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  1. This Florida Man is crazier than the usual Florida Man. I just wish he'd given me the Ferrari before Jesus started telling him where to drive it.
  2. ficino

    A Christian wrote in his blog about us

    Great to hear, CTS! And as far as the Bible goes, it is highly likely that there is no verse about lesbians in it. Rom 1:26b in the earliest interpretations was taken to refer to female-male anal or oral, not to female-female - cf e.g. here
  3. ficino

    Love Y'all

    I hope it's "later" and not "addio," End. We only exchanged infrequent replies, but I am glad you have been here all these years. And yes, we think fondly of those who are no longer with us (oh, BAA... ). Godspeed, and may your tracks be as free of snakes as on the day after St. Patrick. Peace, F
  4. ficino

    Are atheists happy

    I was deliriously happy as a young Christian. The further I got into what I consider "the cult", the more despondent I became at the injustice of the Yahweh character. It was a bolt of sanity and groundedness when I finally realized that the cult was a cult. I feel anxious and depressed about our political situation from time to time, and I'm not crazy about my decaying early old man's body. But for me, that is no comparison to the existential despair of being in a system of worship of what I could only conclude was an unjust god. If you have not checked out the marine's testimony, it's worth listening to. He goes into this problem of happiness in or out of Christianity.
  5. Yes, Tim O'Neill is an ancient history hobbyist, as far as I can see. He spends a lot of time bashing ancient history "hobbyists."
  6. I find that often, people who disagree with Richard Carrier spend a lot of time on personal attacks on Richard Carrier.
  7. ficino

    Drifted away from God

    hello LeKopo, and hello, Vartan. Welcome. LeKopo, I have not been in places that you've been, but in other places, so I don't share the details, but the human condition, yes. The best you can do is work from what you know and from what you might not KNOW in a strict sense, but which stands up to testing over and over. The Bible does not do that. A hand across the waters in reality. Vartan, are you Armenian? hello from a half Greek sort of.
  8. Yes, if only. How many churches could perform this, one of the most glorious pieces of music written?
  9. ficino

    Did you ever email your former pastor?

    Satan always counterfeits the real. Question begging fallacy. When the existence of God and Satan are the question, it restates a conclusion to pull in Satan to explain anomalous evidence. gMark by most scholars is dated closer to 70. A date of c. 50 is not a consensus among scholars, unless your pastor only considers fundamentalist scholars as scholars. You may appreciate taking a look at Robert Connor's recent post about the reliability of the bible, in particular the NT: All best, Ficino
  10. ficino

    Are there a lot more men than women here?

    I have been on here since 2004, with a five year or so hiatus in there. I think a lot of the oldtimers are no longer here; a few, sadly, are no longer alive, and their presence is missed. There are many blogs on the Patheos Nonreligious channel that have pretty good gender balance. Roll to Disbelieve, for example. there are a good number of men on this site, as Logical Fallacy said, who have also been put off by a lot of the political back-and-forth. The number of posts that have substantive historical or theological or even philosophical content is lower than was the case some years ago. I have no interest in posting about guns or about how humans don't contribute to global warming. I find it sad that Ex-C is not as broadly based an online community as it was. Just my opinion: active participation by the owner/author of a blog or site helps keep up interest. I hope, PurpleLilac and TruthSeeker0, that you stick around and not throw in the towel yet. Glad you are out of the cult, in any case.
  11. ficino

    Hi from TX

    Welcome, PurpleLilac! Your family sounds very much like mine, incl. the "narcissism" - was your dad as well claiming to receive his own messages from the Holy Spirit on every detail of your and everyone else's life? I'm glad you've gotten perspective, that you and your brother are in close communication, and that ya'll celebrated Halloween! Hope to hear more from you, f
  12. On Friday I discovered the Rittenhouse Orrery at the University of Pennsylvania, and also discovered what an orrery is. It's a machine that replicates the motions of the planets. The one at UofP was cutting edge at the time it was constructed in 1771. Born Again Athiest would have smiled to see how far we've come since then, but also, how far they'd come by the 18th century.
  13. ficino

    Jordan Peterson - The Problem With Atheism

    As Florduh is pointing out, Jordan Peterson's professional training and activity are in the field of psychology, not philosophy.
  14. Yes, and the linked article is from nine years ago. The trend has accelerated since then. And all the recent scandals, both among Catholic and evangelical Protestant clergy, help push the trend along.
  15. ficino

    I can't take no more!!

    One of the things about religious systems is that they tend to insulate themselves against any verification or falsification, while at the same time claiming that their truths are verifiable. But when you try to see whether the truths are verifiable, one of the things you run up against are multiple senses of words, employed as needed by the religionist. So individuals are called apostles except when in some other verse they're not called apostles. God is totally one and single except when God is not called totally one and single. The Law is totally unchanging except insofar as it is changing. The Law is easy to understand and obey except in that it is not easy to understand and obey. No one can die for the sins of another (Ezekiel) except when "no one" is not no one. Etc.