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  1. Whatever is something that exists does likewise as the someone's thoughts process of whatever that is streaming through their brain.
  2. That was a beautifully brilliant post Zomberina, telling how the fifties and its fellow decades actually was compared to the much vaunted televisual American fifties, the playground of Lucille Ball, June Cleaver and Andy Griffiths. It's true that the 30s to the 60s in America and its allies were grim, tough but soft hearted in some quarters such as in the underground culture of homophiles who had to learn from much stigmatised political parties and various activists such as Barbara Gittings (who I admire - Wikipedia her please) and Frank Kameny (ditto); the black people who had to endure terrible racial slurs in the streets, they had to stay in the unofficial ghettos probably to this day but altered as living in poor neighbourhoods such as that of Detroit or slummy social housing (which is meekly called 'the projects' in some places) not dissimilar to how the Jews lived before the Nazis embarked on their despicable holocaust; and the disabled people were across many Anglo-American (and associated) nations forced to live in institutions and even forced to endure sterilisation and institutional abuse in the name of eugenics which were later copied by the Nazis who admired the initiative the Americans and Europeans were taking. These histories are rather ugly and I agree with you that we should not hide these ugly histories so we can force ourselves to go into even uglier futures. The fundamentalist Christian, I agree are being deluded and sometimes bigoted about how they see history. Congratulations, Zomberina!
  3. Happy 6th month. Now... Let us yawn in celebration.
  4. *Shrugs* What does it matter which is the more moral person, A1? It depends on the person and how the person reacts. Until you are in this situation, how can you assume that you will act morally if in this situation? In this situation, you are an individual, you do not represent your philosophy or religion and you are on your own or with friends. So it means nothing in the end for the impact upon your beliefs, philosophically speaking.
  5. Fantastic thread, Free! People, be sure to copy and paste some of the names into Google from the list Overcame Faith linked. There's some interesting stuff on them in Wikipedia. Start with Gorgias which is the oldest Greek philosopher on the list. You'll learn something about nihilism and golden statues.
  6. A positive piece of news: I'm moving out! :D

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    2. Helvetios


      Yaaaaay! I hope that goes well :)

    3. Falloutdude
    4. Onyx


      Yes Penguin, it is in positive circumstances. 4 years of waiting! :D

  7. Thank you veddy much! You have been a wonderful audience!
  8. Hi everybody, I think feminism is a good idea. It is a corrective to any misogyny going on in this world, ranging from a boss who does not pay women the same wage as the men, to the stoning of women in some countries down to the less violent but no less infuriating scenarios of boys thinking other boys as throwing like a girl and guys thinking a woman is unable to fix a car's engine. It is a good tool for liberating females and males from stereotypes and roles enforced upon them by sexist/homophobic (and other prejudices related to sex and gender) people in power and othewise enforcers of that exercised power. Feminism when used in that manner is a great, even unimaginably liberating thing. However, if it is used by people that think they should replicate the patterns of powerful misogynist people upon their subjects, but with women in the place of the powerful misogynist people, it is a terrible and tragic thing. Anybody who advocates that kind of 'feminism' is not my friend and is harming the fight for a less oppressive culture, much less the world. It will not liberate whoever it is supposed to liberate, it will not help the women and men it is supposed to help. It does not mean you should replicate oppression. To be a feminist is to help ourselves and others to live a life where you cannot suffer a disadvantage just because you have a vagina or penis and just because you are a woman/men who appears and act different to other women/men.Feminism applies to trans people and queer people. It applies to the most marginalised groups such as the homeless and the disabled people. It applies to everybody who is hurt by these oppressors who hurt by denying them from living the life they are meant to be living and denying them the ability to fulfil their utmost potentialities. So, if used to its full potential, feminism along with anti-homophobia, anti-racism and anti-any social prejudice, will help to make a better place for us all and help us to realise a life where we can dress and act however we like and nobody would laugh at you and we then can go around in dignity.
  9. Is deconstruction of political romanticism appropriate for a novel?
  10. My politics went from simply right wing to very left with some leanings to communism and aspects of anarchist theory. Even though I knew I was gay, I hated gay people in order to protect myself. Now I do not care anymore. That's a prime example of my politics. It's liberating to know that I can say gay is good and I don't have to be afraid. All of my politics are a result of my personal experiences. The funny thing, for the longest time I was unaware that I was pretty left of many people. What I took for granted that many people thought, for example, that free tertiary education was a human right. It was a shock to see people saying otherwise and it was certainly an education. Not a lovely one but enlightening. I've said things like that before I found useful labels for my political thoughts and people stared at me as if I've grown a thousand appendages. Since then, I do not talk with people about politics in real life untill they are receptive to discussing it. All of this went in tandem with my deconversion. As I get more secular, I get more firm in my political thought. I'm going more leftward as time goes on rather than being more rightward. If you wanted to meet a more conservative me, I'm afraid you would have to travel back in time to do that. So yes, deconversion has played a philosophical part in my political thought.
  11. If that does not create political radicals such as socialists and anarchists, I would be surprised. Things like that is just egregious. Thank you, David Cameron, for being such a slimy munt.
  12. Enough, Labour. I will not consider voting for this party anymore again. Ever. I'm sick of holding out hope for a party that will never change or change the country for the better. You have backstabbed people and parties that wants actual positive change one too many times.

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    2. ficino


      You can at least vote against candidates who push religion. I don't know if you have them in NZ.

    3. ficino


      CC: No! The fundies vote. Secular people have to vote too or just cede control to religionists.


    4. Onyx


      The Greens sounds good. Labour killed the party I voted for so, I will have to make do.

  13. Not just a writer, mathematician, Anglican cleric, photographer, and artist but also a possible child molester. Now I'm regretting having referenced the book. I intended my comment to be a light hearted one joking about a tedious fundie Christian poster. Oh well. Live and learn. It's too bad because Alice in Wonderland was a masterful novel. Anyhow, OC's argumentation is indeed like Mad Hatter's. How can anybody try to disrupt things that much with less sense?
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