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    reading, home education, library science
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    I feel like just registering here is a huge step for me.

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    the impersonal laws of the universe
  1. Thanks for the welcome Serendipity! :)

  2. There's some great people here, Heather. You ARE lucky to have your husband along for the ride. I homeschooled my kids, too. The youngest graduated this year though. Are you familiar with secularhomeshool.com? If not, you should check it out and see if there is a secular group near you.

  3. Hello! I'm new here too, and it sounds like we have similar circumstances. Great to "meet" you!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I hope you're not afraid of us - we don't bite :)

  5. Hi ilovemybrain, thanks for the welcome! I've been working up the courage to say more, and I think today will be the day. :)

  6. Welcome, Heather! I also love reading (vast understatement) and I'm studying library science. Hope to hear more about you when you're ready.

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