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  1. Whatever is something that exists does likewise as the someone's thoughts process of whatever that is streaming through their brain.
  2. That was a beautifully brilliant post Zomberina, telling how the fifties and its fellow decades actually was compared to the much vaunted televisual American fifties, the playground of Lucille Ball, June Cleaver and Andy Griffiths. It's true that the 30s to the 60s in America and its allies were grim, tough but soft hearted in some quarters such as in the underground culture of homophiles who had to learn from much stigmatised political parties and various activists such as Barbara Gittings (who I admire - Wikipedia her please) and Frank Kameny (ditto); the black people who had to endure terrible racial slurs in the streets, they had to stay in the unofficial ghettos probably to this day but altered as living in poor neighbourhoods such as that of Detroit or slummy social housing (which is meekly called 'the projects' in some places) not dissimilar to how the Jews lived before the Nazis embarked on their despicable holocaust; and the disabled people were across many Anglo-American (and associated) nations forced to live in institutions and even forced to endure sterilisation and institutional abuse in the name of eugenics which were later copied by the Nazis who admired the initiative the Americans and Europeans were taking. These histories are rather ugly and I agree with you that we should not hide these ugly histories so we can force ourselves to go into even uglier futures. The fundamentalist Christian, I agree are being deluded and sometimes bigoted about how they see history. Congratulations, Zomberina!
  3. Happy 6th month. Now... Let us yawn in celebration.
  4. A positive piece of news: I'm moving out! :D

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Helvetios


      Yaaaaay! I hope that goes well :)

    3. Falloutdude
    4. Onyx


      Yes Penguin, it is in positive circumstances. 4 years of waiting! :D

  5. Thank you veddy much! You have been a wonderful audience!
  6. Is deconstruction of political romanticism appropriate for a novel?
  7. Enough, Labour. I will not consider voting for this party anymore again. Ever. I'm sick of holding out hope for a party that will never change or change the country for the better. You have backstabbed people and parties that wants actual positive change one too many times.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ficino


      You can at least vote against candidates who push religion. I don't know if you have them in NZ.

    3. ficino


      CC: No! The fundies vote. Secular people have to vote too or just cede control to religionists.


    4. Onyx


      The Greens sounds good. Labour killed the party I voted for so, I will have to make do.

  8. Back - and I have made a big decision.

  9. Taking a hiatus from ExC and chat. See you later in three days. Have a good day!

    1. Deidre


      hope everything is ok. hugs

    2. Falloutdude


      Ditto what Dee said, hope everything's alright, and we'll miss you.

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