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  1. There are medications that reduces anxiety that works quite well for most people. It all depends on if you have side effects that are intolerable or not. Be VERY careful of besoes , they work well initially but are highly addictive and in the log run will cause more anxiety. They are good if you can manage to use them only very occasionally if you are in a very difficult sitiuation that you have to cope with for example you need to get on plane and is very anxious about that. A life long sufferer from GAD and PTSD and most probably ADD (though my doctor thought I had a too good working mem
  2. You will find many many people here sharing your experience and suffering. I am sure it must feel hopeless as times, not being able to completely shake the fea and obsessive thinking. Religious conditioning makes people end up in loop, it''s a closed circular system, har t break put of if one has ben the victim of brainwashing. WHat your fearmonegring pastor has done is neuroticising you through a form of neurolignqistal programming and hypnosis. THis will work in your subconscius and take great effort to combat. There may never be a total victory, it's something one has to learn and live and
  3. Great post! I am really susceptible to spiritual fearmongering but in cases like this actually not so much. You have nailed it! I am a lot more scared about that people in the modern world can be for example Calvinists and that some of them are politicians and many people vote for them. I am scared of people who seems intelligent and good people who still defend cruel dogmas and refuse to see the goodness in people who don't adhere to these. And once again. What is so hard to buy about the idea of masspsychosis? You have watched Darren Brown's videos, J A, I hope. Otherwise, please do!
  4. I meant a lot of MEN still do. I can't find an edit button. I was also thinking about demonic possesion very often reported through history. Voodoo and such, when a person might die on the spot ,practically scared to death because he belived that somebody could kill him through sticking pins in a ragdoll. Maybe you caught some sort of temporary supercticious flue or something. I wish you a speedy recovery! I scare myself much to often so I do understand you. I easily obsess over things like this but usually acceptythe sanest explanation and i think there are such here.
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_Plague_of_1518 Why do you fret so much over this. Isn't the explanaition given o wiki plausible enough. Masshypnosis is not uncommon, (You must have noticed in church), people led to belived they are possed are frequent in history. Think about the witch trials. Another example is the "Devils of Loudon" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Devils_of_Loudun We can go back to the 19th century where the Dr Charcot made a spectacle of his poor female patients at the looney bin "La Salpetriere" who all experienced spectacular physical convulsions and
  6. You seem to be fearing the worst -- and there are two things about "the worst". One, you don't know that's going to happen in the first place, and two, if it does, you are way stronger than you think you are. The human animal is built to suffer. Since you fear "the worst", let me speak to you from the other side so it's a little less mysterious to you. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst is, when you think about it, the way we all have to live, if we're living consciously and effectively. I've lost virtually everything and everyone I've ever cared about, either completely o
  7. WOW! I am very impressed by you tonight! Very touched! You who suffer so much from fear and anxiety related to the same sort of hang ups that freaks Rock out can of course understand him better than anyone. And is probably better equipped to help him than anybody here and this is also what you seek to do. I think this is a very important part of the solution for you. Rising above your fears by reaching out to help someone you see in even more pain and confusion than yourself. RESPECT!
  8. Thank's for the add Bob! I wrote another message for you but it seems there is a time limit for sending another one. Love your posts so keep em coming. Please!

  9. Where can I find your portal?

  10. I grieve for what has happened in Norway! We Scandinavians must stick together and defend our open , trusting societies.

    1. hereticzero


      That event in Norway just made me ill.

  11. If anybody fears invasion by immigrants to counries with "steerts paved with taxpayers money", they would wsant to take one hard look at their own lifestyles and choices. Many European countries are in crisis due to demographics, people don't want to have enough children, so many households with singel people. As far as my own country , Sweden is concerned we have BROUGHT a lot of immigrants here because we can't frankly do without them with an aging population. Who is going to wipe grandma's butt? her near and dear wont be able too since we are busy working our own asses off and paying taxest
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