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    Buy-bull belt, ugh
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    Sculpting, cooking, anime and manga, video games, photography (mainly taking nature photos), music, hiking, animals, reading (fiction mostly), and movies.
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    I'm a genderqueer, pansexual freethinker. I'm a bit bitter about the past, what with the time wasted and damage done by being a christian and stress of it all, but that doesn't mean I can't crack a joke or two now and then. What else...I usually like my alone time, am happiest when listening to music or hiking through the mountains, dislike (putting it lightly) bigotry, am fairly open-minded*, and have enough books, games, movies, and what not in my closet to create an avalanche.

    *My exception is fundamentalist religion- try to feed me your BS, and I will feed you to my plush raven.

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    Not of any religion
  1. It was one thing after another, but what really helped me break free was going to the university. I frequently visited the library there and began reading about things like evolution, philosophy, mythology, arguments against christianity, etc. At the same time I searched for info online (this site being one of them). All of that showed me what a load of appalling lies the bible is, and now I'm a freethinker .
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