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  1. Cocaine addicts could say the very same thing about former addicts. They'd be just as wrong too. Who cares what the Bible says anyway? Do you wear clothes of more than one fabric? Eat shell fish? Then neither do you.
  2. Beautiful and wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing! I to lost my granny just 5 months after my deconversion. It wasn't easy, but i think being an atheist helped me get through that better than if I was still a Christian.
  3. Thats what i always ask. If some christians believe in evolution and that man has been around in his modern form for over 130,000 years, then they have a huge problem trying to come up with excuses as to why the good lord decided to start saving people only in the last 2,000 years, or after Christ's death. What about the other 128,000 years? Where the people who lived prior to 2,000 years ago not worth it in god's eyes? Why would god have us, his holiest "creation", to slowly evolve over eons and eons from one life form to another, hell all the way back to single-celled life? This is w
  4. I don't know about anyone else, but that right there just strikes me as one of the coolest things i have ever read. Have you considered that the painter might be one of your ancestors? That is the thing that gives me awe; to think that we are descended from people we don't know, from species we may only have heard about, and over a time almost as old as the Earth. Bingo! How a creationist can't get excited about this is beyond me. Hell, this is even more amazing than the magic they believe in!
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but that right there just strikes me as one of the coolest things i have ever read.
  6. So that tragedy was a test from god, and one that they had been prepared for? Sick, sick, sick!
  7. I'm happy to live a no strings attached life. I'm also happy to be alive in a wonderful, amazing world. A world in which i can enjoy without pseudeoscientific BS attached to it. I can know the truth and be more than content with it. I can live my life free from delusion and insanity and not throw this only life i have down the shute by worrying about a magical afterlife. I can enjoy this one and only life. I simply love Christmas. I love the dinners, the presents, giving presents, the music, the tv specials, the lights, the cold and snowy weather, and that nice and warm feeling you get fro
  8. All that we have been talking about on this 31 page and counting thread. All that we have ever talked about with you on countless threads. They are not vague assertions, for you know fully well the topics that we have covered and covered time and again with you. For example, you do not give any proof of the resurrection other than the gospels, which we have told you are not reliable. Another example would be the dead getting up out of their graves and walking around and preaching. Yet another example would be the gospels not even giving a complete straight forward account of Jesus's life, cruc
  9. This reminds me of a church sign i read in my town a few weeks back. It read, "The End; Pay Back". Also, my former best friend, some time after i told him i left the faith, wrote on his blog, "Payday Someday". It's obvious what that sign and what my friend means. Either at the end of time or the end of one's life, we will get our punishment, our fitting judgment. Thats how it is with christians. You all are so preoccupied with revenge and the bad guys getting it in the end. I believe that is at least a small part of the hold that religion holds on a person, the prospect that all who ever done
  10. LNC, you've probably been asked this many times, but i can't resist. What would you be now had you been born in say the Middle East? India? South America? Japan? Or China? Do you think you would still be a christian? Slim chance you would be. What you would be doing is getting on here with all your typical hard-headed, close-minded nonsense, with the notable exception that you would be hard-headed and close-minded and spouting nonsense in the name of Islam, Hinduism, Catholisism or Buddisim or whatever else religion is dominate in the region you live in. You mentioned in an earlier post th
  11. Gawd may actually cut me some slack if he reads it and likes it. Whats that quote from 'The Last Temptation of Christ'? Something about god not being able to pass up/resist a good song. Maybe i should put it to music to save my ass.
  12. Did anyone else catch the screaming irony in this? On top of everything else you believe in your holy book, i would honestly not rule out the possibility of you actually believing this.
