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    I am self employed and happy with work. I have been dealing with the demons of Fundamentalism and it is rough. It is total mindfuck. I have a wife and child whom I love very much.

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  1. If people only had horse sense....you know, it's what horses have that stops them from betting on people.
  2. Burnedout

    90% of animals appeared at same time?

    Has anyone ever considered that a big enough rock from space, moving fast enough, slamming into the earth, not so dissimilar to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs, only on a smaller scale could make conditions bad enough to narrow the species to a very small number of individuals could do the same thing? In other words, causing a genetic bottleneck?
  3. Burnedout

    New Game: Fun with a Fundy

    If you encounter a fundy preacher and you want to have fun with him, what questions would you ask him? I will start this off. Why would anyone want to worship a god who would say the things of Psalms 137:9 "Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones."?
  4. Burnedout

    Old Christian books

    The Christian books are good material when having an argument with Christians. It freaks them out when you quote their own material better than they do.
  5. Burnedout

    Sex and Marriage: Bible Style!

    If you want to have fun with a fundy preacher, ask him WHERE in the Bible does it specifically, officially determine when you are married? Ask them to show you where it starts when you say "I DO" or when you kiss the Bride. Hint....THEY CAN'T! First he will try to tap dance, then he will try to give you a long winded winding explanation. You then remind him that he said the BIBLE is the final authority, and that is all you want him to SHOW YOU. Finally he will tell you THE PASTOR is the one who enforces the Bible and you are to obey him. Then tell him you are just trying to learn. After going around and around, his head will proverbially explode.
  6. Burnedout

    How Islam Infects

  7. Burnedout

    How Islam Infects

  8. Burnedout

    Darwin in the National Parks

    Have similar issues being close to the Gulf of Mexico beaches here in Florida. People want to leave their brains at home. They are told not to go out in the surf when the red flags are out. They don't pay attention when there is a purple flag out (dangerous sea creatures) and wonder why they or someone drowns from a rip current or they get severely stung by a swarm of jellyfish. They don't pay attention to the intensity of the sun against the water and white sand and get severely sunburned and wonder why. DUHHHHHHH!
  9. Burnedout

    New Game: You Might be an Ex-Christian if.....

    When a young person forgoes a full ride university scholarship to play football, have everything paid, to go to the mission field because 'da Lawd was calling' and you feel like beating them up beside the head and scream some sense into him......YOU MIGHT BE AN EX-CHRISTIAN!