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    Politics ( I HATE HIGH TAXES!!!), Just chilling, traveling. A member of the Joe Stack Memorial Fan Club. FUCK PEACE,....GIVE ME FREEDOM!!! I want ALL my meals to have the largest carbon footprint possible.
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    I am self employed and happy with work. I have been dealing with the demons of Fundamentalism and it is rough. It is total mindfuck. I have a wife and child whom I love very much.

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  1. Burnedout

    Bombs and threats against political figures

    I don't care what was said about Michelle Obama. I thought he was a good First Lady!
  2. Burnedout

    How Islam Infects

  3. He sounds like this generation's version of what Bob Larson was in the 90's. LOL!
  4. I got a knock on the door this Saturday morning. It was some Jehovah's witnesses. Ordinarily, I would have some fun with them driving them crazy. This Saturday morning, they caught me when I was not dressed, in my robe. They appeared to be oblivious of that fact. Plus, I had my dog, that was going spastic and I was not willing to let them in for fear the dog or cat might dart out the door with strangers in the house. I may not agree with them, but if they are going to be out and about knocking on doors, at least pick a time of day when people will be dressed GOD DAMN IT!
  5. Burnedout

    How did you choose your nickname?

    I had been through a huge amount of stress, emotional hell, and I kind of reached a breaking point. I was essentially too tired to give much of a shit anymore. I was burned out. SO, just made sense to me.
  6. Burnedout

    Wife Advice Needed!

    First, it must be asked, what are her/your ages (no need to give specific by say...20's,30's 40's, etc.)? Age has alot to dictate what the next step or no step might involve. Second, how close in ages are your wife and sister? Third, what kind of personality does your wife have and you (Myers-Briggs)?
  7. Burnedout

    IAmGod number plate for sale

    But your leaders think it is OK to steal from your people and think it is OK because they think they know better than the people do. Kind of smug aren't they. We at least have not fallen prey 100% to that.
  8. Burnedout

    IAmGod number plate for sale

    Hmmm.....You say that I a fucked-up, but how does one get unfucked?
  9. Burnedout

    IAmGod number plate for sale

    Could it be that we, in America, are not the fucked up ones? Think about it, the rest of the world could be fucked up? But then maybe who gives a shit? Oh well....
  10. Burnedout

    My grandma passed away

    My condolences. May she rest in peace.