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  1. If these religious nuts fear being tainted by sitting next to women, then they ought to have to buy an extra ticket so they can sit next to an empty seat. (Jokes about jews being too cheap for that would normally be offensive, but not in the case of religious bigots who deserve every bit of contempt they get.)
  2. If a caterpillar dies, it ain't turning into anything but bug goo.
  3. Ohh, I see that I can now add to the list that you are also a sexist pig. Move along, little Trolly, you're not going to pick up any converts here. He says he's a Christian. Wouldn't it be fun to go to a church full of Pauls? I think I did. Just one of the reasons why I want nothing more to do with these nasty, self-absorbed, judgmental, sexist piggies.
  4. Ohh, I see that I can now add to the list that you are also a sexist pig. Move along, little Trolly, you're not going to pick up any converts here.
  5. Yeah. Just what I thought. Paul IS a liar, starting with the OP, and a worthless waste of time.
  6. Well, you just lost me, Mr. Arrogant Judgmental. Not that I'd believe the god crap, anyway, but I'd have at least listened. Now, I see that you have nothing to say -- other than that you're wholly holy and better than normal people.
  7. I don't know if you're mad. You could just be another low-life liar.
  8. The OP has a point. But, I agree with mymistake (like I usually do), particularly the part I highlighted.
  9. I find any relationship based around a misogynistic system is dommed to fail, and no wonder since so many Christian marriages end up in divorce. We can only hope this poor woman works up enough courage to divorce her rapist. Probably won't happen, though.
  10. My advice is to let the panic attack happen and to try and keep yourself distracted during it by watching a movie or reading a book. Another tidbit would be to research what you're panicking about to let your mind rationalize why you're terrified in the first place. If none of that works, we're here to help and talk to you if needed. Distracting yourself with a comedy (or at least a light-hearted) TV show really does help. Another thing that helped me was making a CD of happy songs to listen to when I felt panic. At the very least, get up and get out of the room (go elsewhere in the h
  11. Where will it go? I have no idea. But, I do know you really don't have a choice and you'll have to find out for yourself because the situation won't give you any rest until you do. It could be fantastic to have a relationship with your brother. But, if it doesn't take, you really won't be any worse off for having tried. Best of luck to you!
  12. Southern culture is not even recognized as a real thing these days. Anything Southern simply equates to "racism" in our, excuse the expression, black and white world. But as Americans we are known for jumping to conclusions and going overboard when reacting to a perceived problem (consider the Red Scare and McCarthyism, the Great Islamic Scare that spawned Homeland Security, and of course the War on Drugs that gets some people years of incarceration for having two joints). I suppose it is possible that some people really do see the confederate flag as a symbol of their culture minus ra
  13. I've "seen" weird stuff, too. Including a "ghost" of a civil war general who tipped his hat at me and then disappeared while I was in a crowded place in the middle of a sunny afternoon. Haven't seen anything weird in years since I stopped believing in the possibility of ghosts, so I now think the weirdies of the past were projections of my own mind, sort of like dreams or hallucinations.
  14. Excellent recommendation! I LOVE that book.
  15. When I was a teen in the 70s, dozens of books about psychic phenonema came out and I ate them up, including books about bigfoot and books by John Keel. Now I realize I was merely contributing to the wealth of clever fiction writers. This stuff HAS been investigated by real researchers and found wanting. I just read a recent article about seven new species of miniature frogs being discovered. If researchers could find these little guys, there should be no problem finding evidence of bigfoots ... IF such existed. P.S. I seriously doubt that the author you quoted actually interviewed any
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