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  1. Lifetime X-Men fan here! Welcome to the fold...
  2. Lol Piprus... Growing up EATING was the very foundation of the church(ironically, gluttony is supposed to be sinful...Didn't stop the faithful from gobblin up chitlins and yams like there was no tommorrow!)... However, I was fortunate to have a fundie mother that was a health nut. I am a vegetarian(except for chicken and fish)to this very day. Quite thankful for it being that all of my friends, and family members, are obese loads. I live in Texas and I guess the Lard approves of Good eatin!
  3. I agree. Even when I was a brainwashed Christian this always perplexed me. If God already has you selected then why in the hell does anyone else even need to try? If we are all destined for hell anyway then fuck it... It is like somekind of sadistic cosmic Hindu caste system.
  4. Sara, I wish I could give you a big hug. And I thought my life in Christianity was bad! Well, you have come to the right place. Coming her will be a wonderful support system for you being that you are inundated with fundamentalist zealotry. Christianity is so terrible because it does not allow one to truly be his or herself. Just go at your own pace. Deconversion is a process, and you should nurture your wounded spirit during this tumultous time. I have been chatting her for three months and I am still in the deconversion process. I still, sometimes, have the hell fears although I no longer believe in the judeo christian concept of hell... There are great people here who will aid you. In fact, some people here still believe in god(just not Christ Insanity)--I am one--we've just kicked the dogma out our lives, and are better people for it. Congrats, you have taken the first step to true enlightenment.
  5. Oh my god, those Left Behind Books and movies...Some of the worst Literature and screen writing, EVER! I can't believe I, and anyone else, ever bought into that garbage. I sold my DVD's of the movies the Blockbuster and I still have the books collecting dust on the shelf. Anyway, Taylor, I understand where you are coming from. This was a very real fear for me. Infact, I am still coping with it. It is so sad how Christianity uses fear to keep people ensnared. This is exactly what it is, fear tactics. It is no big coincidence that the pastors and everything tell us that the computer chips are the Mark of the beast. Why? Because it is easy and convenient. If people getting tatoos was the mark of the beast they would say the samething... Anywho, to make a long story short I would not want a computer chip under my skin. It would just make me feel really weird. The only future that I truly dread coming to fruition is the one in Terminator. Now that is actually possible with the advances in Artificial Intelligence. It is a long way off but possibly possible.
  6. JP, I am sorry to read this. I often wonder what I should do when faced with this situation. It pisses me off(well, whenever those bible thumping jackasses talk about how the world is coming to an end get in a group it's obnoxious), but I also fear reprisal were I to actually stand up and say something. Even though it is the workplace the boss himself might be some lunatic Christian homophobe who'll make up some lame reason to fire you if you say you're offended. Well, you handled it tactfully, and you know who you SHOULDN'T goto lunch with as well. Christians are so fucking tacky.
  7. At this point in my life I need to be here. It is theraputic for me, because I have been hurt by the religion, emotionally. So venting about all my issues keeps me from being mired down in bitterness. )
  8. That second chance program is, pardon my french, really fucked up. Why didn't they just call it what it really was...Prison! Kelly, I am thankful that you were able to get out of it with your sanity intact. You are a strong person to have endured that kind of sick and demented torcher.
  9. Bael, you became a christian for much the same reasons that I did. When I was a teenager I was in a state of anxiety and suicidal depression. I joined the faith in my late teens because everyone said I needed Jesus to be happy. I did join and , at that time, christianity fulfilled my needs. I felt like I belonged somewhere and fit in...That is what any vulnerable and rejected person needs.... But over the last few years I started seeing what a crock of bull it was. My advice to you is to keep chatting on this site, and reading literature that contests christianity. That will help you develop a good foundation. And perhaps talk to a counselor. I am doing that right now and it is helping me tremendously. You aren't alone.
