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  1. Burnedout

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    What I truly want would be someone like a Ron Paul or somebody like that, but realistically that won't happen. The system will ultimately end up crashing and everybody will be pissed then. But since people keep wanting more and more from it, fuck...crash it, THEN maybe something can get fixed. Too many interests feeding now.
  2. Burnedout

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    What harm has actually been done other than to cause people to whine? Seriously? You have heard people like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, the Laraza bunch, and anybody with a desire to be a victim and an ax to grind, you hear it long enough, you say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I see it as PC fatigue. Like it or not, criticize it or not, it just comes off as noise in the background.
  3. Burnedout

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    What some don't get is that Trump and Trump voters are the universal walking middle fingers. They are tired of political correctness and the whininess that comes with it. They are tired of the vilification of anything white, male, conservative, and desiring to be self sufficient. They are tired of whiny leaches sucking off of them. The more whiners whine, the less they are interested and really don't give a shit.
  4. Burnedout

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    My most favorite part about Trump is that he can get whinybots to WHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE. He is playing them like a tightly strung Stratovarius. LOL!
  5. Burnedout

    Ayn Rand: The Author People Love to Hate

    Rand presents the perfect counter argument to the cult of "Altruism" or, I should say..... government enforced Altruism.
  6. The conclusion has to be in his mind first for it to be right.
  7. I like the way you think!
  8. Burnedout

    So, thoughts on Donald Trump......

    I like the way he doesn't take shit from the media or his political opponents. He pretty much, figuratively tells them to go fuck themselves. He knows how to negotiate from strengths. He has got little fat dictator in N. Korea to come to the bargaining table and willing to give concessions (at least theoretically), he cut my taxes, he managed to get congress to dump the Obamacare mandate, he has managed to go forward with the wall (or is at least moving that direction), he has managed to piss off his opponents and effectively cause them to have a fit. I LOVE that part. I do not like the extra spending that is unnecessary and I don't agree with his decision to use missles in Syria. What most people don't understand about Trump is that he is not stupid, he is not crazy. He may operate in an unorthodox manner, but that does not mean bad. He doesn't suffer fools or political enemies lightly. Often, when he makes statements, he is negotiating. I have friend who lives in NY. He knows people who used to work for Trump in one of his hotel ventures. One thing that Trump would do is to require his managers to do is take a course on negotiation from a fellow by the name of Chester Karrass. He would pay for them to take the course: https://www.karrass.com/in-house-seminars They are not cheap, often costing more than $1000 per person to take it. Trump is using classic Karass in his demeanor.