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  1. Can you return the book to Amazon, get a credit, and buy something else?
  2. is in Busy Mode, with -3- concert bands currently in rehearsal.

  3. A slightly different (and twisted) tack, one you probably shouldn't use but which is good for a vicarious giggle: "Dear Dad: We're having great fun discussing your high-and-mighty e-mails on Ex-Christian.net. Please send more, as they reassure the newly-deconverted that they did the right thing in leaving Christianity. Love, etc."
  4. has reached an uneasy truce with a feisty little striped cat named Raistlin.

  5. has a bottle of Trois Pistoles beer and a copy of The Benny Goodman Story. Life is good.

  6. is working on a 33-bar clarinet riff, and the cats are not amused.

    1. stryper


      HA! I remember those days. my cat would just leave the roof.

    2. ConureDelSol


      Just be careful not to find the brown noise.

    3. Astreja


      Brown noise? As in, um, smelly flatulence or worse? :-o

  7. is taking a vacation day today! *yay*

    1. Margee


      Have fun Astreja! hug!

  8. does Ecclesiastes this weekend: "All is (the new bathroom) vanity."

  9. is trying to herd cats back into the house so that She can go to band practice.

  10. has decided that repairing plaster ceilings is tiresome. Now's the time on Sprockets when we dance!

  11. wants the weather to warm up so that She can go play in the garden this weekend.

  12. is playing clarinet while snockered on homemade mead. Be afraid. Be *very* afraid. ("Miss, put down the altissimo register and step away from the Handel...")

  13. needs to go back to the office to recover from a weekend of home renovations.

  14. is enjoying the post-Easter discount chocolate sales!

    1. blackpudd1n


      Tell me about it!!!!!!!

    2. Astreja


      Half-price Mini-Eggs FTW!

  15. is uncluttering Her office.

    1. stryper


      Did you find the body yet?

    2. Astreja


      Well, I've found My digital camera and a whole pile of first drafts of novels that need editing... There are a couple of bodies in the murder mystery.

    3. London


      Dang! I thought I hid those bodies well. :(

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  16. has cats on Her desk... Again. *heavy sigh*

    1. Astreja


      Catnip? London, that's brilliant! It just so happens that I have some dried catmint down in the kitchen.


      At least the weather is lovely today, and the cats are spending more time outside than in.

    2. London


      I call it kitty drugs. LOL

    3. blackpudd1n


      My two aren't big on it. But Wednesday's addicted to water. She gets so excited over fresh water.

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  17. is working on Her garden, and it isn't even spring yet.

  18. has The Ayres of Agincourt playing in Her brain, especially the twiddly clarinet bits She's currently working on.

  19. played Her 5-string bass Spiny Norman today.

    1. par4dcourse


      Oh yeah! A 6 is too much real estate but I love 5's.

    2. Astreja


      I'm glad I got a 5 -- Love that low B string -- But with My small hands it's a workout and a half. Heavy, too (and fortunately I thought to also get a good strap when I bought it).

  20. watched the movie Koyaanisqatsi tonight.

    1. London
    2. Astreja


      Yup... Fantastic photography and juxtaposition of images. I'm going to have to watch it at least once more.

  21. has reached an uneasy truce with the tabby cat who keeps crashing Her computer with bursts of static electricity.

  22. is rehearsing "Fuego del Alma" by Carl Strommen.

  23. is attempting to stare down a tabby cat.

    1. Eugene39


      How's that working out for you? :)

    2. Astreja


      Badly. Very badly. I think staring is one of the survival mechanisms that tabby cats have evolved, hence they're much better at it than I am.

  24. wishes everyone a happy Robbie Burns Day!

    1. NaturalMary63


      Happy Robbie Burns to you too. I noticed that the other day - didn't know there was such a thing. But it's cool.

  25. is wondering WTF is going on with Winnipeg's weather today. 0℃ *in January*???

    1. Margee


      The world is coming to an end Astreja! We've got no snow on the eastcoast and it went up tp 9 yesterday!!

    2. Astreja




      Guess I'd better keep a close eye on this slush, er, snow, then. It may be the only thing standing between humanity and Total Oblivion.


      Or at least between Humanity and Clean, Dry Snow Boots.

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