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  1. Hei, Zenobia! Velkomin til Ex-C! Glad to have you aboard. (Ex-C's resident valkyrie flags down a couple of beefy einherjar and asks them to carry out a fresh keg of mead and another comfy chair) Have you ever read Carl Sagan's masterpiece The Demon-Haunted World? Great book.
  2. Welcome to our little corner of the Internet, Crazycanuck!
  3. Hi, Mia! Welcome to the forums. One thing you might want to consider right now: Are there any vulnerabilities that might be attacked if you were to openly admit to your agnosticism? In particular, I'm thinking about the Christian couple you mentioned. Are you still living at their home, and would you be at risk of losing your lodgings if they knew your situation? If so, get a backup plan in place.
  4. Hei, Sophronia! I would only release information on a need-to-know basis rather than making a broadcast announcement for the sake of making an announcement. A mob of acquaintances demanding debate time can add an awful lot of stress. (And you could always boobytrap the perimeter of your personal space with some carefully chosen runes. That oughta slow 'em down...)
  5. I am of the opinion that Hell does not, should not and can not exist. Putting aside for a moment the improbability of it actually existing in the physical universe (or in some unproven alternate "spiritual" one), neither a loving god nor a just one could or would create such a place. Trust in the good you can do and see in the real world, and inspire the people around you to do likewise. The best defense against the monstrosity of hell-fear is to show it up for the primitive pseudo-morality that it is.
  6. Welcome, Vendredie! And I don't think your homemade religion is weird at all. (I'm an agnostic Ásatrúar humanist with an interest in Zen/Vipassana.) Be sure to check out the Ex-Christian Theism or Spirituality sub-forum.
  7. Hei, FedUp! Welcome to the forums. I've found that this is an excellent place to work through religion-related anger. We've got your back... Rant away!
  8. Just dropping in to give you a (((hug))), PL.
  9. Ahh, fanfics! My particular addiction is for Dragonlance, and my family and I wrote a lot of DL humour around the turn of the millenium. More recently I've been doing NaNoWriMo, and won (> = 50,000 words in the month of November) two years in a row. Just signed up for Script Frenzy for this June (screenplay of at least 20,000 words before midnight on 06/30/2007). Near as I can figure, my style seems to be two parts serious stuff, one part Douglas Adams, lightly seasoned with Python and Pratchett. Something about writing just makes the universe bigger (and more fun, too).
  10. Only internally, IMO. What happens on the "outside" still has to make sense objectively if it is to be accepted as "reality" by other people. Example: I decide to write a story. I can use my imagination or I can do some research, or a little bit of both. Either way, a story gets written. However, if my imagination differs radically from other people's perception of reality, there may be a problem. Things of my own invention (e.g. Xiltharp, the home planet of the Purple Mouse People) will clearly be seen as fantasy. Things that are common knowledge, such as an Abrams tank, will seem real if my description agrees to verifiable details about this device. And, if one of the Mouse People is seen driving the tank through downtown Rome in the year 2152 BCE, I have a *lot* of explaining to do. Internally, I can fantasize along this storyline all I want. But I wouldn't expect anyone to take me seriously. On the other hand, mashing these idioms around in my brain might inspire me to write a children's book and two serious novels (probably a modern-day military story and a speculative piece about prehistoric Rome). So it is with me and religious idioms. They can be positively ludicrous on the inside, but they have to make sense on the outside.
  11. Well, in my case there are a lot of reasons. - My theory is that "the gods" are actually my own mortal forebears... In other words, that I have a genuine DNA link to the various men and women who were apotheosized as Odin, Freyja, Frigga, Thor, et al. If they happen to be anything more than archetypes in my own subjective mind, that's nice; but it's also totally unnecessary. I consider the Ásatrú way of life, and my own behaviour in the real world, to be the important part of it all. - I enjoy the mythology. It's full of extremely useful metaphors, ones that that strengthen my resolve to do the right thing in difficult situations. - And, for me, being a Valhalla kidlet just feels right.
  12. Hei, Thranil! Welcome to the forums. I agree that we create our own meaning, and that the short duration of life is what makes it so precious.
  13. Hi, Darth! Love your choice of deities... Always found Robert E. Howard's Cimmeria to be a good non-nonsense worldview. As a member of the local Norse heathen Welcome Wagon, may I be the first to offer you a virtual keg of mead.
  14. Welcome, Robbobrob! This is a great place to hang out when weary of those pesky religionists, although they sometimes follow us in here if someone leaves the screen door open. (Takes a few practice swings with a big-ass flyswatter) Your journey sounds a lot like mine, complete with Crowley and Kabbalah studies. And it sounds like your UU community is a great place to share ideas on Life, the Universe and Everything.
  15. Welcome, Bellatrix! Love your user name. I think it's wonderful that you're studying biology.
  16. I raise a glass of mead to you, DQ. This is exactly why I can not and will not accept the "free" gift of salvation. And welcome to Ex-C!
  17. Aidans Pop, welcome to Ex-C! Fierce rhetoric? Personally, I love it. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  18. Fwee, ever had rotkohl (pickled red cabbage cooked with apples) with your bratwurst? It's especially good warmed up. Oh, and I have a few recipes, too. Currently Glori the Kitchen Dragon is my librarian. My #1 specialty is the orange cake recipe, followed very closely by the Skor cookies.
  19. It is quite possible for people of opposing factions to have a decent debate. But only if there is genuine curiosity and mutual respect. More often than not, Ex-C is ambushed by someone who: - Refuses to accept that we are what we say we are (which is when the "You were never a Christian" bullshit starts flying); - Keeps trying to play the "faith" card, yet demands that *we* prove the nonexistence of something that has contradictory qualities (a "loving" god that has hissy fits and annihilates entire nations) and no detectable physical attributes. - And professes misguided pity for us (which is when we typically respond with "Fuck you and the Messiah you rode in on.") If you don't like the rules of the game here, Scott, bugger off because we are not gonna change them for you.
  20. Swear all you like, Darkside. And welcome!
  21. Which mythologies speak to you? British Isles, Scandinavian, Russian, Chinese, Greek, African, other? Make sure you include your favourites in your research. There's a paganism for every place on Earth.
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