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  1. Cocaine addicts could say the very same thing about former addicts. They'd be just as wrong too. Who cares what the Bible says anyway? Do you wear clothes of more than one fabric? Eat shell fish? Then neither do you.
  2. Beautiful and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! I to lost my granny just 5 months after my deconversion. It wasn't easy, but i think being an atheist helped me get through that better than if I was still a Christian.
  3. I relapsed once. The indoctrination of hell and someone who watches your every move is a powerful thing to overcome. It's one of religions many, many poisons. I relapsed strictly out of fear, not because of any new evidence or rock solid truth or anything like that. I went back once and it felt as pointless and idiotic as it ever did. I've been out for good now for nearly seven years.
  4. I know what you mean exactly. When i was little i can remember being at my mamaw's on sunday afternoon sitting at the kitchen table while she and my mom washed dishes. I cannot remember now how the conversation got started but i asked how we know what the Bible says was the truth. Both my mom and mamaw said "we just know", "you don't question it", and "the Bible says it". I was so unsatisfied by this i kept on asking and they replied back with the same, getting more and more upset by my questioning each time. But all they could say was "the Bible says it so you just believe it". Even as a little child this did not sit well with me at all and i never forgot it.
  5. Hey Kyle. You not alone in not revealing your atheisim to many. Only a very small handful of folks know about me, 3 to be in fact. One of those people is a good, life long friend who i told and was over joyed to hear that he too was having doubts and i helped him to deconvert. The other two, were two great friends of mine who are married. One is an aspiring preacher and he and his wife took it like i was trying to murder them with an axe. We still talk occasionaly, with me making the effort to contact them, but that is about it. We do not hang out anymore, he won't let me in his house, he doesn't come to visit me, etc. It is one of the saddest things i have had to go through. This is why i have refrained from telling anymore people, at least just yet. I live in the Bible Belt and all my family, including extended family are christian. Seeing how my best friend and his wife took it, i can't bare to lose everyone around me. But i do intend on telling the people closest to me sometime.
  6. Beautiful story you two! Welcome to your bright new dawn, complete with truth and minus superstitious hoop-la.
  7. Justin

    Wow! Hot sexy pic you have up there! ;)

  8. Lovely picture you have up there. ;)

  9. Thank you for posting your testimony Deb, welcome to the boards. I too suffered the fear of hell while i was a christian. I found myself constantly saying the sinner's prayer, sometimes every night before i went to bed/multiple times throughout the day. For a short while after i left the faith, as i told you, i struggled with it. I feard that god would strike me down or do something to my family. Then i realized that that is what it's all about. Fear. Christianity is based on fear. The hell concept was developed as a means to get people to join the cult. They wanted to force people into it. Believe in my god or you will go to hell, join my religion or go to hell, read my holy book or go to hell. The threat of hell hanging over a person's head is why many christians are christian. Many could care less about Christ and his teachings, they just wanted to make sure that when they died they would not go to hell and suffer forever. In a sense, i was that way. This fear does go away in time. It went rather quick with me. As soon as you see the nonsense that it is, it will for you. I want you to ponder something. Think about all the inhabitants of the New World before European exploration. European exploration is what introduced christianity to the New World as you know, and along with this came the introduction to salvation for the natives, their ticket to get to heaven and avoid hell. Now, think about this. This was the first time they had heard how to avoid hell. This all started in the late 1400's and 1500's. My question is, who was there to save them from hell all those thousands of years before then? No one. They died and went to hell, forever seperated from god, forever burning and suffering, all because they simply were born in the New World prior to European contact. Does that sound like a just, fair and loving god? Would you want to even be associated with a religion whose god would do something so vile? Once you get to thinking on the absurdities of it all, like this, you will start to see that it is all bogus. Once again, welcome to the boards Deb.
  10. Justin

    Hello, and welcome babe. :)

  11. Love your avatar! :)

  12. Aw shux! Y'all ain't too tough on the eyes yerself. *:)

  13. Hello, fellow heretic neighbor... well, kind of. You know where Jonesville, Va is? Not all that far from Powell, unless there is another i don't know about in the western part of the state.

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