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  1. One thing to keep in mind though is that it's very likely she's having the same type of discussion with her Christian friends about you. Odds are very good that she's asking people how to convert you to Christianity. I found out after I was baptised and all that junk that my girlfriend (now wife) had been talking with people all over the church about how to "save" me.
  2. I thought about becoming a liberal Christian for a while. At the time I was Baptist, and the inerrant Bible type although it never really seemed quite right. When I started looking at liberal Christianity I realized that I would have to decide which parts of the Bible are literal and which parts are fables. To me the most likely candidate for fable was Jesus's resurrection, but that event is the defining event of Christianity so I figured it had to be literal. Since I couldn't get my mind wrapped around that, I decided to go with agnosticism which is slowly leading its way into atheism.
  3. First, I love the tagline born right the first time I think we've talked over at CF a couple of times, but it's been a while since I've been there - seemed like every time I asked a question I was breaking a rule. It's good to see you over here and sharing your story. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I spent a lot of time in the what if stage, and still fall back into it every now and then. But as time goes on those slips became more infrequent and easier to get myself out of. And one reason Christianity is so popular is that you have a default set of people to support you. It's harder to find that as an ex-Christian, agnostic, atheist, or any of the other belief systems here. That's why this site is such a great place.
  4. Apparantly there are a lot of us in similar situations. 3 or 4 months ago my wife thought I was looking 'odd' and asked what's wrong. That lead to a 4 hour conversation about religion. I told her that I still believe in a god, although I think she assumed that meant The God. Since then it's become more of "maybe there's a god, but I don't know." I stopped going to church a few weeks ago. I just couldn't sit there an listen to all the "joyful noises" and watch everybody raise their arms up to show everybody else how good of a Christian they are. Although my biggest concern was somebody saying something absurd, which wouldn't have been a stretch, and me letting them know exactly how I felt about it. Fortunately for me, deciding to stop going coincided with us moving churches so I could use the "we found a church closer to home" to block any questions from friends at the old church. I've gotten one phone call from a deacon, none from any of our friends. We just sort of disappeared and nobody called to ask why. That's another topic though. I would suggest not going to church if you're doing it to try to white wash over the issue. If she knows you don't believe, or believe differently, and are going to spend time with her, that's fine. But going to church with her believing you're going because you're a "good Christian" isn't good. Same thing with hiding your studies. Christianity makes people hide too much of themselves already - there's no reason you should hide what you're reading. Ultimately the worst part of it was her face after I told her I wasn't going to church anymore. I think the best thing you can do is to be the same person you were before. Don't let yourself become the "heathen" that agnostics / atheists are assumed to be. And I'm not going to try to de-convert her. One of my biggest gripes about Christianity, or almost any religion for that matter, is the forcing of beliefs on another person. Since I can't stand when people shove their beliefs down my throat I refuse to do it to another person. Although I really hope that she'll at least be willing to talk about it at some point. I'd love to see her de-convert, but I don't want to force the issue. Ironically the last church service I went to was part one of two of the pastor trying to debunk the DaVinci Code. Best line from the sermon - 'Why would somebody base their beliefs on a fictional book?" I had to literally bite my tongue to keep from laughing out loud.
  5. Let me clarify one point. I wouldn't consider the first part of my life brainwashing. I had a cartoon bible growing up, went to church twice - once for a Catholic wedding and once on Easter with my grandmother, and was of the opinion that there was a God but all he did was start the process (put life into the first cell) and evolution took care of the rest. At 23 I started attending a church, and that's where the brainwashing began. So there's really only 4 years to deal with, but that's still a lot of BS to sort through. Thank y'all for your comments. It's a situation where my mind is telling me one thing but I've got this nagging feeling in the back of my head. Fortunately, that nagging is getting quieter the more I read and write (I actually started a blog just so I had an outlet) about this process. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Houston. I went outside and watched a baseball game. And I sat amazed that all this just happened by chance - the idea of God never entered into my thought process until I realized that God had not entered my thought process, KWIM
  6. I never said these doubts made sense Just something to get through... And the having to deny other gods is what actually made me start doubting Christianity.
  7. I'm in what I would classify as a "what if I'm wrong" phase with Christianity right now. That is - I don't really believe it, but have a nagging feeling about picking the wrong team so to speak. Sure, I understand it's not a logical feeling, but 23 years of believing in the basics of God followed by 4 years of fairly fundamental churches nag in the back of my mind. So I supposed the question that follows is how long did y'all stay in this phase. Any suggestions on speeding it up? I assume the more research I do in to the absurdities of Christianity the easier the transition will be as I shift from feeling based to fact based knowledge of religion.
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