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  1. Ann, Try the nation of Chile. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_of_Chile There was a group of Chileans, known as "the Chicago boys," who were trained under Milton Friedman who guided the country to a free market system after Pinochet took control of the country and turned it from a third world shithole to what amounts to a first world nation. The nation has it's critics, but even they admit that it is FAR better off than before they took over. It is a stark contrast when compared to the rest of Latin America. Edit...Pinochet, whom I do not condone his human rights abuses, did later abducate the governance to the legislative branch of their government and backed away, and let the people work it out.
  2. The point is, the water never rose. Had you paid attention back when that was put out with subsequent media stories, you would have run around like Chicken Little. Now, you fall for the BULLSHIT. But that doesn't matter to altar boy apologists (who are non scientists, just like me) who either mistakenly or intentionally miss the bigger picture to focus on minor details that are mostly irrelevant. As for my comment to Thur, he has a habit of throwing shit out there and running away. He won't dirty his hands in any debate. So my point to him was valid. Besides, if you look at his initial post being a smart-ass, he was calling my name. I am entitled to return the favor.
  3. Guess I got my point across.... Looks like some people are triggered.....
  4. Reboot out

    My response.....
  5. Thurisas, Du poste ein Thema und dann rennst und versteckst du dich, anstatt dich in eine böse kleine Auseinandersetzung zu verwickeln. Das ist so schlimm wie ein Mann, der eine Frau durch ihr Fenster und er masterbates beobachtet.
  6. You just keep the faith there and be a choir boy. You sing the song of the church of GW well.
  7. You mean you don't want to acknowleged you are just as stuborn as you blame me of.
  8. And I think our tax dollars should stop subsidizing the oil/gas/coal industry too. I am taking what to me, is a sensible position. Trust nobody.
  9. And you are acting just like that preacher that I had the little tussle with in the "Ex-Christian Life" sub forum.
  10. Becasue I have seen how lobbyists work and there are PLENTY of lobbyists in from the research community on many fronts. Remember, I mentioned on several occasions on here that I have been involved in politics myself and even got to know many lawmakers. I trust none of them farther than I can throw them, though, at times, I will be civil to them for merely a purpose of not getting arrested and figuring out what they are up to. As for water rise of milimeters, I don't consider that relevant. There is something called the margin for error. If it is real, I want to see near by Santa Rosa Island disappering below the waves. That is the ONLY way I buy it.
  11. No matter what you call evidence, you have to trust it. https://www.atmos-chem-phys.net/16/3761/2016/acp-16-3761-2016.pdf Here is one. That same researcher was interviewed. He said in the interview that parts of New York City would be under water: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/apr/12/climate-scientist-james-hansen-i-dont-think-im-an-alarmist and here: http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/12/scientist-who-predicted-ny-city-would-be-underwater-says-hes-not-an-alarmist/ Guess what, New York City is not under water.
  12. I take the stand, if it happens THEN I would believe it, but not a second sooner.
  13. I don't buy it. I would prefer to take a market approach, let all ideas that can be put out there, be put out and the one that works and wins is adopted. Gatekeepers are simply the same as the priesthood of the medeval Catholic Church. They act the same way. Personally, I HATE that kind of system and would like to burn it to the ground.
  14. Again, I take the negative position. You are trying to convince me that GW is happening. I looked for the gloom and doom that has not happened. It was a propagandistic narrative. If they lied once and they are heavily funded by a big money source, and in this case, it is mostly the government, I don't trust it.
  15. You are avoiding the point. No matter what you call the evidence, or what is presented as evidence, you have to trust it. Many times phony pieces of evidence have been presented in courts of law defending against a crime, which was committed but the guilty went free, only to find many years later, they did the crime. Just because it may be logical, or even look very convincing, does not make it so. For me, if it has been put through a system of people who act as gate keepers, I distrust it.