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  1. It's dying in Europe and in the Asian strongholds. The last place it will be is in the USA and Latin America.
  2. Burnedout

    How Islam Infects

  3. Burnedout

    Kanye reaffirms he intents to run for President

    Why not celebrities? They can't do any worse than the professional crooks....er I mean politicians that are normally there. The celebrities have some leeway. They don't know the system well enough to use it to fuck the citizens, whereas the professional scum politicians know it too well and use the system to rape the public. Hell, the politicians don't even have the common decency to give us a reach-around after fucking us. Actually, they prefer little children anyway.
  4. Burnedout


    I think a fitting punishment for the church officials, including the child rapists, would be to take the perps and their institutional enablers, lock them in a room for a few hours with their adult victims and their family members, and what ever happens, nobody knows anything, even if the perps and enablers never come out alive. AND, if it went to court, and their victims were on trial for something violent, well, if I were a juror, they would get a vote from me of NOT GUILTY. Just my little old opinion.
  5. Burnedout

    Is Christian debate dead?

    The only thing I have to say to Christians is when they give other Christian friends of mine a hard time. I bust their chops. They hate me for it, but then lie and say it was in LUV....just like a serial abuser to a shell shocked spouse.
  6. Burnedout

    Stupid is as stupid as

    Sometimes you do what you have to do to survive. Sometimes what you have to do is not fun and can be very much grinding, but you do it to survive. Not stupid.
  7. Burnedout

    New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    If you have, in the past, or currently know someone who is going through a hard time and you hear some Christian say something like...."Gawd is trying to tell you something"....and you want to hit them between the eyes with your fist.....YOU MIGHT BE AN EX-CHRISTIAN!
  8. Burnedout

    How Islam Infects

    It should be noted...Malaysia is a Muslim majority country.