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  1. Yep, it was one of those artsy 70's Rock'n Roll Bands, so I'm headed straight for hell. I never considered myself a fundie. I often questioned why we went to a tiny Pentecostal Holiness church and not one of the more mainstream ones that my friends attended. I think that might have been what drew me into the Presbyterian Church initially. I was always turned off by statements by our pastor and other church members about how other denominations were going to hell for various reasons. Actually, a couple of weeks ago I fired up my Palm Lifedrive, hit the church's local wifi, and surfed the web during the sermon. After all, it was Palm Sunday.
  2. Dudero - I had the same problem when I was playing in a band. My parents almost disowned me for given a concert with my band in a public park on a Sunday afternoon. But to the topic at hand... My gig at the present church ends on Easter Sunday. Gotta admit that the ensemble is very talented, and it's been fun working with them. However, I'm ready to have my Sundays back. Last Sunday night I got a call from a more conservative Baptist church seeking an interim "minister of music and worship." I said, "no", but it almost came out as, "no way in hell!"
  3. Nope - I haven't lied, but it hasn't come up. I have answered honestly on my views on church music, which are far different from my views on Christianity as a whole.
  4. I am VERY particular about where I would ply my craft. Fortunately, this church does invite debate and even skepticism, hence my willingness to work here. Now, some of the OTHER places I've worked....well.... BTW, that should have been "having a form of worship in the original post. Don't know where the hell "workshop" came from. The funny thing is, I am comfortable with my music situation, church employment and beliefs. When I first started work at my present day job, when my colleagues found out that I'm a choir director, they all assumed I'm some fundy. I had one of my cow-orkers express surprise when he found out I brew beer!
  5. I grew up in a fundamentalist family, but eventually got tired of the foolishness. I have rejected almost all of the tenets of Christianity, except for those dealing with charity. Given my own personality, I'd probably adhere to those whether I'd ever heard of Christ or not. I would consider myself agnostic at this point. Here's the dilemma. I am a choral musician and have taught music and directed choral groups for a number of years. Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to finely tune a piece of music with an ensemble in rehearsal, then perform it for an audience. Now there is a wealth of secular music, but so much of the repertoire comes from the Christian tradition. So far this hasn't been a problem. I've been able to approach my singing academically, and have also performed works from other traditions. My dilemma is that even though I have rejected Christianity, I still enjoy working with church choirs. I'm currently an interim at a Presbyterian Church. There's no way I'd work at a conservative or fundamentalist church. Again, I have reconciled myself with my beliefs, and when this gig is over, I will miss the music, but won't miss the Sunday and Wednesday obligations. To quote scripture (egads), I guess this is an example of "having a form of workshop but denying the power thereof." I know I'm not being honest with my congregation, but if I treat this a professional situation, and so far haven't had a problem. Comments?
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