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  1. Poking about on the internet was the first thing I did! lol The main site I found was wicca.com. Thanks for the link! LOL *adds to her list of things to read* What sometimes throws me is that my first experience with Thor was as a comic character. >_> That's still what I think of first when I hear "Thor", even though I've only read one comic that he's in, and even then he's a fairly minor character... Thanks! *adds* Unfortunately, I'm a poor college student going to a Very Expensive Private University. I'll see if I can get it through the university's library though, once I get back up there. Studying, I've started. The book I'm reading now is Spellcasters by Pauline Bartel... I have some more books at my grandma's house that I got from the public lifestyle. As for college degrees... Already on my way. I'm going to be starting my junior year, and I pretty much started off as a biology major at the university. lol As for moving... Don't know if I'd be able to handle it. I'm a weird dichotomy between a pure-bred city girl who loves nature but can't stand being without some 'convenience' items... For one thing, I suck at camping... Never could handle it. Now, living next to the ocean, that I can do... Yah, good books. But don't forget Ovid's Metamorphoses. It's a wealth of information about Classical mythology. I'd also like to echo Thurisaz' mention of the Poetic Edda. It may be difficult to understand a translation that tries to stay in the original verse form, but I think it's worth the effort, myself. But then, I've always been a fan of poetry in general. Thanks both, for the recommendations! *adds* Is it easier or harder than Shakespeare? I never had a problem understanding his stuff... I almost grabbed one of his books at the library! Only, it was the second book, and I wanted to try to find and read the first book before I got to the second one...
  2. I'm thinking about becoming pagan, and trying to do some research on it... All the books the public library has focus on Wiccans, though. Is there any books that you guys/gals might recommend? Also: any times for finding a group of them either at home or at school?
  3. Actually, it's a bass. lol I play upright bass, though I'm fairly small for a bass. I can't properly spread my hands enough to reach the notes in 1/2 and 1st position without shifting my hands slightly.
  4. She's talked about her cube mate many times before, and thus those who've read the previous rants know he's a fundy. What she's complaining about right now might not be a fundy thing, but that doesn't mean he still isn't a fundy, as shown by previous actions.
  5. Honestly, you don't need a religon for morals. I was raised fairly secularly (despite my mom still considering herself Catholic), and I still know the difference between right and wrong, and where the grey areas are.
  6. (hugs) I can certainly empathize with certain parts of your story. I'm single and not looking myself, and want my degree before I start considering it seriously. But it really does hurt at times, especially when I see others my age with someone they care about. It's also annoying when you hang out with good friends hwo have their SO with them... Being the spare tire is no fun.
  7. Now, obviously, in this section the bible's quoted a lot for evidence. However, when the ex-Christians us it, the Christians cry, "Foul!" They claim the quotes are taken out of context and mis-represented. Now, from what I've noticed on the board, most everyone here has read the gosh-darned book and the rest of us can go and look up the passages online to find the context. It's one book and there are several sites that have the whole thing online, free of charge. In contrast, when the topic of Creationism/Evolution comes up and Creationists pull their anti-evolution quotes from their favorite Creationist sites, it's A LOT harder to access the original documents that the quotes are from. There is no easy, free way to get at most of 'em. And in many/most cases, they are taken FAR more out of context than the bible supposedly is. Case in point? On another forum I go to, a thread turned into a Creationist/Evolution debate. A fundie linked to a Creationist site, and even stated that he knew the science-y people there would rip it apart. And so one did, though he came across three quotes that he didn't have the sources for. I took it upon myself to try to look them up on the science databases my university gives access to students and faculty. (You need membership to get on thise online databases.) I managed to find an online text for one of them. The sentance the Creationist quoted was easy enough to find; it was the opening sentance. However, as I read the rest of the article (it was fairly short), I noticed that the entire article was about DISPROVING the opening sentance! Now, what's that about taking quotes out of context?
  8. That's part of what the link I posted (that I got from MrSpooky in another thread) mentions in response to that "debate" point.
  9. Read this and thought it might be a possible explanation as to why there are so many Fundies so deeply against science and its logical reasoning. Just some food for thought.
  10. (headdesks muchly) Oh man... These people are such idiots! Even they are mixing up evolution and abiogenesis and no one's calling them on it!
  11. Flyby Stardancer


    Just some pics...
  12. There's a debate going on over at the Allspark sparked by a posting of an article about offended creationist students wanting to sue their professors for teaching evolution. Here's the thread. Now, on page 3 (on my settings, anyways), Master Fwiffo links to this site, claiming: Now skip ahead to page 10. There we see Mike Miksch's debunking of that creationist page. I even got in on the act, looking up the articles that Mike couldn't find (though I only have one text so far as it was the only one with an HTML full text). Whoops! Looks like the quote I found the article for is completely debunked by the rest of the article! Wheeeee! I didn't even have to do much, outside of finding the article! I noticed Master Fwiffo reading this after I posted mine on the article, but strangely he didn't reply... Now, any comments from both sides of the debate?
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