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  1. Hei, Thranil! Welcome to the forums. I agree that we create our own meaning, and that the short duration of life is what makes it so precious.
  2. Hi, Darth! Love your choice of deities... Always found Robert E. Howard's Cimmeria to be a good non-nonsense worldview. As a member of the local Norse heathen Welcome Wagon, may I be the first to offer you a virtual keg of mead.
  3. Welcome, Robbobrob! This is a great place to hang out when weary of those pesky religionists, although they sometimes follow us in here if someone leaves the screen door open. (Takes a few practice swings with a big-ass flyswatter) Your journey sounds a lot like mine, complete with Crowley and Kabbalah studies. And it sounds like your UU community is a great place to share ideas on Life, the Universe and Everything.
  4. Welcome, Bellatrix! Love your user name. I think it's wonderful that you're studying biology.
  5. I raise a glass of mead to you, DQ. This is exactly why I can not and will not accept the "free" gift of salvation. And welcome to Ex-C!
  6. Aidans Pop, welcome to Ex-C! Fierce rhetoric? Personally, I love it. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  7. Fwee, ever had rotkohl (pickled red cabbage cooked with apples) with your bratwurst? It's especially good warmed up. Oh, and I have a few recipes, too. Currently Glori the Kitchen Dragon is my librarian. My #1 specialty is the orange cake recipe, followed very closely by the Skor cookies.
  8. It is quite possible for people of opposing factions to have a decent debate. But only if there is genuine curiosity and mutual respect. More often than not, Ex-C is ambushed by someone who: - Refuses to accept that we are what we say we are (which is when the "You were never a Christian" bullshit starts flying); - Keeps trying to play the "faith" card, yet demands that *we* prove the nonexistence of something that has contradictory qualities (a "loving" god that has hissy fits and annihilates entire nations) and no detectable physical attributes. - And professes misguided pity for us (which is when we typically respond with "Fuck you and the Messiah you rode in on.") If you don't like the rules of the game here, Scott, bugger off because we are not gonna change them for you.
  9. Swear all you like, Darkside. And welcome!
  10. Which mythologies speak to you? British Isles, Scandinavian, Russian, Chinese, Greek, African, other? Make sure you include your favourites in your research. There's a paganism for every place on Earth.
  11. Woodleigh, you are being abused. Get thee to a non-Christian counsellor or to one of the many abuse-counselling forums on the Internet. (I mod at one; PM me if you want the URL.)
  12. Yes. Absolutely, freeday. Names hurt, and it doesn't really matter how much "truth" the speaker sees in their own words. But if someone comes wandering in here and declares me to be evil without even knowing which of the six billion earthlings I happen to be... It does tend to make me rather irate. (And yes, I know that "But they started it" isn't the best of defenses. I am trying to get a bit less ballistic in my responses.)
  13. Incorrect. Powerful people and nations have been preserving religion because it's such a handy method of controlling the masses through fear. False. There are millions of atheists and agnostics and non-Abrahamic theists who manage just fine, thank you. I am one of them. IMNSHO, that is unlikely. Knowledge is power. Oh, I forgot... The biblical god likes its followers to be subservient. Me, I prefer to work from a position of strength. See, ISB, there's the problem in a nutshell. You aren't willing to try on our shoes; you just stare in abject horror as we go strolling by. Neither do we. We just see things differently. Leonard Nimoy is cool, and Spock is a good character. Even if it is a myth it's still a good sentiment, and I return it to you. May life be kind.
  14. I second this criticism. Unless the Biblical incident was a beta-test of Spear 1.0, I'd say that a lot of people on just about every battlefield on the planet had already noticed this. Too many B.S. assumptions in your arguments, Kat22. Clean it up and get skeptical and stringent with your evidence. Unsupported assertions get mocked mercilessly in these here parts.