  10. I remember when I first got "saved." When I joined the church I was in my late teens, fresh out of highschool(which was a living hell), lonely, and depressed...Only weeks before that I had contemplated ending it all. Anyway, when I walked to the alter and confessed Christ as my personal savior My mom was in tears(happy tears), and the entire congregation just welcomed me into it's embrace. It felt really wonderful, and I still can't explain it. At that time I believed it was the annointing of God coming into my life... But now I realize that I needed that human companionship. I realize now that it worked wonders for my self esteem. Being in the church helped me to build confidence and communicate with others. The "anointing" I had was all about interaction with people...not a holy presence being put into my body. Admittedly, at the time, I NEEDED to be apart of something. I was in the church my entire life before getting "saved." But I was never apart of it. Now that I am outside of it again I realize that through human companionship and self expression we can all be happy and confident.
  11. This is one major question that I often asked. In revelations God already has his selected people(particularly 144,000 male virgins), so why should anyone else bother? It is like playing lottery to see who gets the 144,000 golden tickets to heaven... Thinking about it is just absurd now. Many of us were already damned from the get go. No wonder it is hard to live a fulfilled life in Christianity. You give up so much to try and die and goto heaven...sad
  12. LookingGLass you have been to hell and back. I can relate to you alot. I grew up in a less than ideal household(My father was a violent alchoholic who eventually died, and my older brother mentally and physically abused me for five years), and had many of the same issues... Christianity, much like you, was there for me when I needed it the most. When I joined the church I was at a very low point and it is the welcoming and sense of belonging that you get that makes you feel brand new...Not the holy spirit. People need people and when you are enveloped in the Christian fold it feels wonderful... But then, for some of us, the reality sets in when the real world and our curious minds kick in. Don't feel bad. You will get past this low point. I can tell you that I am still learning to find strength from all the damage that the religion has wrought in my life. It is great that you found this site because we can all get through this together. Personally, I still believe in a higher power...I just don't believe in bible god. As you said a real parent would keep their children from harm and straying to far...Not let them crash and burn. That is what makes me so mad. The church says god(of the bible) loves us all like a father but life whips our collective @$$es on regular intervals. A parent who did that would be arrested for abuse!
  13. The "What If I'm wrong" question plagued me for awhile too. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in a supreme entity. But I believe that said "god" is benevolent and loves everyone. I'm still into all the afterlife, angels, and etc... However, I realize that I cannot love and adore a malevolent tyrant like the one in the bible. Read through that book some more. You basically have a guy with all the power who pitches genocidal hissy fits whenever something doesn't go his way. The only reason to praise something like that is out of abject FEAR. And that is what the church does, instill fear... More importantly, there have been hundreds of religions throughout the history of the world in EVERY culture...What makes ours any different? I remember my Sunday school teacher telling me that, "Christianity is the truth because we have the bible to stand on..." I couldn't believe that even when I was a Christian. The Muslims have a Holy Book, Buddhists have their own texts, I'm sure the Greeks and Romans had bibles about Zeus and Hera... I think when you break away from The Christian religion and open your mind to the world and history it gets easier. I'm sorry to all Christians out there but I don't think Ghandi is in hell.
  14. lol I think I'll look into "why god won't heal amputees." I thank you all as a new ex-christian. This site has been great for me. It is very theraputic.
  15. While I do believe in an after life, I no longer agree with the fire and brimstone fundamentalist hell taught to me by my faith. I feel so much like the author of this thread. The biggest fear of leaving this faith is that you will wind up in hell on a technicality like, "Oh shit, they were right!" I just know that I tried to be the best christian I could be. I tried to change everything about myself that everyone said was sinful. I tried and tried and TRIED harder...It eventually comes down to whether or not I am happy in the here and now. And wouldn't a true god of love, compassion, and creation value that? don't all parents want their children to be happy...and not autonomous drones? Again, I have the same fears as well...But I'm slowly overcoming them. Perhaps when I am able to put some distance between my family and my faith the real healing will begin. I am tired of this internal conflict. However, you have to hurt before you can heal is how I look at it.
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