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  1. End, that's the same fucking lie that my ex said to me three days before I left him, never to return. It is precisely because I *do* love, and love with great intensity, that I reject Christianity. And now I have no choice but to reject you as well. I'm done talking to you, and if Dave & Kev & co finally kick your ass to the curb I will be the first one to burst out laughing. *plonk*
  2. Ah, but I seem to be neurologically incapable of religious faith. I tried, really I did, on and off for at least half my life. Finally I became sufficiently self-aware to realize that my bullshit detector is stuck in the always-on position, and that at most I can pretend to have faith. I'm also incapable of loving a god that would send anyone to hell. That's who I am. That's who I have always been, even when I was trying to fit in with the religious crowd. Zero religious faith. I guess your imaginary fiend is just going to have to suck it up and set me on fire like all the others who lack faith and can't love the abusive S.O.B. either. *shrug*
  3. Choosing to act with compassion and love is fine. Being forced to accept a proxy human sacrifice under threat of eternal torture is implacably evil and abusive. Utterly despicable, and I reject that mindset unconditionally.
  4. There's a simple solution to your problem, Serenely Blue: See the Bible as a work of fiction rather than history. Fiction is not evidence and can just be ignored.
  5. Allfather Oðinn appointed Me Queen of Earth in 1999, but I abdicated in 2002 because the hours sucked. I gave the gig to Tiamat, who is much better at multitasking because of Her multiple heads, and is still on the job (although as Queen Emeritus I still get asked for input). Chances are that Tia and I will clean your god's clock if the blighter dares to set foot on Our turf.
  6. The current universe may not be eternal, but I believe that there are some sort of matter/energy building blocks that are eternal. No idea what the raw materials could have been, but I'll make a wild guess and say quarks and quantum fluctuations, or something even smaller that we haven't discovered yet.
  7. Why deny the possibility of change to an entity just because it's eternal? Strictly applied, that would prohibit your god from taking any action at all, because that would create an avalanche of related changes: Outflows of energy would change its energy status Usage of the energy on anything external to itself would change its environment, and possibly also its knowledge of the "outside" and storehouse of experiences No, I think you should discard the "unchanging" part of that definition lest you define your god out of existence altogether.
  8. Because of the equivalency of matter and energy, I see creation ex nihilo as impossible even for a god. Creation is an action. Action requires energy. Energy is not "nothing."
  9. Regarding the strong agnosticism, I probably am stuck. I've done a lot of thought experiments over the years, and I just don't see any way around the problem of "Yes, but what is it, really?" I'm open to encountering god-like beings, and if I ever do encounter one, the "What is it?" question would probably be a minor consideration.
  10. What, you don't know what an agnostic atheist is? As that's the view that I espouse, I'll explain from my POV. Gnosticism and agnosticism deal with knowledge -- the ability or inability to know. Theism and atheism deal with belief -- whether or not someone believes in a god. I am an agnostic atheist because I do not know whether or not gods exist; however, I do not believe that they do exist. I am also a strong agnostic because I believe it to be impossible to determine with certainty if a god-like being is what it claims to be. If such a being did exist, at best it could be described as "god-like" by virtue of its observable traits and behaviours. It would not be possible, for instance, to determine if the being was immortal or omnipotent, as we have no ways of measuring those traits. The being could also be deluded as to its true nature.
  11. Well, Don, I see no functional difference between the Holy Spirit and Satan in Christian mythology. They're both sock puppets that your alleged god permits to tinker with humans' thoughts and emotions, so that we either get "saved" or "damned" depending on what your alleged god has already fucking decided is going to happen to us. Assuming for one wild-ass moment that any of the above beings actually existed, for all we know Satan is the Good Cop and the HS was sent to lead people into the unforgivable evil of accepting the human sacrifice of Jesus. Substitutionary atonement is immoral pig crap, so anything that compels humans to accept it must likewise be not on the up-and-up. (And yes, I know I just committed the Unforgivable Sin. It's a hobby of mine.)
  12. I don't find the story convincing at all. Was this "miracle" ever written up in an actual medical journal?
  13. Just DIY Christianity, denomination n+1. Nothing to see here, folks.
  14. Sorry, but you don't get to decide how we interpret your words. If we think it sounds like a bashing, it is.
  15. I'd be tempted to tell her "You were never a true friend," although that's stooping to her level.
  16. Donthodl, I never actually believed. I was nominally a Christian by virtue of parental church affiliations and infant baptism, but it's always been fiction to me. As a strong agnostic, I believe that it is literally impossible for anyone to know if they have been in contact with an actual god, or some other entity representing itself as a god. That said, I've never had even one experience in all of my sixty years that could even remotely be attributed to the Christian god. And after learning more about the Bible and about your alleged god, it's a darned good thing the blighter has never shown up to reveal itself to me, because my first instinct would be to attack it with lethal force. ChristInsanity is a seriously screwed-up religion based on grossly immoral concepts like Original Sin and substitutionary atonement, and I reject it as a viable path for my life.
  17. Isn't the relative Yahweh:Satan death count something like 2,000,000,000:10, the 10 being Job's kids?
  18. Roses are real. I know this for a fact because I grow them in my garden. Your god is a fiction in my eyes and there is nothing that you can do to change that. Oh, and fuck the Holy Spirit, too. It and Satan might as well be the same {fictional} being -- Just excuses for a god to violate human free will by tinkering with thoughts and emotions, preventing us from thinking our own thoughts and instead being railroaded into whatever behaviour fulfills the alleged divine plan.
  19. Your god is not real to me, and your words are completely insufficient to make your god real to me. Until and unless I am face to face with it, not in a dream but in this physical world, it will remain fictional in my eyes. There is literally nothing you can do to change this. Nothing at all. Please go see your doctor instead of preaching to us.
  20. When you speak in tongues, does it come out sounding like "Balvenie auchentoshan laphroaig aberlour"?
  21. Then you need to approach this differently, as what you have been doing is clearly not easing your fear. This is what I did: First of all, I went out on a limb, and trusted that any gods that might exist were wise and sensible beings who would never be so cruel as to torture a mortal for eternity. Secondly, I embraced the hell idea rather than trying to run away from it. I took a vow about 10-11 years ago to choose hell rather than spend eternity with a god that would create such a place. Amount of hell fear I have? Zero. I do get angry at people who use hellfire threats, but that's because it's a rude and abusive thing to say to someone.
  22. Not going to happen. Ever. It is impossible for me to "turn back" to something that I see as pure mythology. Please have your physician check your medication levels.
  23. I think the above sentence should read "believers believe that they have christ in them." I sincerely, deeply believe that you are no different in any material way from non-believers and are literally only imagining that you have that divine add-on.
  24. If we say we are ex-Christians, we are. Your opinion in that regard is an attempt to dismiss our experiences, and is unforgivably rude.
  25. Astreja

    Hell no

    No, that's not acceptable. When someone does not believe in a god, accusing them of being scared of it is an insult. You are also not privy to our thoughts and emotions, so it's rather presumptuous to assume that our anger is indicative of some underlying fear. To the best of my knowledge and belief, the so-called alarm is for a fake crisis. Perhaps you should find some evidence for your claims first, evidence that is up to our standards rather than yours. If you can't achieve that goal, there is simply no point in "warning" us.
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