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  1. In addition to that, the businesses which are intrinsically superior (best product, prices, location, customer service, etc.) rely less on advertising or sometimes even find it completely unnecessary.
  2. That was totally awesome. I shed tears, thank you for finishing your story in such a powerful way. This was your best video.
  3. Hi sunflower. Not many pick up on the SSPU reference so good on you! Life a year later is going very well. My wife is 100% deconverted. She would still consider herself spiritual, and wouldn't declare herself an atheist, but that's good enough for me. I think she just needed time to see that me parting ways with religion didn't change me at all, and that made it ok for her to take the leap herself. Our family life is completely secular and by all accounts I am accepted as i am by those who matter most in my life.
  4. This led me to defriend one of my old frat brothers this morning: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/c0.0.403.403/p403x403/558847_4698722996322_1438856481_n.jpg In case it doesn't come through, it's a pic of an "I voted" sticker, with handwritten at the bottom of it "for the American".
  5. More battered spouse syndrome just showed up in my feed:
  6. Now, whether or not points of the story are accurate about socialism, several things bother me. For one, it's fictional. Second, it doesn't really investigate the matters of socialism, it investigates a stereotype. And third, Obama isn't turning our country into a completely socialist one. I replied with: "Nice story, bro: http://www.snopes.co...m/socialism.asp" With apologies for insulting your friend, you gotta be dumb as horse shit not to realize inside 1 minute that everyone in a given class can get As, but not everyone can be a fucking CEO. If everyone in the world went to college, studied and worked their ass off and got all As, most of those would still end up working in low wage jobs because there are simply more low wage than high wage jobs. Fuck some people are fucking stupid.
  7. "Had a really lousy day and tomorrow looks the same. Anyone that knows me knows Im a straight shooter and I dont lie about anything. So I jumped off my diet for a cheat night and went to dinner. We had Chinese and jokingly asked [wife] "I wonder what this fortune cookie will have to tell me?" I opened up and literally got tears in my eyes as I read it......God will always give you everything that you want. Pretty ironic when God talks to you through a fortune cookie, I guess the rocks really do cry out!"
  8. Welcome for the forum. I'm glad things are better for you now, that was my experience as well - we are the lucky ones!! There is a certain joy to looking behind the curtain even if it's not what we expected. REAL life is so much better. Enjoy your stay here.
  9. I see a lot of parallels in our stories. Thanks for taking the time to share, and welcome to ex-c.
  10. How do I do that? Or is it reserved for mods? Oh. It's already sticky. Bingo. That was either very fast or I wasn't paying attention:).
  11. This thread seems to get a lot of attention from guests. May I suggest making it a sticky?
  12. Holdonasecond. I thought Jack-o-lanterns were supposed to be evil. On a more serious note, the "yucky stuff" is what actually has value. You don't exactly make pumpkin bread or pumpkin pie out of the rind. Sorry but I think you do.
  13. That makes a ton of sense, considering how much more catty women are in general.
  14. Welcome to the site. Going back and forth cannot be good for your mental health, we all know how difficult it is to go through the deconversion process. I would recommend to continue your search to solidify your belief system. It seems like the philosophical aspects of religion pull you back and forth. I would recommend checking out some of the factual claims and historicity of Christianity, as once once you truly learn the facts and the history there is no way to unsee behind the curtain. Good luck in your path.
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