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  1. Irrational? Heeheeheeheehee! You worship an undead god-man who supposedly sacrificed himself to protect properly deferential humans from the aftereffects of unauthorized fresh fruit consumption at the behest of a helpful Talking Snake™, and you have the nerve to call RNP "irrational"? (exits stage right, still giggling)
  2. To the best of my knowledge, "I don't believe" is not a curse. It is a simple statement of fact: We don't believe what you're telling us, and we don't believe what the Bible says. It's telling -- and unspeakably horrifying and tragic -- that you're actively hoping for your god to "take us out." That, sirrah, is a genuine curse and I throw it back in your face.
  3. Repent? Not to a god that I see as fictional, for the "crime" of not believing scriptures that I see as fictional, for the sake of a kingdom that I also see as fictional. I'm already trying to behave well to the best of my ability in RL, so what more is there for me to do? Pretending to believe is absolutely, permanently off the table.
  4. (heavy sigh) What a sad, sad little man LuthAMF is -- no answers, no eloquence, no manners. So much for "life in abundance," wot?
  5. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the Invisible Pink Unicorn is female. However, we have to take that on faith, just as we are asked to believe that She is simultaneously invisible and pink. May Her holy hooves never be shod!
  6. That's why it irks me to see some pretentious little brat show up here and waste our time. I know that it's a painful experience to go through that kind of disillusionment, and LuthAMF is clearly disrespecting that. He deserves no benefit of a doubt, and no mercy.
  7. Ah. So you're one of those insufferable pricks who flings out unsupported criticisms (documented both here and on the blog) and then prays to Jesus for forgiveness, then. I'm done playing with you. May you lose your faith in the most excruciatingly emotionally painful way possible, and may that pain dominate every waking moment of your life until you come to appreciate our experiences as non-believers and feel remorse for your behaviour. *plonk*
  8. No, I don't think I lacked anything in particular. I did go to Sunday school at age eight for a couple of months because one of my friends was going, but got bored and dropped out. As with my reading of the Bible it all came across as stories from an alien culture, with no particular truth value and very little relevance to my life in 1960s Canada.
  9. My parents did not express any particular religious sentiments when I was growing up, and I remember my mother going to church only twice -- once for my brother's christening, and once for an Easter service, some years apart. Neither did they speak of non-belief. I had the rare privilege of being on neutral ground. I learned to read when I was very young, about 2 1/2. I read the Bible when I was about 7. It obviously did not make me a believer; it would be more accurate to say that it guaranteed that I would never be able to wholeheartedly embrace any religion, despite several attempts over the years.
  10. May I gently suggest that you stop flinging insults and concentrate on the topic rather than the people? You rekindle the hostility yourself with every snarky, content-free one-liner you post. Own it.
  11. Look, LuthAMF, if all you want to do is play silly word games, go buy yourself a book of puzzles. If you want a serious debate, start writing that way.
  12. If you want productive dialogue, then demonstrate that in your future posts. What I've seen from you so far is not in the least bit encouraging in that regard.
  13. Nor to yours. The Bible, however, is chock full of unmitigated nonsense and is sufficiently far from any recognizable truth that it simply isn't worth taking seriously.
  14. Ask yourself this question: Who actually benefits from having a group of frightened, subservient people? It wouldn't provide any particular benefit to a powerful god, but it literally pays the salaries of priests and pastors worldwide.
  15. I've never found belief to be a choice. Either I find something convincing, or I don't. Threatening me with harm might justifiably upset me, but it won't make something more believable.
  16. Well, if you can't demonstrate to our satisfaction that your god even exists, it's pointless for you to talk about its alleged authority -- that would be an existential fallacy. I suppose we could discuss whether any of the proclamations in the Bible (human-generated from our POV, divinely generated from yours) have any place in modern society...
  17. At least with jellybeans you can pour them out of the jar and count them. We currently have no way to verify the Bible's claim that someone named Jesus came back to life after several days in a tomb. Knowing what we know about medical science, that claim definitely requires hard physical evidence to substantiate it, and the Bible is simply not up to our evidentiary standards. The claim that there was an ordinary mortal man named Jesus is not an extraordinary claim. However, the dearth of evidence in the contemporaneous historical record circa 30-40 CE would suggest that if there was a historical, mortal Jesus he was not all that important or well-known in his own lifetime.
  18. is going cross-eyed from transcribing sheet music into digital form.  *shakes fist at coffee-stained page full of crotchets and quavers*

  19. Many of us are active here and on the main blog, and I was one of the people reading your comment there. You were asked for specifics but didn't give any. We're not mind readers here. Spell out your objections in detail rather than just crying "I object!" We can't respond to vague accusations devoid of specific references.
  20. Four? No, that's too much food all at once, IMO. I sometimes cook four at a time, but then put most of it away in the fridge after it's cooled down, to eat at another time. Sorry you're not feeling well.
  21. I don't see any real-life Jesus posting here. All I see is a believer quoting a book of questionable authorship.
  22. Buy a couple of pork shoulder steaks, plus a box of aluminum foil if you don't have any in the house. Pat the steaks dry, season with salt and pepper on both sides, wrap in the foil, put on a cookie sheet to catch any drips, and bake for 2 hours in a super-low oven -- 225-240°F is about right. You can even toss a few small potatoes into the oven to cook at the same time, or microwave them for about 5 minutes when the meat is done.
  23. Maybe the forum software put him on ignore.
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