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    Sculpting, cooking, anime and manga, video games, photography (mainly taking nature photos), music, hiking, animals, reading (fiction mostly), and movies.
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    I'm a genderqueer, pansexual freethinker. I'm a bit bitter about the past, what with the time wasted and damage done by being a christian and stress of it all, but that doesn't mean I can't crack a joke or two now and then. What else...I usually like my alone time, am happiest when listening to music or hiking through the mountains, dislike (putting it lightly) bigotry, am fairly open-minded*, and have enough books, games, movies, and what not in my closet to create an avalanche.

    *My exception is fundamentalist religion- try to feed me your BS, and I will feed you to my plush raven.

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  1. What a fucking load of crap! I was suicidal when I was younger, so I know how awful it can be. Now all the so-called "pro-lifers" will be screaming for her blood, and I honestly won't be suprised if she does succeed in the next suicide attempt. Terrible...
  2. A massive no to marrying in a church and having anything to do with christianity involved. I don't need misogyny ruining a special event.
  3. What Killed Your Faith For Good?

    It was one thing after another, but what really helped me break free was going to the university. I frequently visited the library there and began reading about things like evolution, philosophy, mythology, arguments against christianity, etc. At the same time I searched for info online (this site being one of them). All of that showed me what a load of appalling lies the bible is, and now I'm a freethinker .
  4. Here's To You, Ex-christians....

    Thanks ficino
  5. Here's To You, Ex-christians....

    Sometimes you have to tumble their house of cards- I wish I had, but I was too afraid. My sister is now constantly afraid of demons causing anxiety and illness (despite the fact that I told her that she has a poor diet). My nephew, once kind and loving, is now an arrogant, hateful bigot. I could try talking with them, but now I think it would be pointless. They're so stubborn and egotistical. I've thrown out "hints"- pointing out different things about Christianity that are wrong, and I just get the same excuses that other Christians make. As for my mom, I feel more comfortable talking to her, but I can't. Her health isn't that great, and I'm afraid that if I tell her about me no longer being a Christian, she'll have a heart attack (she currently takes meds for this). That is how I feel. Thank you . I'm also glad that I came across this place. This website has helped me so much when I was breaking away from Christianity and continues to encourage me.
  6. Phases Of Deconversion

    Phase 4 pops up regularly for me. I get pissed off by the arrogance and hyprocrisy of Christians who love to smear anyone who isn't a part of their group. Not to mention how they constantly try to control everyone's lives...It's even more aggravating when you have family members like this >_> . As for missing I'm more than thrilled that I broke away from that addiction. I only wished that it had happened sooner.