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  1. The one I saw was Sanzio. Did Santi paint similar stuff? I'm not familiar with art history and didn't know 'till now that there was a High Renaissance period; which was described as an explosion of creativity. I'll try to find time to check it out a little more. I guess it doesn't matter what these guys painted, they were the Masters.
  2. Greetings Michael ~ Thank you for the links. I've always been interested in the supernatural. Even as a child I had cool dreams of being able to fly. I couldn't wait to go to sleep! I'm curious as to your view of things unseen ~ Raphael
  3. Nimbus ~ I chose Raphael because I read of him as one of the 4 arch-angels; the other 3 are Michael, Gabriel and Phanuel. Raphael's charge is to the healing of the souls. When I saw "Angels in the Deep" ~ that caught MY attention! I just got back from doing a general search on the name and found out ~ There was a High Renaissanse Italian artist by that name the painted mostly Madonnas!!! I really want to hear some music to disappear in ~ any audio links? Nice to meet you ~ Raphael Thanks again for all your imput you guys. I am really enjoying myself here. I may throw out some bizzare stuff at times; but I do think it's important for us all to be secure in what we believe in; whatever that may be, without feeling the need to push it on anyone else. Then the conversation really gets fun! You've all be great...so far. ~ later
  4. Welcome Confused ~ I've only been here a few days and my heart goes out to all of you. Alot of these folks have helped me decide that I am not an ex-christian, but I do not agree with alot of christian teachings. I will never deny Jesus, but I left "the church" 15 years ago and I will never go back. I think the bottom line is that if that way of life is right for us, we must know on a personnal basis. Just don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Have you asked Him to prove Himself to you, rather than looking for confirmation thru men? Losingmyreligion ~ Consider this...When I knew there was a good God, but didn't see Him in the teachings of the church system; I began a search 5 years ago that lead me to a massive amount of writings called The Lost Books that sheds a whole new light on things. I found so may answers. They have a website of the same name (.com.) Alot of these books came out of tombs in Egypt in the 50's and since have been translated and published. What I don't get is that alot of the links are to Theology Institutions, yet the "good" stuff has not been preached! Maybe it really takes a seeker to find them, or maybe now is the time for them to be revealed. My best to all of you ~ Raphael
  5. Taph ~ Totally understandable. Don't blame you guys a bit. To clarify a little more, I am just on a truth-seeking journey and I'm trying to piece it all together. I have no intentions of trying to re-convert anyone. To tell you the truth I am not sure why I'm here. I was actually doing a search for sages and this site came up. I saw "Ex-Christian" and found it intreging. Good luck to all of you in the Adventure of Life wherever it takes you. Raphael
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys! I suppose my views are somewhat Gnostic, but I think that's also turned into a "religion". I just know it's the most logical senerio I've heard in my 30+ years of being "a christian". You all have helped me decided that I am not an Ex-Christian, but I am very much against the teachings of "Modern-day" Christianity. Thanks for not making me feel "off-the-wall" and btw I'm loving the pictures! Especially the portrait. It definately depicts the god of this world, except I see him as a lion-faced serpant! Anyway, cheers and thanks again ~ Raphael
  7. qadeshet ~ you may be interested in the apocryphal writing. Basically that means "secret and hidden". It jives in all ways with the standard bible EXCEPT...it reveals that the god of the OT is the adversary, "the devil", who cursed us with death and blinded our eyes to the Truth about him. Jesus came to preach this blaspheme (that's why they so wanted to kill him). Sin was not our fault. We were supposed to eat the fruit of knowledge. The "law" was put in place by the adversary to rid us with guilt so that we'd never see the light of love that was there all the time for us. This knowledge truly set me free. You guys must think I'm totally off-the-wall! I need to go to sleep, so I'll leave all this as food-for-thought and will be anticipating the replies in the am. Sweet Dreams ~ Raphael
  8. thunderbolt ~ this site is so unique. I just never really gave much thought to people becoming ex-christians. I definately can relate to "preachers and teachers" abusing us. Sort of getting beat on the brain with a bible. Don't worry, I'm not here to try to change anyones mind about anything. I hope to learn something and maybe contribute. Peace to U ~ Raphael
  9. thunderbolt ~ sorry if I offended you, I'm just searching for some like-minded people and this forum didn't seem like a bad place to start. MYTHRA ~ check it out ~ thelostbooks.com Peace ~ Raphael
  10. GREETINGS TO ALL: I stumbled across this forum accidentally, and it definately caught my attention. I am strongly anti-religious, but am not an athiest. I imagine that some of you are one or the other. I am not sure that this forum is for me, but I've been browsing and needless to say, alot has been very interesting and I haven't even made it to The Lion's Den! (just kidding). I have been studying The Lost Books and The New and Old Testament Apocrypha for about 5 years and have discovered many answers to things that have previously troubled me and thought I may be generate some unusual conversation. So ~ What is an Ex-Christian? Peace ~ Raphael
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