size Maxi Scarves"! And it could serve two purposes. 1. As a winter coat. 2. As a bedspread!! Lol Good luck hon!! *hug*

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