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  1. This morning I was watching good morning America, and I managed to catch the tail end of a special segment. It was about a Christian museum attempting to prove that god created dinosaurs. The curator refered to it as a place for Christians to bolster their faith through science. Furthermore, he went onto say, not quite convincingly, that there has to be a God for us to have morals(*laff*).


    Yeah, I saw that stupid segment as well and it was so damn ignorant. And then it made me irritated when they were saying the part about the morals. :Doh:

    Yep, the dinasours are only 6000 years old and we all just roamed the earth in peace with each other for a while. :HaHa:

    Its very frustrating to me that people buy into this. Too bad they made such a beautiful museum with crap for information in it...

  2. I guess their theory is the more obnoxious it is, the more likely you are to remember it. Great theory, huh?


    I have a tv with volume control and then I have another small one without. Whenever the stupid taco bell commercial comes on (and it's the only one that does it), it is SOOO freaking loud that I cringe and frantically reach for the remote whenever it comes on.

  3. You know what really gets me mad? When Xtians say we can't possibly have any morals because we have no god. I shrug off a lot of things they say, but that one really strikes a nerve with me. It's so ridiculous. As if we are just some droids walking around... :vent:

  4. Oh my god, this is funny if it wasn't for the fact that she lives next to you! Talk about a nightmare neighbor! :Doh:


    She may have never been a danger to herself/anyone before, but these kind of folks are unpredictable.. :shrug:


    Years ago when I was married and pregnant, we got a knock on our door in the middle of the night from our local crazy neighbor down the street who was drunk out of her mind. When my husband answered the door, she asked him to help her find her purse as it seemed she had lost it somewhere! He told HER to get lost. She never bothered us again like that, but she was constantly causing noise and chaos at her house all the time which we could hear from our house.

    Eventually, one night she decided to hold the people in her house hostage. (don't remember her crazy reasoning, but I remember all the police cars lining the street. Of course this was in the middle of the night.) Now, we knew she was nuts, but no one expected her to do something that extreme.


    These kinda folks are a wild card, you know? I'd say based on the kinds of stuff she is ranting about, she needs to be supervised somewhere where her and everyone else's safety can be assured. Having mental problems and managing it with meds is one thing, but she sounds a couple sandwiches too short for a picnic. Besides, you should be able to live at your home without all that drama. That's ridiculous.


    Keep us updated!

  5. Head-On! Apply directly to your forehead!

    Head-On! Apply directly to your forehead!

    Head-On! Apply directly to your forehead!


    Puke-Off! Apply directly to your toilet!



    Yes!! I hate this one! It's so damn annoying. The next commercial they put out that SAID it was annoying was even MORE annoying!!


    And this is funny. I am a migraine sufferer so a friend of mine "suprised" me and bought me a tube of that junk. I tried it and NO IT DOES NOT WORK! :twitch::HaHa:


    You may as well just rub chapstick on your forehead....it would be the same result!

  6. Well it sounds like a tough situation...but I have to agree with some of the responses. I would say since it involves your job, I would just avoid the subject and they can assume whatever they want. Sometimes the tension and argument would not be worth it especially if it involves employment. There's always a time and place to talk about your beliefs, I would try to keep it out of work the best you can.

  7. I like Buddhism because it reasons about things and it appeals to your intellect. Most religions seem to insult my intelligence - but Buddhism speaks to you as an equal. It works with you as you try to figure out ultimate reality. It's very pragmatic. Just look at the Buddhist answer to whether there is a God - essentially the Buddhist answer to that question is that it doesn't matter whether there is a God or not, concentrating on trying to be a better person and to attain true happiness and contentment are more important. How much more pragmatic can you get? It's not really a religion - it does not appeal to 'faith', it doesn't talk down to you or attempt to control your life, it doesn't require anything from you. It works with you. It is rational and pragmatic. It does not insult your intelligence like Christianity does. It's a philosophy and a set of techniques really - that's all it is.



    Jun, this is how I feel about it too. (Evolution, nice way to sum it up!)

    I respect Buddhism because of the reasons above and enjoy the philosophies very much. They really make you think and examine yourself.

    Interesting discussion Jun!

  8. And that's my opinion and perspective on it as well. :) It ain't a secret! You sum it up well and that's how I look at it all.


    No more and no less.


    Thanks! Yes, I think there are many people who just don't realize that their thoughts affect their emotions and outlook. Granted, it's impossible to always feel positive, heck, I wish I could all the time! But when I am feeling down, I at least am aware of what I need to do to change it, even if it takes awhile.


    I think anything is possible in our lives. If we truly want to achieve something, we can make it happen as long as we are not reaching too high where it is unreasonable. We decide our fate and have control over what happens to us even if at times we don't think we do.


