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  1. I despised Sundays when I was a kid. Sunday in general always made me feel sick to my stomach, because we'd have to go to church, which usually made me feel very guilty, then we'd come home and have "Sunday dinner," which was more of an ordeal than a meal, because it inevitably consisted of overcooked roast beef and vegetables boiled beyond recognition. *shudder* The one thing I liked about Sundays was going to the orchard after church in the fall. That was always fun. But it took me YEARS to get over that sick feeling on Sundays.
  2. Ambidextrous. I can write (poorly) with either hand. My handwriting sucks no matter which hand I use.
  3. I have never heard about this one. But the more I read, the more I discover how much stuff I just ignored as a xian. Do you have an idea, where to find this story? I didn't find that particular story, but a quick search just for the words "ripped open" from here yielded some interesting results.
  4. When we first switched to DST, I actually heard a radio announcer comment - on the air - that we would probably have more tornadoes now that we had that extra hour of daylight.
  5. Methodist United Brethren Roman Catholic Eckankar Pagan Atheist
  6. Gawd, I used to be in the "contemporary choir" aka guitar service choir. I really enjoyed it too. It's one of the few things I miss about church. I really enjoyed singing/being in the choir. LOL, oh well.
  7. We didn't do it here in Indiana until a couple of years ago. I think they were worried about confusing the cattle or something...
  8. I never had any x-tian t-shirts either! But like you, I had a ton of crosses & crucifixes. And I used to like to wear my miraculous medal too, LOL. I still have one Celtic cross that I like to wear -- but only because the Celtic cross pre-dates Christianity and there's really nothing inherently Christian about it. (Plus it's really cool.)
  9. Don't you just love the irony? A priest, who is not allowed to marry, & supposedly celibate, is the one to do pre-marital counseling? All those questions about positions and such? Ha! That's voyeurism plain and simple - he only wants that info so he can whack off in the rectory later.
  10. I'm a government employee too, but on a local level, not federal. And since my boss organizes "prayer breakfasts," I don't think I'll be coming out as an atheist any time soon.
  11. Hey, skeftomai, you have every reason to be angry! Think of it this way, you have been lied to you your entire life. Ok, to be fair, the liars probably believed every word they said and didn't think of their words as lies. But still, when you finally realize that everything that you have believed to be true was nothing but a lie --- well, it doesn't exactly make you jump for joy. That said, you still have to watch your own back and sometimes be careful where and how you vent. But you are safe here. So vent away.
  12. Ha! The program we pay invoices on at work assigns numbers to the purchase orders we enter. I inevitably wind up with POs with the digits 666 in them. My theory is that the people in the other departments stop and wait before they enter any more POs when they get close to 666. I, on the other hand, am sitting there hoping that the #666 will be all mine. Yes, love that song, and the Pixies in general.
  13. My hobbies are pretty much the same as before deconversion - gardening, plants, etc. Except that I'm now into using more native plants with emphasis on plantings for wildlife food & protection. So my gardens look a lot "weedier" now. And I'm slowing getting into birding. My favorite TV shows are What Not to Wear, Ace of Cakes & Mythbusters. Still like to rent & watch a lot of movies.
  14. I wonder if this is similar to coloring in blue birds (which are not blue at all but but grey, but appear blue due to light refraction or something.) Anyway, if you grind up a blue feather, the powder will not be blue, but grey. Whereas if you grind up a red feather, the powder will still be red.
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