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  1. Poking about on the internet was the first thing I did! lol The main site I found was wicca.com. Thanks for the link! LOL *adds to her list of things to read* What sometimes throws me is that my first experience with Thor was as a comic character. >_> That's still what I think of first when I hear "Thor", even though I've only read one comic that he's in, and even then he's a fairly minor character... Thanks! *adds* Unfortunately, I'm a poor college student going to a Very Expensive Private University. I'll see if I can get it through the university's library though, once I get back up there. Studying, I've started. The book I'm reading now is Spellcasters by Pauline Bartel... I have some more books at my grandma's house that I got from the public lifestyle. As for college degrees... Already on my way. I'm going to be starting my junior year, and I pretty much started off as a biology major at the university. lol As for moving... Don't know if I'd be able to handle it. I'm a weird dichotomy between a pure-bred city girl who loves nature but can't stand being without some 'convenience' items... For one thing, I suck at camping... Never could handle it. Now, living next to the ocean, that I can do... Yah, good books. But don't forget Ovid's Metamorphoses. It's a wealth of information about Classical mythology. I'd also like to echo Thurisaz' mention of the Poetic Edda. It may be difficult to understand a translation that tries to stay in the original verse form, but I think it's worth the effort, myself. But then, I've always been a fan of poetry in general. Thanks both, for the recommendations! *adds* Is it easier or harder than Shakespeare? I never had a problem understanding his stuff... I almost grabbed one of his books at the library! Only, it was the second book, and I wanted to try to find and read the first book before I got to the second one...
  2. I'm thinking about becoming pagan, and trying to do some research on it... All the books the public library has focus on Wiccans, though. Is there any books that you guys/gals might recommend? Also: any times for finding a group of them either at home or at school?
  3. Actually, it's a bass. lol I play upright bass, though I'm fairly small for a bass. I can't properly spread my hands enough to reach the notes in 1/2 and 1st position without shifting my hands slightly.
  4. Flyby Stardancer

    Wyatt Hall

    From the album: UPS Campus

    Built in response to classroom and proffessor office space being needed as book storage in the library, Wyatt also has a very pretty blown-glass sculpture piece on a window on the far side of the main lobby. A good place for prospective students to meet up and begin their tours on Spring Campus Day. At least, that's where they had us all meet when I came up here on SCD my senior year of high school.
  5. Flyby Stardancer

    Todd Field

    From the album: UPS Campus

    Another view of Todd Field with our newest classroom/proffesor office building in the background, Wyatt.
  6. Flyby Stardancer

    Todd Field

    From the album: UPS Campus

    Todd Field, with the tree grove off to the right side there.
  7. Flyby Stardancer

    Tree Grove

    From the album: UPS Campus

    Just a grove of trees between the Music Building and Todd Field. It has a few winding pathways that go through it. In the background to the right is the Music Building. Way behind the Music Build is Thompson Hall, our science/math hall. Thompson is one of the biggest buildings on campus (says something about all the people that use it!) and it's growing, with the addition of a fourth wing that's supposed to be completed by the time we come back for fall semester.
  8. From the album: UPS Campus

    For the life of me, I can't remember the name of this plaza. And I just found out its name a couple weeks ago! Anyways, it's located right in front of Trimble. The building on the right is Howarth Hall, and way in the background on the left is the Music Building. EDIT: I found out the name! Hooray!
  9. From the album: UPS Campus

    Why I took a picture of Seward alone, I have no clue. I have never stepped foot inside Seward. Regester, on the other hand, I have been in. In fact, I was in Regester my freshman year. I still consider myself a Rege Girl. Regester is the only single-sex (now female, used to be all-male years ago) dorm hall on campus.
  10. From the album: UPS Campus

    From left to right: Seward Hall, Regester Hall, and the Phibbs side of TP Hall. Seward and Regester are connected by a roofed-over breezeway, but they are separate buildings.
  11. From the album: UPS Campus

    A closer look at TP, specifically the Todd side. See how first floor (and garden, to a degree) are short-changed! Our windows are blocked by TREES! WE CAN'T SEE OUT!
  12. From the album: UPS Campus

    Todd is the name given to the section to the right of that center-ish column area, and Phibbs is to the left. It's also where I'm housed this year, and where I'll be next year. The nickname for this hall is TP, and we even make jokes about it! TP is also considered to be the wildest dorm on campus.
  13. From the album: UPS Campus

    Another view of the pathway between them.
  14. From the album: UPS Campus

    Pathway heading east on campus between Trimble and Howarth Halls.
  15. From the album: UPS Campus

    ...And that is the parking lot. I took the pictures because lookit the pretty trees! Especially the one with the dark pink flowers!
  16. From the album: UPS Campus

    This is the turnaround for the parkinglot right next to WSC. Beyond the turnaround is more campus housing in the form of houses.
  17. From the album: UPS Campus

    A closer look of the Rotunda.
  18. From the album: UPS Campus

    From the "front" end.
  19. From the album: UPS Campus

    A view of both Trimble and Howarth Halls together.
  20. From the album: UPS Campus

    A pathway leading up to Trimble Hall. Trimble is the newest of the dorm halls, and it is also the only one to be sectioned off in suites, instead of individual dorm rooms. Trimble (and University) is unavailable to Freshman for housing. Trimble also costs about $4000 more than the other campus housing.
  21. From the album: UPS Campus

    Here you can see more of the cherry trees, as well as the Rotunda part of WSC. WSC is the heart of the campus, because it houses not only the Student Union, but our Diner (cafeteria), the Cellar (a student-run pizzaria/ice cream shop/mini-mart), the Cafe (a student-run coffee house), and the Health and Wellness services.
  22. From the album: UPS Campus

    A somewhat closer look at Wheelock Student Center. The cherry trees in the foreground? There's one planted infront of Wheelock for every Japanese student who had their studies at UPS cut off because the government forced them into internment camps during WWII. These were planted in hopes that no UPS student, or anybody for that matter, would have to go through that again in the US, or any free nation.
  23. From the album: UPS Campus

    Another view of McIntyre Hall, plus the CG Garden+Fountain because they were in the way. The bare tree over on the far left side? That's a silk tree. It will be BEAUTIFUL when it blooms. Maybe it has already and I've missed it...
  24. From the album: UPS Campus

    Another view of it. That's McIntyre Hall in the background.
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