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  1. Guess who's dead now...

  2. Really Good Bitcoin/Blockchain Report

    I know and am not disagreeing, but I have to see it work in reality. There have been many excellent sounding and logical ideas, etc., that have only been foiled. See PGP.
  3. This whole thing has to come out because SOME people have just TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS......Nuff rant.
  4. Really Good Bitcoin/Blockchain Report

    I like the concept of Bitcoin, but I just want to see if government can crack it's encryption. If it can't, hell, it will take over the world's finance. I see this as POSSIBLY as earth shattering as the advent of the printing press or the microchip, hell, try fire.
  5. LF, The very reason those banks do that is because they are actually protected by government. They are bailed out by government. There is competition prevented by laws, passed by government. Also, you have to know, those corporations you refer to could not exist without laws, passed by government. Ever look up the definition of a corporation? They are entirely a creature of law, in hard terms, a fiction that everybody, from a legal sense, recognizes. If a bank or finance company had real competition, and a real competition not just in different kinds of the same corporate kinds of businesses, but different banks with competition in real currencies, they know that if they make the wrong move, screw people badly, there are real repercussions, they go under and no bailout by government. There is none of this money printing, either physical or digital, and game playing. The reason banks are so big now, is that government aids and abets that by limiting any significant competition. Bitcoin and other crypto currencies MAY, I say MAY, be the beginnings of one but it remains to be seen.
  6. Answer...ALL of them. The average European cannot own a firearms, or any other weapon of signficance. The population is at the mercy of the government. Without the firearm, you cannot prevent the violent taking away of ALL OTHER RIGHTS. Just because they may be benovelent for now, does not mean it cannot change. The Nazis took the rights of all their own people whom they did not like. Imagine if all those other people they deemed less than human had met them with loaded rifles and shotguns, do you think they would have been as likely to do what they did or as quick to? But I only say the Nazis because they are the regime still fresh on most people's memories in the west. Without rights and that includes the right to bear arms, there is nothing to restrain the government. Without the arms, and I do mean guns, but also more than guns, the rest of our rights are in danger. Democracy is not a defense against loss of rights. The majority can, by a simple vote, enslave the minority.
  7. .... wtf. Try the laundry pod challenge!!!

    Try driving through a few round-a-bouts after having some drinks.....
  8. History of the 'F' Word

    I think she fucking likes you.
  9. Ann, In all seriousness, where I am coming from on this is that government is force. It is organized force. In most cases it implied, but often has turned into physical direct force. The ONLY justifiable force is that which repels aggression. My #1 responsibility is to harm NOBODY. If, however, someone is trying to harm me, then force from me is justified. If you look at the nature and actions of government, all it can do is take from one group and give it to another. It takes it by force, even implied force. If you or I did what government does as private individuals, we would go to prison. Al Capone and his gang were a prime example. Like government, in Al's little scheme, you have no choice but to pay his cut of what you do. Government does the same. If you would refuse either of the two, bad things would happen. First, you would get a warning. Next, after enough warnings, you might get paid a visit from men with guns. In both case, those armed men enforce the will of the gang in charge. The ONLY difference between what Capon's men did and the governments is what is says on their paychecks and where they are from. THAT IS IT. It is materally/functionally the same thing. You can say that the money taken does many good things, and even Al Capone did some nice things in Chicago in the Great Depression. He funded several soup kitchens for people who were poor and out of work, but it still doesn't take away the fact that he got the money by armed robbery and extortion. Take that to the difference between European countries and the USA. I used to have a friend years ago, when I lived in Tennessee. He was from the UK. He could program, and work on computers. He tried to start a business in the Cambridge are where he lived. His wife is American and the two of them, after running into so many fees, taxes, regulations, it made a startup business WAY more problematic and expensive than it did in the Nashville TN area where he and his wife moved to and where I met him. Yes, in Europe you may have more nice things the government does for you, but, if a government is big enough to give you everything you need, it can take everything you have. If you refuse to go along with the system, you can get into trouble with the governments there. Try becoming a doctor in many countries and only taking private patients who pay cash. You can't do that, or it is not competitive to be a private doctor except for say...Cosmetic surgery. You may live with some nice things, but in my estimation, it is a guilded bird cage. Some businesses are subsidized that cannot survive on their own at the expense of those that can. I would rather be self sufficient than have to rely on a government that uses force to take from one group of people to give to another. If a product or service becomes scarce, say, as in Venezuela, it gets rationed, and in Venezuela, when it comes to food, to the point of starvation.
  10. Now with the comedy act, I would have Dude and Fwee attempting to educate you.
  11. He would be wise beyond his years!
  12. More Fake News: 2017 2nd Hottest Year on Record

    LF, You worshiping that GLOWING BULL again?
  13. YES.....You did most miss something. You and Fwee should teach that youngster your wisdom....and how to flirt with women.