  13. Is it very liberal? Do the best scholars date it to the 5th century B.C.? "Traditionally, the Book of Daniel was believed to have been written by its namesake during and shortly after the Babylonian captivity in the sixth century BC. Although this view continues to be held by traditionalist Christians and conservative Jews, it has been rejected by most[29] of the scholarly community since the end of the nineteenth century. While a number of conservative scholars accept a sixth century date, "for mainline scholarship... these issues were decided at least a century ago" [30] Even leading ev
  14. Right back at you. All you need is a quick search of the internet to see the errors and fallacies in the Bible. We have argued with you till the cows came home and went back out again, providing numerous examples. You just give your typical LNC 'answering a question with 10' response and flat out deny there is a problem when it is starring you in the face. The flat earth and solid sky dome arguement you still haven't said jack on. Only die hard religious fanatics still cling to the ridiculous idea that the Bible doesn't state a flat earth with a solid sky dome covering it. Only die hard fanati
  15. Most religions have no deities or god. Cept for their preacher, who they think holds the truth rod. There is no better proponent of division. Than the mechanisim called religion. No battier or fruiter level of stupidity. Can be found than that which is occupied by Christianity. Hypocrites, there are none more regal than those who think themselves great. Who, in the name of their myths and legends, the common man they hate. Who else can villianize sex and love and true, no strings attached freedom, Than those who think you will be burned forever in hell for not joining them
  16. The reason for this, LNC, is that there is no evidence to support the supernatural/paranormal. To do as you suggest is to believe in actual hocus pocus magic. You go to Vegas and catch Chris Angel or any magic show, and while most everyone else will say that it was all illusions and tricks, you apparently will walk out of there thinking it was all real. After all, you can't explain it so it must be real life actual magic. If there were any evidence for the supernatural/paranormal, then you would have a case. But it cannot be seen, heard, smelt, tasted or sensed by science. It cannot be pro
  17. Your fundie comrades LNC would be throwing a hissy fit right now if they heard your views on evolution. Ken Ham, for example, would be saying how do you account for millions of years of death if death did not come into the picture until after man sinned? I'm curious, do you believe humans evolved from ape like ancestors, and before that lower forms of life all the way back to single cell organisms?
  18. I've lived in the south all my life and there are many things i love and many things i hate. As a christian, i always thought it was the best place on earth. Ever since leaving the faith i have come to see its religious insanity, and i don't like it. Also as a christian i was conservative, now i see just how conservative the south truely is. However, i love the food here, the layed back mentality and hospitality. It's where i was born and raised, i honestly wouldn't want to live anywhere else. You might could say the south is one of those places where you would have had to have been born there
  19. I know i'm late on this, but people, you all are arguing with a guy who actually believes in the Flood of the Bible. Doobie, if you're still around, do you believe in the Biblical flood story or the older Babylonian flood story that the Biblical one was copied from?
  20. Thanks for that link. I have been all over the infidels site and somehow never stumbled across that.
  21. My thoughts exactly Ruby. Do you remember that link you posted on another thread, that had a list of the things christians should do to help themselves out in an argument when they know they are losing? I cannot remember if this tactic was one of them but it sure falls right in line with it.
  22. Presumably this means that all of those who died before the second coming are still dead in the ground. They'll all rise from the dead at some point in the future, so make sure your well stocked on your shotgun ammo. We'll catch up with them in the clouds and meet jesus coming down. Yes, because heaven is just up there in the sky.
  23. I recently heard several christians chatting amongst themselves about the "dead in christ shall rise". I have often heard, especially recently, christians discussing this. They say that upon christ's return to earth, the dead christians will actually get up out of their graves and walk about. These folks that i heard just the other day were saying how strange it would be for a corpse to come out of his casket as it is being lowered in the ground and how all the people who have went down with ships over time will rise up to the surface. These people actually believe this shit. Of all the christ
  24. This is from a book of the same title. I lifted this from someone's blog. Anyone know anything about this book? How much truth is in the quotes or anything like that? I find the sinners quotes to be especially suspect. It almost looks as if they were made up and attributed to that person by a christian. I mean, look at Sit Thomas Scott's quote. If he realized right near the end that there was a god and hell and that he was doomed, wouldn't he repent right them and there? Wouldn't you not want to waste your last few breaths saying such a hopeless, sorrowfull, poetic quote and instead s
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