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    I've enjoyed reading articles and posts on this site for some time now. I've actually been an ex-christian for many years. I hope to have something worthwhile to contribute. This is truly a marvelous website.

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  1. Greetings, gyspy, welcome to the Ex-Christian net. It's good to hear your ex-timoney. I'm another ex-southern baptist, many years ago, and I can certainly relate. Once you've reached that point of concluding that christianity is bogus, that its purports are not realistic, and that life is real but without gods or saviors as they've been portrayed to you by the baptist (or any other) denomination, life takes on a new and richer dimension. You are at that point, and I congratulate you on your graduation. Going forward, whether you choose to identify yourself as an atheist, an agnostic, a deist, a pagan, or some other alternative view, you'll always find an accepting and non-judgmental group here where you can talk about such things. Be free, enjoy the site. The rest of us certainly do...
  2. I saw your testimony in this forum, Myers, but if you want to launch a thread, I think you need to be more specific. You need to ask some specific questions, or posit some statements for comment from the membership here. If you're interested in that kind of dialogue in the "testimonies" division of our site, go ahead. Otherwise, consider posting your issues in places like the Lions Den, or elsewhere, wherever you think it belongs. We are ex-christians, and we can be a resource for you if that is where you think you belong. You decide, and come on board accordingly. We are here for you, if you believe you belong with us.
  3. Welcome, indeed, friend... There is nothing to be feared. I grew up with that very same "fear", and I can tell you that it is no more a "real" fear than that of the boogeyman under your bed at night when you were a little kid. Here on the ex-christian site, you'll see a wide variety of people who've left christianity for a variety of reasons, all of them valid. I became a believer, originally, for the very same reasons you did. But I ceased to be a believer because of simple reason and common sense. That was DECADES ago. As an ex-christian, and one who for years has simply lived life for what it is, I can say to you, welcome to reality...welcome to real living, for all its joys, and all of its miseries...It's a mosaic of reality we have to deal with in the here and now, with the powers of interpretation that we have...and it's just fine that way. Welcome...
  4. Hello, and a hearty Welcome to you, Mysteries Child.... Thanks for posting your story. Rest assured, there are people here who can very definitely connect with your feelings, on the most basic of human levels. We have all been there, in what ever time frame. in what ever donomination, in what ever age group. You are among your peers. Don't ever forget that. I think that your descriptive of Christian Ritual Abuse is very a-propos. What I have observed from previous threads here is that it is the Christians' stated INTENTION to harnass the young, rope them into the Christian "meme" on pain of eternal horror, unless they dedicate themselves to the institutionalized "dedication" to the vague "LORD" and his "church", (as defined by the authority of 'the Church' itself). You are definitely in the right place. You are among people who think. We are the people who make Christians shiver...
  5. Blessings to you, Ruby, and congratulations on your completions of your studies! Truly, you have hit a milestone of life, and crossed over it with honors...in many ways, knowing your tenure and the nature of your postings here on Ex-C.net. Joy to you, friend, you deserve to relax in the afterglow of what you have accomplished. May you feel strength and confidence in the challenges that are yet to come.. As always, your friend, "Piprus"...
  6. Welcome, alpha centauri... Kick back., relax...glad you're here.
  7. How on earth would you be harming them? I can't think of anything better than encouraging them to question and share their questions with you, and responding with honest answers. Then, when the evangelistas approach them, as they certainly will, your kids will know to respond with rational skepticism.
  8. Welcome, Vendredie, It's always good to read the extimony of a young person who's thinking. We are happy to hear the stories of teens who've made the jump away from the fundy mindset. Congratulations. And I agree with the others. Think for yourself, define your beliefs or lack of them as it suits your view. There's lots of reading here and elsewhere to help you on your way, and don't be shy...jump in any time.
  9. So true, so very true... If we could just simply perceive life, and the experience thereof, as a journey. Something to be grasped, manipulated, and developed and nurtured to its highest possible level, for the benefit not of ourselves but for those who are in the thread of life behind us....what a beautiful concept...that is one of the very few things that I am willing to utter..."Amen".
  10. That's a rant from the heart, Kirangel, thanks for posting it. From my perspective, all that I can say is...nope, the "devil" didn't do anything, because the "devil" doesn't exist. Although I don't believe any gods exist, in the usual sense of the word, if there's a "creator", such an entity is beyond our everyday lives or level of understanding, and is not involved. That brings us to an interpretation of life as simply "it is what it is". We do the best we can, be the best we can be to those in our circle of family, friends, and acquaintences, and be it as it may. "Fucking Life" is not the way to end the post, Kirangel...better to end by saying, "I'll probably be here tomorrow, and I'll move to make it better." You can only do so much...you can do no more than your best, and you damn sure can't fix all the problems people have. So pull your own load, be a positive force for others, and let the rest be...
  11. Welcome, Bobby... Interesting testimony. Too bad you were catholic and missed out on all the hellfire-and-brimstone of fundieism. And rest assured, you wouldn't have gotten the same kind of response from a baptist minister that you got from the priest on the faith issue. He would not have respected your feelings and would have told you in no uncertain terms that the bible is all the proof you need, and all you will get. Anyway...glad you're here. Enjoy the community.
  12. Welcome, william...glad you posted your testimony. I completely agree with you that it serves no purpose to provoke christians for the sole purpose of mixing it up with them. I don't try to evangelize for atheism, but if the subject comes up in conversation I'm able and willing to defend my position of simple non-belief. In the end the xian nearly always has to invoke Pascal's wager or some variant of it, or at the least terminates by saying "I'll pray for you". (Go ahead...knock yourself out) Greetings to a fellow "positive" atheist. Hope you enjoy the group here at ex-christian.
  13. Welcome to the site, shark. Sounds like you're well on the road to personal growth and dealing with the emotional baggage of your youth. Best wishes to you. I believe xianity is by its very nature abusive. It certainly lends itself to acts of abuse, both physical and emotional.
  14. The OP relayed by Dave has elicited some poignant responses from 4truth and soor. Based on those replies, I can say congratulations on your thinking. Especially to Soor: Is it really so bad, if this is all there is? Consider: A baseball game is nine innings. Your object is to play the best you can in those nine innings. When it's over, it's over. If you played the best you could, whether your team won or lost, it doesn't matter to you personally. The game is over after nine innings. If you've done the best you could, there is nothing more to say. You can leave the game knowing that you played it to the max. That is life. And it is not depressing at all, if you focus not on the endpoint, but what happens on the journey. Think on that.
  15. Welcome, IvyLane. I too read your whole testimony, and I can certaily relate, especially to the BANG! of realizing that there was no longer a basis to believe. Congratulations to you on your acceptance of that, and I wish you peace and happiness in your participation in the site. And just an added note about your post re: evidence for the exodus. There isn't any. Even many conservative jewish historians now are suggesting that the exodus is a folk tale, without any credible historical or archaelogical evidence to support it.
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