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    Old hippy chick living outside Washington, D.C. with my Ethiopian fancy man since 1990. Afflicted with MS and a sarcastic sense of humor. Never a fundie, not even much of a former xian. I like my politics and religion liberal/progressive. Just doing my best to piss off the religious right.

    P.S. Thackerie is actually the cat's name. Couldn't think of anything clever the day I joined.

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  1. And he thanks Gawd for the opportunity to spit on your next pizza.
  2. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE ... if you do have children, don't home skool them. America has more than enough burger flippers.
  3. "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." — Sinclair Lewis
  4. Nope. No hate there. Just good, ol' christian lurve as far as the eye can see.
  5. Possibly true. After all, amputation is NOT a disease.
  6. Founding fathers and earlier patriots (e.g., Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine) would be turning over in their graves ... were such things not impossible.
  7. One of these things is not like the others ... Oh yeah. Jesus giving you an everlasting life is total Bull Hockey.
  8. I woke up with muscle spasms that had me screaming and crying for about an hour. Thanks for the MS, god. Just what I needed to hate you ... if I didn't already know that god does not exist.
  9. Sacrilege! As a fan of The Big Bang Theory*, I am deeply offended. * The show AND the scientific theory
  10. I just googled this guy. My head hurts. But he does have an extremely appropriate surname.
  11. And you need to ask Jesus to help you lose about 100 pounds.
  12. That was.... so many different kinds of weird and wrong, I'm at a loss of words. That blog could only have been written by a torture-porn fan.
  13. Just long enough to drown every living thing on Earth except one dirty old man, his incestuous family, and a few lucky animals, right?
  14. Well, obviously. If she agreed to marry him at the first sign of sexual arrousal in either of them and thereafter submitted and did her "wifely duty" without fail, that righteous man would not be led astray into porn. Obviously, it's all the fault of that damned Jezebel.
  15. The US Postal Service has a "dead letter office" for handling non-deliverable crap like this.
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