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  1. Hi Amelia! I posted to you in your thread about family disowning each other over religion, but I finally got a chance to read your whole story. Let me say...I am so happy that you are strong minded and willed. Not only did you rebel against it, you eventually got OUT of it and went to therapy to heal your mind. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!! I remember reading possibly in the other thread that your father is bi-polar? That in itself explains some of it, but as an adult, he is repsonsible for his actions. He is aware of and chooses not to take medicine and that is very deadly for someone with that disorder. Hey, if other people choose to be around him in that condition, very well and fine, but I'm glad you have chosen NOT TO. That is a situation that will always continue in the state it is in unless some changes are made by him on his own behalf and that may never happen. You have every right to be treated with respect and I'm glad you have chosen not to be around this crazy behavior. We are repsonsible for our own happiness and whom we choose to have in our lives. Happy for you on the successful business ventures as well. Take care!
  2. Hi Dario..... I know you can't come until Monday, but if you get a chance to read here this weekend, check out these link: Pagen Origins of the Christ Myth
  3. And I appreciate that Dario. I can certainly understand and think that it's wonderful to always have a strong foundation in one's life. I am one who believes that one always needs to stand for something. Hope you enjoy your time here and hope you stick around for a while and discuss. I'm on the go today, but look forward to talking with you in the near future.
  4. Hi Dario! Glad to see you back! I'm glad that you understand that my responses to you are sincere. I DO understand that this is a hard thing for christians to do..to actually stretch their minds out to even question all of this. I started to have doubts and I came to this site. For a long time, I just read and read and studied. I still am doing so. But everything I found, evidence wise, pointed to the non existence of the bible god. This was hard for me and for many others before me. It's shocking, mind numbing and upsetting. I spent my whole life (since childhood) believing in God. I still remember the single moment that it all came together in my mind..this untruth. I could think of nothing else for days. I think it is similar to a grieving process, what I went through. I wanted to ask you if you go to any certain church? What has been your involvement? There are a lot of christians that come here just to debate and get people to try to leave. I don't believe you are one of those...I believe you are seeking answers. There are so many good people here. Honestly, I saw more arguing on the christian forum that I used to moderate. I couldn't believe how mean the christians were to each other...it got really stressful there. Anyway, just wanted to say hello to you!
  5. Exactly! It says to me that if there even was a Mary....she got knocked up (raped, whatever the case) and took off on a donkey to another place to cover up the whole mess!
  6. Thanks for writing Dario~ I can certainly understand that you have a life outside of here...and yes, we can be patient. We aren't going anywhere. You know, I used to be like you. Well, not exactly....I'm not sure your "brand" of xtianity yet, but I had enough "faith" to move mountains, as my daddy said. I have also had countless loved ones that have passed on, including my dad. For me to let go of the idea of a "heaven" was tough. Even tougher, to admit to myself there is a very good possibility that there is nothingness after death. For someone that loved her dad more than life, this was not easy to deal with and I'm still dealing with it today. My point is....we understand. We were there. I know sometimes that christians say that we must have not been true christians. Well, that's a canned response and simply not true either. I know my heart and how dedicated I was and I doubt no one else on that either. Like others, I had a rough road many times in my life and I used to pray with my entire being. I want to get you to understand just how complex this really is....it actually blew my mind when I first was in the middle of my "deconverting." There are literally tons of people here that had practiced christianity for 30, 40 years~~ Plus and minus both directions. But even former ministers, preists, you name it. These are folks that had dedicated their life to xtianity.....some people had more time in it than I've been alive....(Im 35). So...that made me sit up and take notice......I wondered to myself...."what had these people discovered?" I knew whatever it was, it was profound and I wanted to know too. I was hungry to know. I wanted the truth. I was open. I became "open" because of all the contradictions, all the denominations..(too many) and the actions of the fundies. They contradicted themselves also with their own behavior. They also called non believers "heathens" and always advised that we were not to even socialize with them. I hated that...it never seemed right to me and I could not shun anyone based on belief. I knew so many great, wonderful to the core people that were non-believers and I felt I would only be cheating myself to deny myself the opportunity of their company. My heart is big. So why did my heart seem bigger than biblegod? We can show you instances in the OT that will probably blow your mind....and will leave you wondering..."how can a GOD act and feel like THAT?" I knew I OWED it to myself to look for myself. It was damn hard to be that honest with myself, to tear down ALL belief systems and start over. It was tough to let go of ideas that I had since childhood. The reason I am telling you this....I felt led. (just kidding! ) But truly, this is an AMAZING site~~ There are so many people that are brilliant, gifted.... How I WISH I had access to a place like this when I was younger~~ I could have saved myself SO much time. I have made life altering decisions when I was a christian that I would have made completely different today. If only I had known. Take care and talk to you later.
  7. One more thing......(I always have "one more thing" ) Somewhere in the pages of this thread, you referred to us as being angry at God. (or something to that effect) For me personally and I am confident quite a few others, that is simply not true. I am not "anything" towards God as I am leaning toward being an athiest. Or at least, agnostic. I simply am not believing that there is ANY god at this point. I am slightly open to the idea of one, but admittedly realize it is probably a good stretch. If you want to know the truth, I WISH I did know one way or another...and I wish there was a GOD!! (not bible god though....that one is too grouchy for me...) So please realize that you may be assigning or assuming feelings to us that we don't necessarily have. That's why I suggest you read the testimonies if you truly care about this. It would clear a lot up. (AND...you could see the countless ways that people have been hurt by religion.)
  8. Dario, Please tell us what brand of christianity that you follow. Also, I believe the burden of proof is on you, not the other way around. We can continue to go this other route....but....... So far, I am seeing so much info. being given to you that you are admittingly not even researching. Why not even take a peek? You said earlier that nothing would shake your faith.....so my question to you is.... Are you more interested in trying to prove the bible god to us? OR Are you more interested in finding out for yourself what the truth is on the matter? I'm not trying to be sarcastic with you in any way at all....but come on, let's be honest here so no one's time is wasted. If you are TRULY seeking knowledge, then you have to open your mind to the possibility that you may be wrong. Do you think that we were christians for a number of years and someone came along and said "you're being duped" and that we just simply believed them? Of course not!! I can't even count how many hours and days and months that I have spent pouring over material. Knowledge is a process. You can't just debunk a statement or two and think you have proven anything. Like anything worth anything, this takes much time and it does require you to be brutally honest with yourself. So far, I am feeling like you really don't want us to prove anything to you, you really want to prove something to us. My friend, please think about all I have said. It matters not to me either way if you believe or don't believe.......but do yourself a favor..... Just take an unbiased look for once.....and go from there. If you're not willing to at least honestly look at what we present, then why are we bothering? If you could only realize how many christians come here on a consistent basis and try to "save us." Please answer me one more thing.....will you take a look at our testimonies? There is a whole section dedicated to this and you will see first hand the reason why. It is very compelling, interesting and heartfelt. I truly feel as if you will understand us a bit better after that point. This was truly written in all sincerety....
  9. Dario, While none of us have all the answers, we have some. With what we do have, we have enough to know that when we were christians, we were being duped. There are at least mountains of evidence to disprove the bible god. At least you are seeking answers though...I think that is a good place to start. Just a piece of advice: Never take anything at face value. I believed the christians for so many years until I began to look for myself. That was the best thing I could have ever done. Though I didn't like ALL the answers, it at least gave me the knowledge of what was fact and fiction. I'm still searching today...but in a different direction. Just keep reading and seeking!
  10. So.....does this mean that we gotta stop arguing with you now? It was getting so fun!
  11. I guess you're thankful that you have dinner waiting then!
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