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  1. Let's not also go into the idea that if someone pays the debt for you, they actually pay it. You don't see anyone saying that Jesus is suffering in hell for your sins now do you?
  2. Welcome to the city of Nihilism. Population: who cares? Exports and imports: What does it matter? Mayor: none, there are no laws to enforce or policies to keep. Enjoy your stay, I personally love it here. This is freedom.
  3. Dang, That Testimony must be some kind of record in length. But it was more than compelling enough to bear reading its entire length.
  4. I dunno, think of it as having your christian guts removed, and having a sensible set put in its place.
  5. Nice to see that even those with a full-on emotional attachment to a religion can see clearly given the right information.
  6. So you realise, Depression is a curse of the weak. Once you realise that any state of mind can be forced into a better one with sheer willpower alone, then you can do it for yourself, and you never need suffer from such problems again. However, clawing away for answers in a singular book, talking to the sky and talking to sheep will get you no-where.
  7. Hey don't stop there. If anyone who doesn't know Jesus goes to hell, then everyone who dies incapable of learning about such things, i.e. babies, the brain damaged and and the like goes too.
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