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  1. ficino

    Shroud of Turin Bloodstains are probably fake

    Only believe! Thanks for posting, interesting. The Shroud believers will have strategies for dismissing this, of course.
  2. ficino

    Conditions, conditions

    1. Yes 2. No
  3. ficino

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    It was reported recently by someone on FB that Jeff's father passed away. I believe Jeff is still professing Christianity and attending church.
  4. ficino

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    And your evidence for the truth of your assertions is ... ? Get professional help.
  5. ficino

    As a Bi Girl - Nothing I Did Would EVER Be Good Enough

    Hi justaskingquestions, I too was pushed to get out of the cult by, for one, the injustice of the God character as presented by Christians who make God both the first cause of non-heterosexuality (because God is supposed to be first cause of every event or effect) AND make God the condemner of LGBT people. Then I started to realize the other disconnects - like failure of prayer and on and on. I agree that the "love the sinner, hate the sin" thing is very insidious when it gets applied to LGBT people.
  6. ficino

    Help from mods

    I had not seen ToT for a while, but after deleting all the Ex-Chr items from my browsing history and rebooting, it came on. Thanks for the tip. I was saddened just now to see the thread about Geezer's daughter in law.
  7. ficino

    When Will Christians Become A Minority In The USA?

    At least one part of the good news is that, the more Christians drift out of churches, the less money and volunteer labor the churches will have available.
  8. I just discovered this on Daniel Wallace's blog. Wallace is the guy who first made it public that there was a purported 1st century fragment of gMark. Elijah Hixson is the guy who originally broke the news that the controversial fragment just appeared in vol. 83 of POxy. He zeroes in on Wallace's statement that the prospective seller demanded an NDA. Who was that prospective seller? Weird. Something still seems fishy about Obbink's role in this.
  9. ficino

    When Will Christians Become A Minority In The USA?

    I chime in. Very well done. The fundagelicals have to ramp up their attempts to exercise control and political dominance, because otherwise, they are losing control. Will their attempts only push more people to get out of the cult?
  10. According to the things I've seen on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, Richard Carrier's blog, and elsewhere, it seems to me that the gMark fragment was not from a mummy mask. It seems always to have been part of the Oxyrhynchus trove at Oxford. That's what the Egypt Exploration Society insists. I don't know where the mummy mask story originated, though from the video you linked it seems that Josh MacDowell was spreading it. Dirk Obbink found a fragment of unknown lines of Sappho from a mummy mask. Maybe someone who dealt with Obbink got confused. ??
  11. A lot about speculations on who knew what when and who alleged what when. Dirk Obbink is not looking great in this whole mess. Adding: Brent Nongbri in an initial reaction thought the hand looked more similar to something from mid-third century than to late 2nd-early third:
  12. Thanks for posting this, Blood. I assume this video will be edited to take out some of the long pauses etc. This whole affair is fascinating. I think it's pretty obvious that the Green family thought they could buy what is now P Oxy 5345. What I don't understand is Obbink's role. Obbink had been criticized also for publishing a papyrus of hitherto unknown lines from Sappho, when the papyrus' provenance is unknown and it came from a dealer (owner anonymous). Obbink's response encourages both theft of antiquities, and similar crimes, and also encourages shoddy scholarship. The fact that Obbink received money from the Greens' foundation for other consulting work etc. makes me think that 1) Obbink was eager for the fame and possibly money that could come if he could convincingly date the fragment to the first century, and 2) maybe Obbink thought he could broker a trade or deal between the Egypt Exploration Society / Oxyrhynchus Society and the Greens? I don't know what to make of my thought in 2); perhaps that suspicion is unfounded. Richard Carrier notes that in a press release from the Egypt Exploration Society, which I also have read, the EES say that they have surveyed other Christian papyri in the Oxyrhynchus trove and find no NT papyri earlier than the third century. Carrier points out that this fact makes it probable that the gMark fragment is also third century, since otherwise it would be an outlier - if there were literate Christians in Oxyrhynchus already using Christian texts in the second century, it would be unusual for only this one fragment to survive from their decades and all the other ones to be from decades later. The EES press release makes a special point of noting, “No other unpublished fragments of New Testament texts in the EES collection have been identified as earlier than the third century AD.” That’s a hint. They mean: the date range including late second century might be wishful thinking. It’s probably a third century papyrus. If all NT texts found there date 3rd century or later, arguably a literate Christian presence in Oxyrhunchus itself only began in the 3rd century (and hence no Gospel could have been tossed into the garbage there in the 2nd century).
  13. Hemant Mehta over on Friendly Atheist said the pastor was not actually killed:
  14. ficino

    Another Rant... Republianity.

    Wow, great rant! Someone on my FB feed wrote this today: "Biblical history shows when a land or a country does not give God Honor and Glory.(And choose sin over all) God gives them bad leaders.(Read your bible) When a president is birthed "only by God into a country". God places a mantle on them.(His tangible approval ) People at first will not like the righteous changes They make.(They like sin and darkness ) Donald Trump is the placement of God for America. He is not perfect (But God never picks perfect people to do his business "Never) I see a great change going on in this country and it started with hearts of the people toward God the Father. God is saying enough. Let's make America God Great Again As we love God and are country. And are president. God will lead us. And shine His blessing upon us. From the Church House to the White House."
  15. Stats on % of 16-29 year olds who identify as Christian in various countries. In Czech Republic, only 9% of young people identify as Christian. Etc.