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  1. On Friday I discovered the Rittenhouse Orrery at the University of Pennsylvania, and also discovered what an orrery is. It's a machine that replicates the motions of the planets. The one at UofP was cutting edge at the time it was constructed in 1771. Born Again Athiest would have smiled to see how far we've come since then, but also, how far they'd come by the 18th century.
  2. ficino

    Jordan Peterson - The Problem With Atheism

    As Florduh is pointing out, Jordan Peterson's professional training and activity are in the field of psychology, not philosophy.
  3. Yes, and the linked article is from nine years ago. The trend has accelerated since then. And all the recent scandals, both among Catholic and evangelical Protestant clergy, help push the trend along.
  4. ficino

    I can't take no more!!

    One of the things about religious systems is that they tend to insulate themselves against any verification or falsification, while at the same time claiming that their truths are verifiable. But when you try to see whether the truths are verifiable, one of the things you run up against are multiple senses of words, employed as needed by the religionist. So individuals are called apostles except when in some other verse they're not called apostles. God is totally one and single except when God is not called totally one and single. The Law is totally unchanging except insofar as it is changing. The Law is easy to understand and obey except in that it is not easy to understand and obey. No one can die for the sins of another (Ezekiel) except when "no one" is not no one. Etc.
  5. ficino

    The Dead Rise!

    One hypothesis is that -- if you think there was a historical Jesus -- Peter and company saw visions. From I Cor 15 it seems as though there was not clarity on whether a risen body was identical to the body of the dead, since everyone knew the dead bodies decay. II Maccabees talks about a belief that the dead soldiers would rise again. So I am guessing that by the time Matthew was written, questions had arisen that the writer was trying to answer. One of the questions would have been, what about the just who lived before Jesus? So the passage reinforces what had become the belief that the same body would rise again. Another question obviously was, did the disciples just steal Jesus' body and make up the resurrection story? So the part about the guard was put in, with details so lame that it is not believable.
  6. ficino

    The epistles of John.

    My hypothesis so far is that Peter/Cephas had a vision that Jesus had risen. I think he had this after intensive study of the OT to try to find verses that seemed to talk about a suffering messiah (because his leader had just been crucified and he was devastated). Then other disciples claimed to have seen visions, too. Their enthusiasm was infectious within their group. Two generations later, a back story had arisen about the resurrection. With women witnesses and lots of other details not found in the earliest apparent testimony, I Cor 15.
  7. ficino


    Welcome, MamaCaz!
  8. ficino

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    So then you are not going to make a sale. "My religion might not be false" is a poor sales pitch.
  9. ficino

    Christians blaming gays

    SSRs and acts are on the lists of taboos of various church and other religious groups. To say that they are less than perfect or are "sin" rests on assumptions that a good deal of America does not accept. Female-female relations are mentioned above on this thread. There is no clear verse in the Bible condemning them. The only one that is traditionally so construed is Romans 1:26a, but the older interpretation in the church was that Paul denounces anal and/or oral sex between females and males. The evidence for that interpretation is much stronger than evidence that it concerns female-female relations. "Likewise" in Greek, for example, as a conjunctive adverb does not operate backwards to explain an unclear antecedent clause by a following clause. And the Greek word for "use" is never used in a context of a subordinate person - a female, youth, slave - having sexual "use" of a male, or of anyone. There is no example of a woman's being said to have sexual "use" of another woman except in the case of tribads (women who were believed to take the male role in sex, either because they had an enlarged clitoris or whatever). We don't have reason to think Paul refers to tribads. So people need to stop saying that the Bible condemns lesbians; it is probably not addressing them at all. If that is true, then Paul has no generic concept of "homosexuality" with a male and female expression, but something else - most likely, alluding to the prohibition in the Torah of a male "lying the lying of a woman" with another male. But even that started out as limited to within familial relations.
  10. ficino

    Did you actually know God, before giving up?

    @ donthodl: in answer to your question: Yes. the leg lengthening thing is a scam, by the way. I had it done on me.
  11. ficino

    Shroud of Turin Bloodstains are probably fake

    Only believe! Thanks for posting, interesting. The Shroud believers will have strategies for dismissing this, of course.
  12. ficino

    Conditions, conditions

    1. Yes 2. No
  13. ficino

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    It was reported recently by someone on FB that Jeff's father passed away. I believe Jeff is still professing Christianity and attending church.
  14. ficino

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    And your evidence for the truth of your assertions is ... ? Get professional help.
  15. ficino

    As a Bi Girl - Nothing I Did Would EVER Be Good Enough

    Hi justaskingquestions, I too was pushed to get out of the cult by, for one, the injustice of the God character as presented by Christians who make God both the first cause of non-heterosexuality (because God is supposed to be first cause of every event or effect) AND make God the condemner of LGBT people. Then I started to realize the other disconnects - like failure of prayer and on and on. I agree that the "love the sinner, hate the sin" thing is very insidious when it gets applied to LGBT people.