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  1. I hope it's still not too late to respond to this, o well, better late than never I guess. Hiya Not at all, shoot Probably around 21 or so. Well, they didn't find out right away, but they definetly know now. My mother keeps on saying everyone's praying for me to see the light, and I told her the fact that I haven't come back to Christianity nomatter how many are paraying for me to, should show that there's no invisable man answering prayers. That's a very good question. I haven't read it in quite some time, but I suppose the reason I continued to do so, was mostly to get more ammo for my arguments. Muchas gracias amigo. Yea, it was hard to stomach, especially the first few books. Thankyou. Yea it's a whole lot different tackling the bible with an open mind, opposed to one that's shackled in religious taboos. Instead of making excuses for all the BS, I could actually see it for what it was. Gracias. Yea it's kinda like turning the gun against a burglar. Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone. I was a Christian for some 14 years of my life, not a devout one, but a Christian nontheless. I never even read the entire bible at that time. I believed that the bible was the inerrant word of God. I thought I was a bad person destined for eternal hellfire because I did not want to attend church every Sunday, usually my mother really had to coax me to go. I only was familiar with the passages that my preacher spoonfed me. It wasn't until I became of age, that I refused to go to church, and I actually sat down to read the entire bible to see what Christianity was all cracked up to be. To my astonishment, the bible was filled with absurdities, misconceptions, intolerance, and flat-out lies. I could not believe that the church pulled the wull over my eyes for all those years. Shortly after, I became a skeptical Christian, still believing in God, just not the bible, then I became an agnostic, now I'm a full-blown atheist. I continue to read from the bible to this day.
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