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  1. It's very normal phase to go through. It's probably just you getting mad at the system you feel lied to you and mentally abused you (if you wish to call it that). It might be hard to get out of that phase. At the moment I'm in a phase where I still kinda amazed, angered, and against religion. I guess I can't help wanting to think about the thing that was such a strong part of my life a few months ago. At one point I do hope to move on from this phase and just be happy. I probably will leave the site soon but I have a few more issues I like to bring up. Anyway, Just stick around for a while and get everything off your chest. Ask questions, look through old post and the FAQ section. Know that you are welcome to stay and congrats on your deconversion.
  2. Hey rev, you could have attacked him for making this comment "prove hes not real" You can't prove something that's untestable. Besides the burden of proof was on him. He made the extraordinary claim so he should be the one to back it up.
  3. Welcome smellincoffee, My dad was also a trekkie as a kid. But he became a pastor. Life works out funny doesn't it.
  4. Could you CHOOSE to believe in santa claus, TRULY REALLY believe santa claus was real if you REALLY REALLY wanted to? I can see your point. When I was a christian and accepted jesus into my life there was never a point where I asked myself "Hmmm...do I believe this or I don't". For some reason or another my brain just accepted it. Probably because of loaded questions like "Do you want to go to heaven", "Do you want to avoid hell", or "do you accept jesus christ as your lord". These are loaded because your mindset automatically shifts to assume heaven, hell and jesus are real things in order to answer the question. My mind was probably also quick to believe because everyone around me believed. Also I was a kid, i thought santa clause was real. MY mind was innocent and willing to accept new information and christianity was right there for me. But I want to ask this. Is belief a choice period? Like do I choose to believe giant squids exist even though I never seen one or does my brain just accept it as truth? I don't think so really. I think christians just force out an answer for everything by nit picking at their book. I'm pretty sure that they thaught up most arguments and rebuttals during the time they were trying to get the rest of there world to believe this cult
  5. one of the other problems i had with christianity is that it told christians to try to be christ-like. To christians it may sound weird because jesus was supposed to be loving. But in reality he was more of an asshole, i mean look at christians who really try to be like him. They really are assholes. I'll explain. Yes the bible tells you to be loving but it also tells you to be like christ. Christ basically went around telling people when they sinned, that they were sinners, that they were fools and told people how great he was. Now put this personality into people. you now have a person who thinks they are being loving by going out and reminding people that they are sinners, that what they are doing is wrong. They can also start quoting bible verses that say you are a fool without actually saying it. "I'm just saying what the bible says." They start policing morals onto people. Not only this but since the bible has different translations you have many different people telling their version on right and wrong. It may not seem like it but you ARE creating conflicting attitudes. The whole story about "not casting the first stone" or the "take the plank out of your own eye" gets thrown away because a "True loving christian" has to tell someone they are doing wrong in order to SAVE THEM FROM HELL. Basically christianity ends up creating a bunch of self-righteous jerks who think they are demonstrating the love of christ which wasn't really loving to begin with.
  6. here is another thing about christianity. It avoids giving people real solutions to their problems. I remember when I was a christian and I had a problem the common response would be "trust in the Lord, he will make a way for. He has a plan set out for you and it will come to past. Read your bible study and pray" This is only good in a sense in that it make you optimistic and be happier. But it leaves a person sitting on there @ss waiting for something to happen because they believe god will give them there needs. But if weren't a christian you can't give them this BS answer. You have to give them real advice that will be more helpful in the long run than just waiting for something to happen. Not only are they not depending on something THEY have to take action to accomplish there problems.
  7. Is it the christian that abuses the scripture or is it that the scripture is just a plain bad teacher of morals? Is christainity still bad if you ignore the bad parts.
  8. I'd like to add to this. Not only does the one way only method harm people because they cant' think for themselves, it also makes them intolerant to other peoples beliefs. This in itself can be hurtful to many.
  9. If you want to know the negatives affects christianity can have on a child this topic has a lot of information on it. http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?show...0&hl=psyche
  10. Before I forget why I wrote this here are some of my favorite testimonies on this site http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?showtopic=4251 (HanSolo) http://www.ex-christian.net/index.php?show...mp;hl=Antlerman (Antlerman)
  11. Sorry. I'll try to do it a little bit better. You said that christianity is bad because it twist Rabbi Jesus' message. But the main teachings of the christian dogma are about love and self-scarifice. Even if christianity is based on a lie and twisted teaching how could this cause harm to an individual who follows the religion. If there are good teaching in the book why would people want to get rid of the christian religion?
  12. (I'm asking these questions to help the thread grow) Why would this cause harm to a person or society? Why try so hard to disprove it?
  13. As many of you know I'm attempting to put together a frequently asked question section for the webpage. The one question that I couldn't find was "Why would anyone be against Christianity?" This is probably the most asked question on the board. Many people just say go read the testimonies but lets make it a little bit easier for them. I would like to make this topic into a Best OF...area for testimonials. I would like to place the most strongest and inspiring testimonials on this page for all to see. It doesn't have to be only testimonials though. You can also place topics that you feel accurately answer this question. Thanks for the help. You can post links or the whole testimonial doesn't matter.
  14. okay so if so one accept Jesus but doesnt try to live day by day but instead every other day do they lose there christian card, they can't call themselves a christian anymore. What about if they live for Jesus week by week, does all that getting saved stuff not matter and now you can say they are not a christian. so let me get this straight. If a person got saved, YOU for so reason can say they are not a christian even though they are religious and go to church? What if they are growing and working on this. arent they still christians. If they aren't working on it but still go to church do you have the right to say they aren't christian. Which demonination has the "whole truth®"? Let me guess, yours does. Cause if it wasn't, you wouldn't be speaking the whole truth and therefore not a christian by your own definition. Listen everyone "GO TO SCOTTS CHRUCH BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE WHOLE TRUTH!!!!" Scott you can't judge a christian by there action and say some aren't 'true christians®'. That make you a self righteous prick and therefore not a christian. An evil christian is still a christian except he needs to repent and grow. If that was the case I can say u, Scott, aren't a christian because you have said you needed to grow and you are self-righteous. Your not a christian scott by your own definition.
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