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  1. WR, that is very cool -- I never thought about it all quite like that before. Even though I have never been through a "What if I'm wrong" phase, this is a very good post. It really should give someone something to ponder.... Houston, it sounds like your brainwashing from the xians was very effective if you're having doubts. Most brainwashed victims have doubts; however, that is a residual from the brainfuck you went through in xianity. Don't fear, just brush it off. You know that xianity has filled your head with bullshit. If it will help, read some passages from the bible. Look at it from a realistic point of view not the fairy tale it weaves that others make into a belief system - then ask yourself, "Am I sane to believe this is real?" Brainwashing can fuck people up in a major way. During deprogramming... you will have your moments. It's natural. WR hit the nail on the head. If you really look at it objectively the brainwashing will lose its foothold on your brain.
  2. I will come up with something to write here. Let me just get my thoughts together....stay tuned.........
  3. Please, Taph... I didn't thin about my ex dying a grusome death... I thought about his funeral. What I would wear to the funeral. Flirting at the funeral... Then I could date after the funeral...
  4. Welcome Chris. It's nice to see that our comments are making an impact on someone. Sometimes when we deal with particular fiesty ones, I wonder if we do get through to someone. I am glad to see we are. Be prepared to deal with a lot of fundies and drivebys - ie. people who come on here, post a diss and then are never heard from again. It's nature. Perhaps for an Xian its a morbid curiosity or perhaps they, too, question their belief system Have fun and enjoy. There are some really awesome people here as well as probably one of the most active boards you've ever seen!
  5. Thank you, Gliph. I am finding some stimulating conversations here to say the least. I have encountered the typical xians of my childhood and yet, I have met a refreshingly large amount of delightfully well-adjusted but bent non-Christians that have warmed my heart. I think you would be surprised at how accepting your family will grow to be -- and by telling them you woke up, while initially it will cause strife, in the end, it will help them along their path, too. I know that's hard to believe but it's true. Whenever someone tells me their christian parents got upset I tell them, "Gently remind them that it is God's word that they should love all unconditionally as he loves them..." Remarkably, I have found since my conversion to completely no christianity in my life, that I have learned a lot more about the bible than I did when I was actually going to church. Ironic? Hilarious? Sad? Probably all three. Thanks again for the Welcome, Gliph. I really appreciate it. You're a doll!
  6. Okay, Rosa, I will try to help you out here. First off, you have to get yourself out of the mind-set that the Christian God is God. Christian God is not God. Christian God is a man with an abacus on the mount. This Christian God does not -- repeat, DOES NOT -- exist in any way shape or form... In Catholicism, you were taught that God created everything. Right? Then it would serve that if this were true and everything God makes is perfect, then why would God make Hell? The only punishment we endure is the prison of our own mind. It is not God that does not forgive -- it is ourselves we do not forgive. Have you ever heard the saying, "I am my own worst judge?" That comes with much thought. We are our own worst judges. No one else can damn us if we don't damn ourselves. Hell, like Heaven, appears to be a state of mind -- not an actual place where your soul goes and burns for eternity. Why would a perfectly loving God, send a God creation to hell? That makes no sense. Is it saying God fucked up? If God is perfect, God does not fuck up. So when you think in these terms, you will see that God -- if all-loving as an entity -- is perfect than none of offspring of such God will be damaged or less than perfect. Do you follow what I am saying? There is absolutely nothing wrong with your trepidation and I hope I have shed some light for you. It is a common misnomer that individuals have because of the brainwashing that goes on in Xian religious beliefs. But trust in yourself and that's the best way to develop your own spiritual link to the world. Whether that means believing in God or not, is purely up to you...but I will ask you this: If God really wanted a religion, would God have picked the type of religion Christianity is now and has been for a very, very long time? I am anxious to hear your response. Hope I helped!
  7. You will get through it. If you really think about it, your personal spirituality is really your business. As much as everyone might want to tell you otherwise. Its not up to them - it's up to you and if you're heart is not in it then it would false anyway. You can only be who and what you are... Trying to be something you're not is just too exhausting!
  8. You can call me Marlin... Even though I'm a chick, I'm used to Marlin. Thank you for the great welcome! I have been laughing as I read some of the tidbits people here find on the Cult. (I love the band the Cult but not the Cult Cult...i.e. Christianity) I am just amazed at how much BS goes on in the church. I work with a fundamentalist (whom I will refer to as a Fundie from now on) and he is so sexually repressed its ridiculous. When I started working there, he was all like "We should have pure thoughts..." Yet, when I started talking about Dames, Booze, chains and Boots... He got so excited he started talking about S&M. Now he refers to rubber and chains et al. with as much passion as he talked about Christ before. By the way, tho he flirts like a heathen he is married with three children. They go to church every Sunday. He says his wife is a very jealous woman -- which has caused great stress in his Universe... I'll lay you ten to one if she ever heard the things he now says at work, she would be flabberghasted to say the least. It's amazing how the word leaves the lips of Christians when they feel they have met someone who will accept them no matter who or what they are. By the way, Reach, I love your signature. I once saw an advertisement that I loved... It said, The beauty of being over 40 is you get to kick someone's ass in more expensive shoes. I thought you might like that quote! Your signature is great Reach. I saw an ad that I think you'll appreciate... It said: One of the things I love about being 40 is that I am still kicking ass, it's just that I do it now in more expensive shoes...
  9. I was very fortunate that even though both of my parents were raised in the church and I was confirmed at 12 in the Methodist church, my parents were not upset at all when I was in my early 20s, I decided that organized religion was not the route for me. My parents and my grandmother (also a church goer) were not shocked or amazed when I sat them down for the big talk regarding my spirituality and beliefs. Interestingly enough, my parents don't go to church anymore. I gathered they saw the same hypocracies I started to understand when I used to go to church, i.e. ministers cheating on their wives with a married woman in the choir....causing utter havoc and destroying two families in the process. When I started investigating other forms of spirituality - my parents have always been supportive. They have listen to my rants against the church and all the atrocities and have learned a few things through my own self discovery. So to say that my family was shocked or upset is far from the truth. My father has been a very important beacon for me because he is a highly educated man who has lived all over the world -- experienced several different cultures -- and has a great respect for all spirituality. He always says that the proof is in how we act towards others - how we respect ourselves. In reality, I think for my parents, church was a way to socialize but even that grew old after a while. Now, they just make friends through their work, other social groups etc. The old adage of practice what you preach is not prevalent in the church, which I believe was the big turn-off for my dad. So that's my story. Not very exciting but I wanted to share it because honestly, I was not sure before telling them (my parents) how they were going to take it. But they surprised the sh** out of me and actually embraced that I was an individual and it was my right as an individual to seek out my own path to spirituality. I am not an atheist. I do believe in Christ, but I would not say he was my personal savior as I believe the person most responsible for that is oneself. i don't know, but I have found that a majority of the people that I know who are not Christian seem to embrace unconditional love and forgiveness and non-judgmental attitudes much more than any christian I've ever met. It's like some feel if they go to church on Sunday, this abolishes all wrong-doings during the week. A lot of Christians I have found give to get what's in it for them... Which only (as I have seen) defeats the very reason for giving in the first place. So I am proud to be a non-Christian... Pagan if you will... and I am glad that my spirituality is as I have always suspected it to be, a very personal and private relationship -- not a group effort. People on the whole subscribe to the pack mentality. Perhaps that is why christianity - one of the biggest cults around -- still exists. It's sad that it does as it is not as it was meant to be. Also, thanks for the article on How Many People Have Been Killed In The Name of Christianity. It helped me prove my point most beautifully.
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