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  1. Greetings, Mark, and welcome, from another ex-Calvinist.
  2. Hello WWOAC, welcome. About the above, maybe by now you've noticed that Jesus is depicted as saying and doing some things that just are not good. Consider these: http://www.debunking-christianity.com/2019/11/things-we-wish-jesus-hadnt-said_7.html
  3. Exactly. A God who can't/won't forgive unless He kills His Son, who is also Him.
  4. Welcome from me too, Walter. And I too miss Born Again Athiest (so he spelled it). A Mensch, and always seeking to expand knowledge. As for cosmology -- I have just begun reading John L. Mackie's The Miracle of Theism. If anyone here would like to respond to Mackie's arguments against natural theology, i'd welcome hearing your thoughts.
  5. Got it. Know all too well those impressions.
  6. Ex-Catholic convert here, also a refugee from Anglicanism! And like you I had to get out of the RCs. I agree with your points above. On the locutions, "the inner messages claiming to be from..." I'm not sure whether you mean these are a strong mental impression or whether you mean you heard actual voices. Some people do experience auditory hallucinations. We can have hallucinations associated with any of the five senses, sometimes with more than one at once (e.g. a person who appears and speaks to us, as in A Beautiful Mind). Just wondering, if it was the latter, and they've stopped, that's a plus. If they are continuing, it would be a good idea to see a specialist in case something is misfiring in your brain.
  7. Although most Orthodox priests are married, not all. In the Greek Orthodox church in the US, marriage is not mandatory for priests. I know of one unmarried gay Greek Orthodox priest who has an Armenian boyfriend on the down low. Bishops, however, may not be married.
  8. Cuz that's how He rolls. Not being snarky. I think it's actually the answer that Calvinism winds up with.
  9. Does the term, "Christian music," designate only music played by white bands at predominately white evangelical churches, and written recently? After all, "gospel" has been around a long time, in both the black church and white fundamentalist and other types of churches. sort of OT: I heard that the lead music writer for Hillsong, Marty Sampson, has deconverted. Apparently he announced it on his instagram, martysamps, but I don't have instagram.
  10. Re your If - Then conditional: no, the geocentric model is not correct. Therefore we are not at the center of the universe, except in the trivial sense that any point can be construed to be at the center. From what accredited university have you earned a Ph.D., and in what scientific field? What publications in refereed venues have you published? I am guessing, the answers to these questions are "none." Go away. You obviously have no expertise in the relevant disciplines.
  11. Thank you, buffetphan. I think the existence of people who are intersex, transgender, hermaphroditic, etc. falsifies the conclusion that the banned poster derived from Genesis. It also helps falsify Genesis.
  12. People sometimes make it seem that the Orthodox Church is not very focused on hell compared to Western denominations, but I've seen some pretty explicit paintings on walls of churches in Greece. In line with Citsonga's excellent material, over on Debunking Christianity David Madison, an ex-pastor and trained biblical scholar, has posted a series on biblical contradictions. It's fascinating to look at how the texts as we have them contain evidence of how they were patched together with a big dose of invented events and sayings. One of David Madison's articles is here, and you can find other ones on there: http://www.debunking-christianity.com/2019/07/a-bible-book-of-blunders.html
  13. Did any of this family's Bibles survive? If they had undergone the horror of dying in the fire, their churchmates would have said that the Lord called them home, wanted some more angels, whatever.
  14. The above contains preaching. You are posting in the wrong sub-forum. Preaching belongs only in the Lions Den.
  15. What!? Negative. Lean on the understanding of the fat old white men in rumpled suits jumping up and down at the front of the church screaming. Or even better, physically lean on one of them! /s Rock on, jupiter789.
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