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  1. is realizing that there is a critical flaw in his plan.

  2. Ah, bad 70's explosions and stuntwork. Didn't make it all that far in, but I think I have the turn or burn point. Still all that smoke, noise and flame, takes me back to some very ill-considered albeit fun days. Really the only response to something like this is to treat it with all the seriousness it deserves, which is to say, none.
  3. First, thanks for the heads up on those boards. From what you and others have described, it sounds like a non-starter. Tying into one of the other above posts I have to disagree that getting pushed down makes people sympathetic to other groups. Just as often, if not more so, I see the oppressed becoming the oppressors. In a way to extract revenge or lash at something they can't otherwise lash against. If what you said was true, I'd expect that the black support for LGBT causes would be off the scale. As it stands, it is, but mostly because it doesn't exist, and is, instead a desire to undermine. You'd have similar expectations from a group like the Mormons, instead you see the same results. I've run into the Side-B types and other gay and xtian variants. The amount of cognitive dissonance and self-inflicted paradox is utterly staggering.
  4. I can't stand against Chrisitanity or fight against it. It's an idea. Killing it isn't possible (kind of like a "War on Terrorism"). My beef is with a specific group of Christians. The ones who stand in the way of research. The ones who stand in the way of vaccines due to their so-called morality. The ones who want to make us all turn or burn (literally). The ones who supported and rallied for Eric Rudolph. Who cheer whenever a doctor who performs abortions is sniped. Who crack a smile everytime one of those damn faggots gets beaten. I stand against the part that brings out the worst in humanity. It sets up an easy us-them dichotomy between the "Saved" and the "Damned" and makes it very for these Christians to unify themselves by dehumanizing others. My beef is with people, not an abstract belief system.
  5. I have an addendum, and IG, feel free to reply. What if there is no goodness in the word of god, but instead we just deluded ourselves into thinking that it was. In other words, if, once bitten, we realize that the whole thing is a sham and walk away? I pose this as another scenario to you. Anyway, we both know that anything that can be called a god has no love, so quit pretending. Oh, and the search feature is your friend. If you had used this feature, you'd have seen that this statement has hit the boards before, and that the kind of response the poster gets when they cut loose. Then again, you haven't read and understood the Bible, why should we expect you to understand how a search feature works. Thanks for judging our experiences and lives without knowing anything about us. Thank you even more for reminding me of yet another reason to avoid Christianity like the plague. If I do go to hell, remember that at least some of my blood is on your hands. Sleep well. JBG
  6. My biggest jolt came during and after I was well into my deconversion. There was a while where I would almost make myself sick worrying that I have just condemned myself to hell for rejecting Christianity (still happens every now and then). Followed by massive anger and a renewed resistance to being cowed into a belief through fear. No actual mental disorders from my time with the RCC, at least none that have been diagnosed. I do, however, blame my religion for my being affraid to admit that I have some signifigant homosexual tendencies, and figuring where in the spectrum of bi I am. Still sorting out the fallout from that. I guess I lucked out with the people I was with.
  7. *Sigh* I think a few missed the point. Anywho the conversation about urban vs. rural and whatever advantages one has over the other is definately for some place else. I did have one other suggestion about books: if you ever consider getting anything by Silver Ravenwolf, her first book has a couple of decent lines in it, the rest of her books are pretty much money-grubbing crap, as far as I am concerned. I would not recommend wasting time or money on them (unless you are looking to be entertained).
  8. I started with Cunningham's Wicca for the Solitary Practicioner as well, good introduction for a complete newbie (you have to start somewhere), I'd just recommend taking the theology with a grain of salt. If you are looking at a pagan-type path, then keep your eyes open, your ears open, and realize that if something smells like bullshit, it probably is. A lot of the stuff out there is an exercise in critical reading. And while there are signifigant personalities, there really isn't a central leader (unless you join some kind of tradition that has one). On a more advanced note, I would agree with Gaura that knowing your world is important, but don't discount the synthetic either. I would like to point out that things shaped by the hands of man are just as much a part of this world as any pristine mountaintop, the substance is still the same when you get down to it, and cities have their own ecology and patterns. You can't notice that something is wierd in a city unless you know what normal for that city (and that neighborhood, even) is. It shouldn't be discounted.
  9. And lets not foget the appendix, whose function appears only to be to kill people, or the bloodflow to the head of the femur (pretty pitiful and a break has a tendency to disrupt it leading to all kinds of hip unpleasantness), I'm sure we can find other examples of lousy "design." If we can identify design at all, then we can comment on it (even if only good or bad).
  10. Thank you for nearly making me buy an new keyboard.
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