  15. Reconcile the contradiction above, please and thank you. And this contradiction as well, takk fyrir. Ah, I see. Unable to comprehend anything that's different from you. If that's your best reason for being here, may I suggest that you go find another "disaster" to gawk at. Possible, but remains to be proven. And anyone who claims that a man is capable of coming back from the dead has the burden of proof. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and I have yet to see any objective and credible evidence of the resurrection. False dichotomy. "Sin" in the Biblical sense does not exist in my religious worldview, and slavery is not a good thing no matter who the slavemaster happens to be. Mythical beings don't have bodies, sorry. That goes for you, too, ISB. Don't just come stomping into places like this with the arrogant assumption that you and *only* you have the RealTruth™. And, by Forseti, be thankful that you caught this heiðinn in a good mood today.
  16. Hiroshima, August 6, 1945. Around eight in the morning. Nagasaki, August 9. Total immediate fatalities: Approximately 400,000 people. July 20, 1969. Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, and (I think) Michael Sheppard (sp?) up above. I was eleven going on twelve, and watched it live on an old black-and-white television in my parents' home. My point being, forgetting is not inevitable. All of the above was strictly from memory, no wiki-peeking involved. We remember that which we care about.
  17. OTOH, I *have* had communications with Odin, Freyja, Thor, Loki, Guan Yin, Tiamat, Durga, and many others. So I talk to them instead.
  18. "Ah ha-ha, chess. The ancient contest of wits. Two opponents: mano a mano. Braino a braino. And look: magnets for ease of travel. You could play chess on the moon." You know, a religion based on Tick quotes would be fun...
  19. Dragons I can believe in. I like dragons very much. But Christianity and the Bible... Um, no. I see people handing their lives and their self-respect over to a 2000-year-old lie. How many people have avoided dealing with their personal problems because they were expecting Jesus to bail them out? How many children have cried themselves to sleep because some asshole adult told them they would burn in Hell? How many cultures have been smashed to the ground by this hateful, manipulative cult? How many people have been murdered outright in the name of Christianity? Too. Damn. Many. And it really pisses me off when people like this come rushing in, thinking they have the answers that so many on Ex-C have already sought and discarded as fucking lies. Istillbelieve, if you are unwilling to face the truth of who we are and why we are here on this board, I sentence you to face the truth of who you are.
  20. Just like this board. Right, fellow heiðinn? I don't give a rat's ass about what the alleged Biblegod may or may not want from humanity. The brutal truth is that the many, many followers of said god have committed unforgivable atrocities against humanity. Un. For. Givable. And in the name of an irrational, genocidal psychopath of a god, too. (unlocks recently gassed-up iron chariot and drives off, giving finger to Holy Spirit)
  21. Welcome, Bob! Your experience sounds a lot like mine, never being able to believe in Christianity and digging deep in the science books. Major difference is that my parents were not and are not churchgoers, so there was relatively little to deconvert from. Oh, and I love your reading list!
  22. I agree that there's no major conflict, although it would be great to find an ongoing gig that didn't cause this particular kind of stress. Honestly don't know what I'd do in your position... In choir at high school I sung the alto part of the Hallelujah Chorus for a Christmas concert, and Bach's St. John Passion, too. Didn't believe a word of it even then, but I enjoyed the singing. But now I can't bring myself to sing the "God keep our land..." line in the Canadian national anthem, because it offends me. As long as no one is dragging you into religious debates or demanding a statement of faith from you, carry on and enjoy the music!
  23. (Skeptical Norse pagan Buddhist bunny-worshipper waves hi) Welcome, Confused! "I do believe that we have the ability to make this world into what we want it to be. I think when we learn to love people for who they are not what we think they should be we can make the world a better place." Wise words... If we figure out how to do this we may not solve all of our problems, but without this we don't have much of a chance.
  24. Thurisaz, your comments about honour and doing the right thing really resonate with me. The feeling about 'coming home,' too. IMHO, that's what spirituality should feel like. Sending you a virtual bottle of mead!
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