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    Hell no

    We've already done that, Thumbelina. The truth, as I see it: Your god is a fictional character, but for some reason you think it's real and are publicly embarrassing yourself by trying to explain it to us through the circular reasoning of using the Bible as evidence for its own claims. If your god were actually real, its behaviours would classify it as an evil being, not a good one. Therefore, you are trying to induce other people to worship an evil god. In the real world, neither you nor your alleged god have even the smallest amount of supernatural power. You mistake coincidences and uncommon natural events for miracles, good fortune for answered prayers, and unanswered prayers for "God's will." Worst of all, you are impugning the honour of all of us here when you say things like "...they're scared of God because they don't understand His love." Those are fighting words, and I will give you exactly one chance to retract that statement and to offer an unconditional, unqualified apology. Your oil has gone rancid and should be safely disposed of at a household hazardous waste facility.
  2. Your best long-term strategy is to get far away from the people who are trying to force you to go to church..
  3. Ow! Praise the Lord EMS personnel and doctors and nurses and lab techs. Oh, for the day that all the people bleating "Miracle!" could just open their wallets instead of their mouths, and pay cold hard cash to offset some of their imaginary friend's alleged mischief. Wishing you a fast and uneventful recovery, ag_NO_stic.
  4. What you have there, ebibl, is the logical fallacy of false dichotomy. To me, the Bible is not a "savior" at all. It's an old book translated from languages that I don't speak, from cultures I never lived in, dispensing unoriginal advice in a heavy-handed manner. Oh, and it's also a mishmash of fiction, unscientific crap, and faux history. In a word... useless.
  5. Astreja

    Hell no

    "Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it." - Raistlin Majere in Dragons of Autumn Twilight.
  6. Astreja

    Hell no

    Nope. Just a silly myth. People do not come back from the dead. They get cremated, or their bodies rot, and their atoms eventually make it back into the environment. That is the only "eternal life" that we can reasonably hope for, but our personalities do not come along for the ride -- our ideas, beliefs, memories and sense of self die forever when our brains die.
  7. Ebibl, what part of ex-Christian do you not understand? I don't believe that this alleged "Jesus" person is anywhere at all, let alone here with us now. Dead people stay dead, and imaginary people are only in the imagination. Either way, the Jesus character is not relevant to my life.
  8. Astreja

    Hell no

    Dead people cannot experience anything.
  9. Astreja

    Hell no

    That's because emotions aren't flawed. They are expressions of specific mental states. However, people often have a tendency to see others' emotions as wrong -- for instance, telling them that they should not be angry, should forgive so-and-so, and similar thoughtless and intrusive BS.
  10. (Checks shuttle bus schedule between Asgard and Summerland) Now I know where to vacation when I get tired of the parties in Valhalla.
  11. Life, be it happy or miserable, is all you've got. And I believe that all of those "levels," without a single exception, are fictional. I don't believe you. If you didn't care you wouldn't have signed up for an account here and you wouldn't be preaching to us. Imaginary beings cannot like or hate anybody. The mental construct in your brain that you call "God" is where you're getting that perception; in other words, all you're doing is liking yourself but attributing the emotion to an outside entity that isn't actually there.
  12. No, I think standing against a god that would allow girls to be raped and murdered is a much safer move than allying oneself with such a god. Jimmy, such a bastard as you worship might just toss you out of heaven and into hell for lulz in a moment of divine boredom. You are no safer than we are, and you have chosen the moral low ground by advocating for the worship of an asshole god.
  13. Astreja

    Hell no

    No. I consider it an act of pure evil and unforgivable cowardice to accept the alleged sacrifice of Jesus. If such a place as hell actually exists, I am honour-bound to go there on purpose and remain there until all suffering beings are liberated. This is not negotiable. The vow has been made, over 10 years ago, and I intend to keep it literally to my dying breath.
  14. Thumbelina, even if disbelief was faith (Pro tip #1: It isn't!) I vastly prefer it to your idea of faith. I have always seen your god and the Bible stories as fictional, and I don't expect that to change. Your god, if it exists, knows what we will find convincing. (Pro tip #2: Your testimony is not it.) Rail at us all you like. It won't save you when you reach the end of your days and your brain dies. Your fate is identical to ours, and faith has nothing to do with it.
  15. Jimmy, how do you know that it isn't just your imagination making it seem like you're in contact with divine power? Can you actually apply that power in the physical world, or are the effects confined to your own thoughts and emotions?
  16. I'm so sorry, Adam. Condolences to you and your family.
  17. I intend to ignore him as just one more deluded individual who thinks he's speaking for a god. Do try not to give him any of your money.
  18. I'll give this "spiritual enrichment" a miss. Any so-called spirit that can't happily coexist with the flesh simply isn't worth having.
  19. Jolie, this is a site for EX-Christians, not a site for people who have never heard of your religion. When we say we aren't convinced by your testimony, and that we do not want to pursue Christianity any further, we mean it. Respect that, or expect constant pushback and a lot of anger from our side. That door is permanently nailed shut for me, Jolie. I have never in all of my 60 years been able to suspend disbelief sufficiently to develop actual religious faith. My brain has developed in such a way as to automatically question any claim that violates common sense and reality -- such as, for example, that nonsense about Jesus coming back from the dead. Christianity is a non-starter for me. I cannot believe. End of statement.
  20. I don't know how well this will work for you, but it might be worth a try: Whenever the negative inner voice speaks, counter it by writing or speaking aloud a statement that negates it and promotes what you want to think and feel about the situation. The more inputs you can send the positive message on, the better (although doing it in interpretive dance might be a bit much ).
  21. My usual response to "Jesus loves you" is something to the effect of "If you don't mind, mortal, your god is at liberty to tell me that in person and doesn't need you as its middleman."
  22. I'm quite familiar with mindfulness. Putting a religious gloss on it, IMO, detracts from the mindfulness itself. One can think of one's present actions, or think of a god, but not both at the same time.
  23. Uh -- What part of EX-Christian do you fail to comprehend? Alleged saints, imaginary gods and silly buggers with fancy hats and Popemobiles have no credibility here. Take your proselytizing rubbish elsewhere.
  24. Astreja


    I always enjoyed reading what Mark had to say. Till we meet again, fellow stardust.
  25. There's only one problem: It isn't good news. Essentially Christianity is institutionalized Stockholm Syndrome that tells us that we're both worthless and at the mercy of a super-powered being that considers eternal torture to be justice. Christianity is evil. For every one life it saves it destroys a hundred others. It has stolen our birthright -- Our self-esteem and personal responsibility -- and is holding it hostage until we grovel before a wrathful cosmic maniac and agree to let a proxy "perfect" sacrifice take the fall for us. If I had the power I would wipe that vile belief out of human history and out of the minds of humanity without a moment's hesitation and without a moment's regret.
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