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  1. JP, That was a long read but learning about you was well worth it. The idea of the forsaken being fooled by Devils certainly plays off of a solipsist mindset, and it is heartwrenching that you have struggled with it for so long. It's good to see you are forging your own way out. People who burden you with guilt for no other reason than to be divisive really piss me off. I can't tell if you're OCD, but I can tell that you're an excellent writer and you can explain yourself very well, even if you have had trouble coming to terms with who and what you are: a member of homo sapien and a damn fine human being.
  2. My brother related to me a road rage incident he was involved in. A guy intentionally cut him off and so my brother got a little hotheaded and started returning the favor. Guy sped off and at the next intersection he was standing there with a scattergun in his hands. My brother stopped doing that. Me, I learn things the hard way, but if a guy did that to me and I managed to win somehow, I wouldn't be opposed to a little bit of cannibalism just to prove I mean business.
  3. I've been known to cuss or flip people off on the freeway. When people threaten me, I give them my address. What's wrong with that? I agree it's rude, but counseling?
  4. When you step away from religion, nothing you do has to be about religion unless you make it that way. I don't mind if the religious are inspired by their religion to do good things. When they glorify it or do it for religion's sake, or think that their personal beliefs apply to everyone else, I doubt their honesty. I've been invited to churches for social gatherings. It doesn't bother me to go and act a little, and people try to help me feel like I'm a part of it even if I'm not. I wear my TOOL hat and my Nine Inch Nails shirt, even there - not out of defiance or disrespect, but simply because that is how I choose to dress. I used to go to gothic cathedrals or castles in Germany just to admire the architecture and the atmosphere, but I saw nothing wrong in the fact that I was not a Catholic or a Templar. None of this will stop me from going to see the pyramids, whether they are in Egypt or Peru -- though they, also, are religious. Religion is part of history and culture, as is music. There's no "establishment" you're betraying by continuing to enjoy and take part in your personal taste in music. It's not about Christianity or Atheism. It's about YOU.
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