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  1. FYI, it's part of christian doctrine that christians marry only other christians. This is based on the interpretation of a verse in the bible that says something like "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers" (2 Corinthians 6:14). I've never known catholics to be this "pushy" in getting someone to church unless they were pretty serious about their faith (I grew up a "traditional" catholic). I think she's trying to get you to come to church so you can be converted to her brand of catholicism so that she can be "yoked" together with you as a like minded believer. This may be a good thing, based on what I've heard about catholic girls...
  2. I have no idea what you are talking about, so... Welcome aboard Zetetic.
  3. Oladotun, welcome. I have come to see Christianity as a spiritual kindergarten. The difference between this and other kindergartens is that they don't want you to graduate to first class and beyond. Perhaps they are like the church Paul describes in 1 Cor 3:1,2ff, feeding themselves only on milk, not meat, like you seem to be ready for and craving. You are travelling a well worn path. Your doubts, questions and issues are very similar to my own and I'm sure many others. For example: Pornography. Since getting to know many non-Christians I have discovered that everyone looks at pornography, even women, not just “weak” Christians being tempted by the devil like they want you to believe. Well adjusted, easy going, hard working normal, married and single folk look at porn, without the guilt and with out it disturbing their lives. We even look at it at work. The key is to look at it only in situations where you're sure you won't get caught. But an even bigger key is this: everything in moderation. I'll bet that even the pastors and mentors who are counselling you have a secret stash of porn hidden away somewhere, which is why they can only give you the empty, pat answers. The confusion you feel is normal, so if you can, try not to worry about it. It's also a tool used by Christianity to “keep you in the fold” and to try to dissuade you from asking these important questions, because being confused is uncomfortable, according to them. But as you'll discover if you keep on this worthy path, the answers in the real world aren't as black and white as the Christians would like you to believe. The answers are in fact much more interesting and complete, and you;ll probably start to enjoy and embrace the grey areas too. I've read some Yancey (Disappointment with God, Jesus I Never Knew), but I found that he didn't go “far enough” with his thoughts, arguments, etc. Perhaps he didn't want to alienate his target market. I found better answers in the writings of Spong (Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism), Jack Miles (God: A Biography, Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God) and, of course Dawkins (The Blind Watchmaker) and Darwin himself, among others. Apologies for the long post, but your original post has made for some fascinating discussion. I hope you stick around.
  4. Hi Amelia. Thanks for sharing. And I'm glad to hear of your post-christian successes. May they continue. This is a clear demonstration of just how fundamentally and pathologically evil christianity is.
  5. Hi Dakota. Thanks for sharing your story. It seems to be an all to familiar one around here. I think most people experience anger at some point of their ex-c experience. I certainly did, and still do, but to a lesser extent. I'm even angry with your experience! This is understandable. You were lured in with horse rides, only to be told you were a sinner, etc... then they tried to take control your sex life - your own body! And then you discovered it was a sham a scam and a lie. Indeed, the church took half your life away, and you aint ever going to get it back. Of course you're angry. As I'm continually discovering, talking and writing about these things is a great way to get that anger out, assist you in and prepare you for fulfilling your true potential as a human being. Welcome.
  6. Fantastic story Rob. Your mother's reaction was priceless. Your cousin Jerry's actions remind me of when I was at my most fundamentalist. I was offended by all kinds of stuff, and l let people know it too. What a burden I must have been on them. Yechh..!! Eventually I wondered, if God is on my side, why aren't I "strong" enough to cope with this "defeated" world? If I have the Power of God with me or in me or whatever, shouldn't these attempts by the world to "get" me be like water of a duck's back? And why am I, the super christian, such a burden on these people who, despite not knowing god, seem so level headed and happy with their lives, and I, "knower of thruth", were not? I finally figured out, just like you, that IT ISN'T WORTH SHIT! Welcome to ex-c.
  7. Welcome to Ex-c, Mintpoppet, and welcome to Australia. And thanks for sharing your story too.
  8. In other words, you don't know the scriptures that back up your original claim. Not only that, you don't even know if such scriptures exist. Not only that but you don't want to know, for fear that it may cause you to question the dogmatic religous world view you have built up around yourself and labelled a "relationship". The fact that you're only too willing to quote scriptures in an attempt to prove other points in this thread nullifies the lame excuse you provided in the quoted paragraph above.
  9. What you are saying is that I was deceived into believing I was a christian. I opened my heart to Jesus and allowed him into my life like the christians said I should. I asked him to be my Lord and Saviour just like you christians said I should. I confessed that I was a sinner to Him, just like you christians said I should. I accepted His grace, just like you christians said I should. I truly believed, with all my heard, mind, soul and strength, that I was saved. I had faith. I practised faith. I shared my faith. I did all those things the christians told me that God wanted me to do. I prayed to God, or what I was taught to believe was God, regularly, daily, hourly. I went to church weekly and bible study / home group / whatever. . I made all kinds of sacrifices in my life in order to try to be obedient to Him, giving up well paying jobs, rewarding relationships, and a stable lifestyle in order to try to determine and follow his will and be an effective disciple in doing the work I believed he had set me to do. I did the kinds of things that would make you ashamed of what you call your lazy "faith". I was prepared to DIE for my God. And you come in here and tell me it was all for nothing? ...that I was just pretending? To use your own apologetic line: why would I make all those sacrifices for a lie? Let me repeat: why would I make all those sacrifices for a lie? The only answer I can find, the only conclusion that I can draw, the only answer that makes sense, is that I was deceived. DECEIVED! Deceived into believing I was a christian. Deceived into believing I had faith. Deceived into believing I was saved by his grace. Decieved into believing the Holy Spirit was in me, and writing God's holy law on my heart. I was deceived by "christians" just like yourself, who claim to know oh so much but by making such claims, simply show to the world how much they DON'T know. And you have the audacity to come in here and claim to know and judge weather or not I was a christian? The fact that you are so lazy that you can't be even bothered to quote the scriptures that back up the claims you made in your first paragraph about what type of christians and non christians there are in the world suggests, betrays the fact, not only that you haven't got a clue about your bible or your faith, but that you don't even want to know. You are just repeating the same ignorant bullshit that some other "christian" who is just as lazy and judgemental as you are told you at church or bible study at some point in the past. The only person you are deceiving in this thread is yourself. And if you wish to keep deceiving yourself, please do it elsewhere, without burdening us with your ignorant, appalling and offensive insults.
