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  1. Ahh good old Kevin. I remember you from the first site years back. Good times, eh? I won't pander to the masses by congradulating you or welcoming you to freedom because things change quickly and we have all seen it go the opposite way on this forum before.
  2. I know those terms are both misused by creationists in a bullshit attempt to create a barrier to prevent speciation.
  3. But aren't all of Hovind's arguments pretty much the main stream creationist arguments?
  4. In reality it should be this: Kinda crude but you get the point .
  5. The Four-Leaf Clover The four-leaf clover is a rare mutation of the common three-leaf clover. It is a common activity for children to look for these and it is considered good luck to find one. People who search for four leafed clovers note that some patches of ground appear more likely to contain four leafed examples and that this may be partly due to differing growing conditions such as pollution, soil composition, and other environmental factors. A countervailing hypothesis is that the varieties themselves are more accustomed and that the mutation may be a phenotype rather than a
  6. Play it, get the money. Thats all its about. Once they get the money its gone.
  7. I'm sick of bullshit arguments for design as if what happened had to happen. Come on people, there are billions of galaxies with billions of stars do you really think that there is something special about ours that allowed life to come about? People seem to forget that life adapts to conditions, not the other way around.
  8. Josalo

    ok question

    Personally, I have a religious scale of stupidity 1-10. The higher on the scale, the stupider. ok, ok, here it is 1--2--3--4--5--6--7--8--9--religion
  9. I enjoy CF because theres a lot of diversity there. Its not all fundy there.
  10. Hubble Completes Eight-Year Effort to Measure Expanding Universe The Hubble Space Telescope Key Project team today announced that it has completed efforts to measure precise distances to far-flung galaxies, an essential ingredient needed to determine the age, size and fate of the universe. The team used the Hubble telescope to observe 19 galaxies out to 108 million light-years. They discovered almost 800 Cepheid variable stars, a special class of pulsating star used for accurate distance measurements. Here is a picture of one of those galaxies. It is the spiral galaxy NGC 4603,
  11. Hubble Goes to the Limit In Search Of Farthest Galaxies Stretching the Hubble telescope's vision farther across space and further back into time than ever before, astronomers have peered into a previously unseen realm of the universe. A "long-exposure" infrared image has uncovered the faintest galaxies ever seen. Astronomers believe some of these galaxies could be the farthest objects ever seen. A powerful new generation of telescopes will be needed to confirm the suspected distances. The picture on the left contains over 300 galaxies, which have spiral, elliptical, and irregular s
  12. I'm curious as to the origin of your user name. I have a pretty good idea about what it refers to. I would simply love to discuss it with you.
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