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  1. It wasn't at church, but the pastor from a church, that my mom goes to, came in to my work and told me that I was going to hell. He said I was going to hell for living with a female friend. This is about 12 years ago when I was still in high school and we had moved in together with another friend due to a bad situation at each of our houses. She had her own room and my best friend and I shared the other bedroom, so everything was completly legit. I never really believed, but I was appalled he and many others in our small town thought that it would be better for her to live with an abu
  2. I really enjoyed reading this. There are some good points in here about the different denominations. I always find it interesting that some denominations call others "cults" or say that they are not "real Christians", but when it comes to arguing with a nontheist they want to claim the numbers of ALL denominations to claim that 1/3 of the world is Christian. Why do they get to separate from the group when it is convenient, but then claim the large numbers for other arguments? GreenXero
  3. Some people seem to use "god" as the answer for anything they don't know. That has always bothered me. It almost seems like there is no reason to even go to school. How did the universe come to be? Answer - god Where did man come from? Answer - god What is the square root of 487243987? Answer - god In my mind all three of those answers are equal. They seem more like a lazy way to answer it without really trying to find out the truth.
  4. Wow, I like that quote. That is kind of how I thought about god, but I couldn't quite put it in to words like that.
  5. My wife is the psychology person, but I remember watching a show on numbers. Basically if you are looking for a number you tend to find it. If you changed the number you were looking for then you might be surprised at how often that came up. Our minds are interesting in the way they remember things. You may be forgetting all the times you opened your mail and had a totally unrelated number of emails. The other day I was trying to estimate how much I billed on average, just out of my head. I was putting in numbers like 850, 450, 330, 270, 1090, on and on, just thinking about the work
  6. Sorry I edited my post during your post I suppose. It could easily be red more than 50% of the time. Most lights that I have sat at are red a longer amount of time than they are green. It would be based upon the amount of time that the light is red verses the amount of time the light is green. Any light that has turn lanes will be red even longer due to the turn lanes having to go. I a msure there are people here that would do better at the math than I, but rough guess of a large intersection would be. red light 1.5 minutes green 30 seconds yellow 5 seconds I throw out the yel
  7. Actually the red lights are not going to be an even 33% The lights are often timed to the traffic flow in certain directions. If you are going against the normal heavy flow of traffic or crossing these streets the lights might stay red longer and you will be more likely to hit a red light. If the light stays red for a minute green for a minute and yellow for a minute then you would be correct on 1/3 chance of hitting red. But, no light stays yellow for more than a few seconds, so that destroys your equation. you would be closer to 1/2 chance of red. If the light stays red for 1.5 minutes
  8. I have read some posts about the deconversion process and it seems that there are certain stages where people are more focused on religion. Maybe you have gotten far enough through your deconversion that you are mostly over it and it is no longer a big deal. In my experience, I was very angry at being lied to and needed to vent(to my wife) about how I felt. We both went through stages where we talked about religion and almost nothing else for quite a while. I never really was a Christian, but I get a lot of insight here on how to deal with family and friends who are Christians.
  9. Agree. I think this is one of the most common reasons for disbelief. I need a reason to believe something and there are no solid reasons for me to believe there is a god. It is like me asking why you don't believe in giant fire breathing dragons.
  10. I can already see that this will be a never ending thing, so there is no way to prove that someone is a true nonbeliever to you. No matter what we do you will keep saying that is not enough. Just like many Christians will keep moving the goal posts and say that another person was not a "True Christian". I suppose for me to prove to you that I don't believe I will have to go into a church and do something that breaks the law. When that doesn't work you will have a new test. The problem with this is, I can keep doing tests and they cankeep failing until one day I die of old age. Once I die
  11. well who do you think i am? an internet christian troll? If you agree with what I say then I'm with the good guys. LOL This may not be a relic but if you don't think it has any special power, I dare you to go to any church with a big hanging cross of jesus and go up to it and try to touch his feet....do report your finding because I think that is a scary thing to do...oh even if you/I/we don't believe in such a thing, I sure don't want to mess around with it and have spirits coming after me with voodoo and shit. If you don't believe then nothing can stop you right? Make it a test
  12. Actually, chances are if the person is not healed they will just say it was "God's will" or "God works in mysterious ways" and keep on believing. The power of the mind to can be very amazing. This is why many of us here do not want to argue with a theist. Many theists will just come up with random reasons for their faith when pushed into a corner. You can't have a rational conversation with someone who will go to extremes to decieve themselves. GreenXero
  13. You can see how Americans view science when you watch shows like "Beauty and the Geek". The geeks have to teach these girls about stuff that they should have already learned in school. The girls have to teach the guys about fashion and other relatively worthless stuff.(don't get me wrong I like to dress nice, but science and knowledge should be more important) It almost seems as though the whole show is based on look how sad these geeks are because they don't know who designed that dress. In reality people should be appalled at how little the women on the show know. GreenXero
  14. Some times I think we, as humans, have made ourselves very weak by using our "greater intellect" to temporarily correct our own defects. All of these temporary fixes will keep us from dying, but it doesn't correct the problems we have and may end up making humans very weak by passing these defects to our kids/grandkids/etc. We survive due to our "greater intellect", but I suspect we drag along a lot of morons that pee the gene pool. **Random thoughts while at work may not be completely coherent, sorry** Green
  15. A different variation for the faith side .....Start .......| Get an idea ........| does the bible support? | .............................. | no..............................yes | ................................ | Back to start ................GOD Did it - call it fact (because theories are just guesses) Sorry it looks so goofy it doesn't let me put tabs or spaces in. Trying to make a quick joke and ruined I guess.
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