  10. When I read "The Jesus I Never Knew", I remember thinking, 'Jeez Phillip you're only half way there. Your punches are really light-weight. Tell them the whole truth'. But then I remembered who Yancey's target market was, namely, 'milk-fed' christians who think Yancey's writings are "on the edge" and "challenging", and to tell them the whole truth about Jesus would simply alienate them, and cause Yancey to join all the other authors who have had their writings put on the Christian "do not read" list, and then he'd have to find another way to make a living.
  11. The Lord has healed me!!!!! Yes that's right folks. I've been touched by the healing hands of God. GLORY!!!! Praise the Lord. Bless the Lord. Amen. Amen. Not. No. My "healing" came about by sacrificing 2 months pay, all my sick leave and all my annual leave, to spend hundreds of dollars travelling back to the mainland and my family to spend further hundreds of dollars to be treated by a physiotherapist who knows all about physiotherapy - one whom I have used before. She did well, restoring my back to what I would call 95%. Since then, and my return home, I've been seeing the local chiropractor. Man I wish I wasn't so skeptical, or should that be afraid, of chiropractors to start with. My back is now 99.5% better. As an added bonus, the receptionist, who is also the chiro's daughter, is HOT. I've been going to the gym to workout and swim (physiotherapist's orders). I've discovered that gymnasia are handy, because of the general nature of gymnasia, being indoors, you can do excercise without getting rained on or blown away in bad weather, like what we're having now. It was good to catch up with The Family (ie uncles & aunts & families) after nearly 5 years of self imposed exile. My mother probably spent those years praying and begging for God to reunite her son with her husband. Then, when I arrived at an aunt's place to stay, my mother, acting under the Holy Spirit, betrayed my trust and told her husband that I was back in town. So he drives out of his way between work and home past the house where I'm staying, and sees me sitting on the front porch. So he stops, get's out of the ute, and comes over to see me. By this stage i was ready to run away, but my aunt, who was sitting with me, tells me to just stay put, so I do. My father approaches, climbs the stairs, we hug, Italian family style. Too many confusing emotions. Always on the edge. Ready to run. Ready to fight. Anyway, I could sense a change in him. He certainly wasn't taking me for granted any more. He was on his best behaviour. I reckon he knew that if he screwed it up this time, he would never see me again. I reckon mother would have gone back to her church that sunday and told everyone of the wonderful thing God had done in reuniting her son with her husband. If I could respond to this it would be in this way: At what cost? What did it cost her? 10 seconds of prayer every now and then? What did it cost me? 8 months of unmitigated pain? Hundreds of dollars on incompetent (non) professionals? Thousands of dollars lost in lost income? Paying rent on a flat I'm not living in for 2 months? Immessurable cost in lost experience, lost social life, lost life? I love my mother, but sometimes... Anyway, that allowed me to catch up with his brothers + sisters + their families (ie, uncles, aunts + cousins). Man it was good to catch up + see what had changed and what hadn't. Mostly mostly waistlines really... (lol). All my baby cousins have grown up! (and some are quite teh hotne550rz?!?! Make good gf/bf for others I suppose). I caught up with a friend in Melbourne on the way back home. I also made some new ones, I think, including a reasonably hot, and intelligent, chick! Went for a Sat morning ride down Beach Road for old times sake. Everytime I goto or pass through Melb. lately, it just gets better and better. Went to NZ for easter weekend. Needed to get away. Didn't get everything done/go everywhere I wanted to. Not enough time. Still, worth every cent. I think I'm catching the travel bug. I've now been considering my options for the future. Needless to say, the future has never looked so good.
  12. (I heard this on Billy Connolly's World Tour of New Zealand tonight) This guy had invented a Diet Holy Communion. He called it "I Can't Believe it's not Jesus."
  13. An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar. The bartenter asks them "Is this some kind of joke?" ----- A piece of string walked into a bar and asked the bartender for a drink. The bartender responded, "We don't serve pieces of string here." The next day, the piece of string went back to the bar and asked for a drink. Again the bartender responded "I already told you, we don't serve pieces of string here!" The next day, as the piece of string approached the bar, he suddenly had an idea. He looped himself around so he had a knot in his middle, then he frayed out his top and bottom ends. Then he went into the bar and asked for a drink. The bartender was unsure of what he saw and asked. "Are you a piece of string?" To which the string replied "No. I'm a frayed knot."
  14. I unfortunately received this holy salvation meme once. I hosted this toxic parasite for over 10 years. Even though I finally got rid of it a few years ago, I'm still recovering from its effects. Not the least of which it significantly hindered my ability to spread my genes.
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