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  1. I said it a lot when I was lukewarm believer. Then when I got serious I completely stopped saying it. After de-converting my wife loves using it since it used to be so forbidden, But now it's just a completely meaningless and empty word to me.
  2. Great list. You should put this in the den.
  3. I will go to church for weddings, funerals, and niece/nephew confirmation services. I'll even go when my son is older if he wants to see what it's all about. I will never go to church because I'm being guilted by my parents or other family. The day my parents ask me to church is the day they'll hear me tell them I'm an atheist. My mom knows I'm not a Christian anyone and she hasn't said a word about it so I don't see that happening any time soon.
  4. In addition to that, the businesses which are intrinsically superior (best product, prices, location, customer service, etc.) rely less on advertising or sometimes even find it completely unnecessary.
  5. 'War' has got monkey written all over it -Phil Hellenes
  6. That was totally awesome. I shed tears, thank you for finishing your story in such a powerful way. This was your best video.
  7. Yet more evidence that the best way to go is to not keep your spouse in the dark. Though I wonder how much the difference is also in the different type of relationship that 'allows' for open uncritical sharing between partners. Things that make you go hmm...
  8. Hi sunflower. Not many pick up on the SSPU reference so good on you! Life a year later is going very well. My wife is 100% deconverted. She would still consider herself spiritual, and wouldn't declare herself an atheist, but that's good enough for me. I think she just needed time to see that me parting ways with religion didn't change me at all, and that made it ok for her to take the leap herself. Our family life is completely secular and by all accounts I am accepted as i am by those who matter most in my life.
  9. This led me to defriend one of my old frat brothers this morning: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/c0.0.403.403/p403x403/558847_4698722996322_1438856481_n.jpg In case it doesn't come through, it's a pic of an "I voted" sticker, with handwritten at the bottom of it "for the American".
  10. Welcome LC. That's a tough one. First I'd have to ask how much if at all your sister knows of your apostasy. I would try to accomplish the request minus the prayer part. Can you make a 'love book' instead that just takes out the religious aspect?
  11. More battered spouse syndrome just showed up in my feed:
  12. Now, whether or not points of the story are accurate about socialism, several things bother me. For one, it's fictional. Second, it doesn't really investigate the matters of socialism, it investigates a stereotype. And third, Obama isn't turning our country into a completely socialist one. I replied with: "Nice story, bro: http://www.snopes.co...m/socialism.asp" With apologies for insulting your friend, you gotta be dumb as horse shit not to realize inside 1 minute that everyone in a given class can get As, but not everyone can be a fucking CEO. If everyone in the world went to c
  13. Yes. Getting revenge on your wife (as much as it sounds like she deserves it) does nothing to help your kids. I have a friend who divorced her husband due to his infidelity when their child was a baby. Despite the fact that her ex ended up marrying that woman, he proclaims to this day that he was not cheating. My friend and her ex shared custody of their child and she bit her lip for 18 years as he continued to lie about everything and everybody. Now the child is in college and has seen for herself what her father really is. When my friend told me about it she was just crying with rel
  14. I'd like to see what else she had pierced.
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