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    Hello,,,,I need you to listen. Help me get out of this! Convince me religion is bullshit!!!

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  1. After being the good catholic most of my life, they NEVER placed emphasis on the babble. Now I know why. All the good bible (babble) scholars on exchristian have shown me that its just plain bad fictional writing. In the church, you are taught to place blind faith in them and confession and sacraments or suffer the consequences of everlasting fuckin fires of hell! They never stressed the babble. As the fundies would say, "praise jebus" that I have broken free from the constraints and self humiliation of religion.
  2. She should be congratulated for breaking free! It took me a fifetime to do and my ocd traits stopped immediately when I gave up the perverted mind control of religion. When I have to attend and participate out of social obligation I just say "fuck it all" to myself. What a powerful step of self affirmation for me. Good luck Scarlet!
  3. Interesting video. I personally believe god notions/jezzus and religion is all bullshit. Any gods? Show me one. Any prayers answered? Not in my lifetime. Thanks
  4. I believe I am a more morally upright, newly discovered atheist than most xtians I know. Its so relieving to expose and live the xtian, religion concept for the total garbage it is!
  5. I am the EXACT SAME EXCATHOLIC who struggled with confession as you. I am proud to say now I have no gods! I can go to church (out of family necessity sometimes) receive communion and not give a fuckin shit about it! What a revelation! The more I practice my anti god,anti church sentiments the better I feel. I just wish I woke up sooner. Fuckin religion tormented me all my life. No more.
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