    When I let go of xtianity, it felt good for me to realize that I was in charge of my life and I didn't have to depend on "prayer" and if God felt like answering it or not, it was all up to ME.

  9. Just now I picked the letters out of the garbage and read them. They're not hostile like I thought they were. Nobody's preaching or guilt-tripping.



    Well then it's good that you re-read them as it probably changed your feelings on it a little bit. Do you think you will talk with her now?

  10. To me, there is no secret to "the secret." I mean, it's a nice thought...but the truth is you don't need to spend money to tell you how to achieve happiness. It's all in your own basic attitude and thought pattern. If you're happy, you draw happy to you. If you're miserable, you'll attract miserable...

    To me, it's common sense.

  11. Hi! I admire you for speaking up and recognizing a problem and trying to correct it. That's half the battle! It's not always easy to be honest with yourself, that's for sure.


    I was married to an alcoholic for 15 years. He went in and out of programs and meetings. Sometimes he would "white knuckle" it. But after a period of abstinence (in which he was so proud of himself) he would go out on a bender from hell. The longer he stayed sober in between, the worse it would be when he did pick up. Then when the bender was over, he would be remorseful, ashamed and seek help. This got to be quite a pattern throughout the years and it always saddened me that he could never be honest enough with himself to face his problems.


    In the meantime throughout those years, I had educated myself to death on alcoholism so I could understand it. My suggestion to you is that you read as much as you can about it. I don't believe the beer itself is the problem...the problem is within and with some work and honesty, you can get better. Life can be great again and you can put this behind you. It can be done. There are going to be really tough days, but like some sober people say...your worst day sober is still better than your best day drunk.


    At first drinking can be that escape you are looking for, but eventually this "best friend" will turn on you. It will cause you more problems than you had without it until it is causing more havoc in your life than what you were originally trying to escape from.


    Big hugs, my friend. I'm so glad you spoke up and are trying to get some help.

  12. I really do wish that there were a separate state or something to where we could ship off KNOWN/CONVICTED violent criminals (gang members included) and child molesters. :shrug: Separate the sane from the insane once at their little place but at least they'd be out of mainstream society.



    George Carlin does a comedy act on this very issue in one of his shows. (can't remember which one)


    He talks about bordering states (each having different degrees of criminals, etc) and seperating them with a fence. And then, once every so often, letting the fence open for so many seconds, enabling them to pass through each other's areas....


    It's hysterical!

  13. All the books say abuse victims seldom realize that what they are getting is not normal or that they didn't deserve it. That is turning out to be the case for me, too. Oh the more extreme stuff I've learned to identify but this more subtle stuff...Thanks again.


    (hugs) You're so right. When you are right inside the situation, you are often blinded to your treament or get so used to it that it is normal for you. I'm so glad you're reading different kinds of self-help books. They really make you think and often bring attention to small things you may have not noticed. It can be pretty emotional to realize some of this stuff. It can send you into grief cycles for a while, but that is normal. You know, whenever there is a dysfunctional family system into place, everyone plays a role. When you change your role and no longer accept certain things (as you are doing) then the other "players" in their roles can tend to get angry. They want you to go back to who you were before so the dysfunction can continue. I see that happening with you and your families reaction. But I"m happy to see you are standing your ground. It takes courage to do this and eventually, when they realize you can no longer be manipulated things will change. I don't believe they are aware of all of this...it just sorta happens in the background. I've had some abuse in my background too and it was quite a revelation to me when I got help and realized certain things about it. I see you as a lady of great strength with a great heart. I'm so glad things are turning around for you.

  14. Well there is supposed to be separation between school and religion. I wouldn't imagine you wanting to hang out with them in a private setting outside school so technically the subject should not come up too much. If it does....you could just say you are not comfortable talking about it and limit your exposure to them to only functions you have to attend together for the job.

    If it were me, I wouldn't make any false statement to get along with others...but you could always gently sway the subject to something else when in their company. Ask about thier children, etc. etc...any other areas where you may have some common ground. People love to talk about themselves. Just hang in there!! You're not alone!

  15. But that's not the end of the story. After the funeral I got a letter from a sister asking how I could be there for the funeral in the middle of the community as I was (meaning: with everyone knowing what kind of person I was). I explained that it was because of the love of my family and because I had nothing to hide.



    How unreasonable for her to ask you that!! I mean, no matter what you believe and how they may feel about it, you had EVERY RIGHT to attend your mother's funeral no matter what!!! Based on the fact that it was for YOUR MOTHER! In my opinion, no one should ever owe an explanation as to why they are at their own parent's funeral! I'm sorry dear Ruby for what you have gone through. I applaud you for your strength, grace and dignity in the matter.

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