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  1. I believe that Satan is a fictional character. I do not consent to anyone else dying in my place for anything I may have done. If there was such a person as Jesus he was a mortal man who died a permanent death and will not be coming back -- not soon, not ever.
  2. I celebrate Easter the way it should be celebrated -- as an astronomical event, on the vernal equinox instead of some daft formula involving full moons and Sundays, and with egregious excesses of chocolate. (It's only fair, as it's My holiday anyway. How are you gentlemen!! All your Easter are belong to us.)
  3. What is it? A de facto admission that said god does crappy work and couldn't get it right the first time.
  4. Mister Endtimes, what part of "EX-Christian" is too hard for you to comprehend?
  5. William's inability to get gender right is another red flag regarding his blatant misogyny. Heaven forfend that he should be pwned by someone with XX chromosomes!
  6. Ah, yes -- Jordan "Mary Sue" River. I remember her. That was weird shit she posted.
  7. The cool thing about having worked intensely with language for over half a century (reading, writing, reciting, typing, proofreading and transcribing) is that it has given me a keen ear for nuance in the English language. I knew from William's first post that he was up to something. William is selectively taking in the information we post and mostly not bothering to read it unless he can leverage it to his advantage. (Seriously -- how else can one explain the fact that he seems to think that I'm male? At least he doesn't seem to think I'm a rabbit.) The best part of this whole debacle is that his hissy-fit is now on view for the entire Internet -- including the denizens of his forum. *evil grin*
  8. Yahweh: " Why I oughta... " Jesus: " I'm a victim of soicumstance!" Holy Spook: " Ooo, wise guy eh?" It makes sense. Too much sense.
  9. I have nothing but contempt for people who think that they're entitled to be the "leader" in a relationship, regardless of their reasons for thinking so.
  10. Oh, good -- you're actually reading and responding to our posts instead of whining about not wanting to engage in the Lion's Den. Listen up, William: Your beliefs may have helped you, but they didn't help us. You seem totally incapable of understanding what we went through. If the many fine people here were not True Christians™, then no one is. If we could lose faith, so can you. Simple as that. Don't pull that No True Scotsman shit with us. I make no apologies for my words, and I own them unconditionally. Interesting that they had the side effect of making your unpleasantness obvious to everyone reading this thread, rather than just expressing my own frustration at believers who arrogantly try to tell us what our life experiences "really" meant.
  11. If the Smithsonian is involved, the exhibits should be pretty good. And the next time I visit my brother in Maryland, I have a potential side trip! I'm a big fan of natural history museums -- the last one I saw was the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta.
  12. The Field Museum in Chicago? I've been there -- when I was down in the States for the solar eclipse in 2017, I made a point of stopping over in Chicago to see a few museums. The Field is awesome. (Make sure you get a picture of Sue, in the main lobby.)
  13. I think what I'm striving for is to shake people out of their smugly naive "God is there for me" complacency. It comes across as a massive retconning of reality: From an Ex-C perspective, prayer isn't doing anything tangible but the still-believer is putting the hits on a pedestal and rationalizing away or ignoring the many misses.
  14. Point taken. I guess I've reached a point where particularly snotty types of evangelism bring out the worst in me, and I can no longer give that person even a whiff of a benefit of a doubt.
  15. I see only one appropriate fate for our disingenuous interlocutor. I am strongly of the opinion that Real Life™ should slap William around mercilessly and without surcease until he completely and permanently loses his faith. Then and only then will he be in a position to understand us.
  16. Part 1: I see no point in pretending to believe. I am incapable of religious faith. Part 2: Real life, as I perceive it, offers no credible evidence for any gods. The god of the Bible is on exactly the same footing as every other god described in literature and scripture -- a concept rather than a real being. Furthermore, believers are not able to consistently demonstrate that their beliefs do anything tangible and unique. Sometimes their prayers inspire them to pursue and achieve a goal, and they give the credit for their own efforts to their god. Sometimes their prayer fails utterly, leading to excuses like "God needed another angel" or "God was testing you," and they write it off as lack of faith, or some mysterious lesson, or something to do with a "fallen world." Quite frankly, if my stove operated with the same inconsistency as prayer I'd have junked it long ago.
  17. Well, *I'm* happy. I have a great family, financial security, a fantastic job where I'm learning something new almost every day, and extracurricular activities (music, writing and astronomy) that regularly bring me in touch with hundreds of people. If something you previously loved suddenly vanishes from your life and you just sit alone at home feeling sorry for yourself, you probably would feel rather unhappy. It's important to get out there and get involved in things you enjoy doing, making use of time that was previously wasted on church activities.
  18. Marie, the best way to reduce and eventually eliminate the stress you're feeling over this is by avoiding material that triggers your fears. Treat it the same way you would treat an abusive ex-partner: Go no-contact. Don't google or bookmark the sites that put you into a frightened "What if it's true?" state. In time the fear response loses its force, although it may never be 100% gone.
  19. Astreja


    As soon as I read the "I'm not trying to convert anyone" line, my BS detector went off. Miriam subsequently outed herself quite thoroughly. Just another Liar4Christ.
  20. I think she learned one thing while she was here: That if you dissemble about your intentions and get caught out, you instantly destroy any benefit of the doubt, credibility and goodwill you were given at the outset. Did she actually expect us to not notice when she went into preachy mode? As for signs and the OT, as a strong agnostic and occasional neuroscience geek, I really can't think of any sign that would work for me. If someone makes a big to-do, complete with pyrotechnics and spectacle, it's more likely to drive a wedge between me and the being putting on the show, because it's a brag: "Behold my noisy, flashy power, O mortals!" C'mon, deities -- Just come talk to me. If I like you enough I'll hang out with you. You don't even have to be a real god; you just have to be reasonable, friendly, and moderately sane.
  21. Our traditional Christmas breakfast here is gourmet coffee and egregious amounts of chocolate, and my favourite after-dinner activity is Posting While Intoxicated. Sounds like Bad Choices Day is a good fit for us.
  22. Astreja


    He's an abuser. Taking over your finances is a massive red flag. Google "Domestic abuse safety plan" and then clear your Internet history so that it does not show up in your recently-accessed files. Do not, under any circumstances, let him know that you are planning anything as it will increase the danger. Get copies of all important papers and keep them in a safe location outside the house.
  23. I can see it fracturing a personality into two parts: An unattainable ideal, and a being so flawed from birth that there's no way to reach the ideal. That is a recipe for psychological disaster.
  24. It's possible that their "could not afford a bouquet" story managed to get out to various people over the years, and this particular woman capitalized on it by buying a bouquet for them many, many years later. I'm not impressed by a god that can only do a "miracle" of flowers that arrive late, delivered by mortals.
  25. I like to reference the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and suggest that all of humanity now has an inalienable right to judge anything and everything, including gods.
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