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  1. Praise Cheeses! Now you will have to be especially wise and responsible, as you will be part of the explanation of whatever novel behaviors and thoughts will follow.
  2. I don't think that the West is neutered -- the USA is the third most populous country in the world, and is bristling with armaments that could destroy the entire world. The USA has used them and will do it again. The USA has imposed a language and a way of thinking upon all other cultures. If the standard is "conquest and domination," the West has achieved this supremely. If there is anything like a lull, hiatus, accommodation, or sharing, it's only a further flexing of power in the form of doing what very few other cultures have been willing or able to do. ...and none of what I point
  3. My motion to consider how you would rally and persevere in any environment of uncertainty and hazard has not been seconded. This has been my last post on this thread.
  4. I appreciate that concern about other people. In real life, I too have chosen activities taking me to hellish places for others' sake. You'd be grateful for a friend of my kind in the Lake of Fire. Brother, know that however gruesome hell would be, I will be there with you, and I'll never let you suffer all alone. If you do experience burning fire and choking smoke, I'll be enduring it too. Brother, I will be there under the worst of circumstances, no matter how bad they will be. I'll be the first one in and the last one out. You will always have someone at your shoulder. With the c
  5. There are a lot of different methods to deal with the issue of Hell, and most of them are well-known here: denial, anger, bargaining, depression. I think it's worth trying, for a moment at least, maybe longer if it works for you, another method. That method is acceptance: the full and joyous consent to the very worst possible prediction. Close your eyes and visualize it for a few moments, as you breathe deeply. "It's going to be okay."; "I can't fight it, I may as well prepare for it." By consenting to whatever will come, we take possession of the abundance and power of our existence.
  6. Don't try not to be afraid. Fear is normal. What works for me to is to resign myself to this outcome and proceed from there. There is nothing you can do to affect what is done by the gods (if they exist). Your plans, evasions, desires would be pointless. Consider it a resolved matter that you'll go to Hell. Not whether you'll suffer misfortune, but how. Once you accept that idea, it won't be so tough. My choice concerning Hell is the choice of a Soldier who runs to the sound of the gunfire, or the moth that flies towards the light. I agree with C.S. Lewis that "All that are in Hell, ch
  7. Was your friend's question an honest question or a rhetorical question? If it was simply part of a reason for your friend's belief, I would respond that I didn't share the belief and was not persuaded by the reasons. I would only answer the question if it was part of a genuine inquiry based on real doubt. The mere putting of a proposition into the interrogative form does not stimulate the mind to any struggle after belief. There must be a real and living doubt, and without this all discussion is idle. If it is not an honest question, then the discussion is a waste of effort and not a
  8. Funny story... I once knew this man, Vaughn Ohlman, very well. He was my neighbor growing up on our religious commune. He and I were friends and shared a hobby together. I could tell you a lot of funny stories about him, his wife, and his kids, but I don't want to put so much personal information on the intertubes. He had a relatively child-like mentality, and lacked adult maturity... but that was decades ago... And that's all I will say about that...
  9. I don't think that it should be assumed that the answer will necessarily be "no" to the question of whether this person can make a living in spite of his disabilities. Perhaps he can make a living because of his disabilities -- perhaps for some reason now unknown to the Department for Work and Pensions. It seems like before the community decides that it is the right thing to begin paying an ongoing Personal Independence Payment (PIP), then the community should at first have an assessment hearing on the question. This hearing is a human right, was a community right. I regret that people
  10. One of the things I've noticed about this forum is that the lurkers usually outnumber the members with logins -- the ratio is sometimes 4x1, and sometimes as much as 10x1. I remember that I spent a couple of years reading discussions on this forum before I created a login. No doubt there are a lot of "True Believer Christians" who run across this forum by accident as Google Searchers. For example, this thread will be a result for any TBC who does a google search for one of the terms: pre-lapsarian, Semi-Pelagianism, predestination, Arminian. They'll run into this thread and then wond
  11. Just because she says that the description of the rape was not true, doesn't mean that the rape didn't happen. There are explanations for a victim's recantation, and without understanding those explanations, the public will likely apply their own rape myths to the recantation. Inconsistent statements, recantation, and delayed reporting are common victim behaviors. Rape Trauma Syndrome can manifest itself in these counterintuitive behaviors. The girl’s relatives revealed that her allegations were not even being investigated. It's no wonder that she was reluctant to continue to press
  12. If I were taking the elements, I would imagine that they contain Yahweh's hellfire from beyond the grave, swallowed into my stomach. You are what you eat, and you can eat curses or blessings. They mean to you what you would take them for. I choose to eat curses and grow. The great teacher, Experience, teaches by practical jokes, mostly cruel. Experience says "Open your mouth and shut your eyes, And I'll give you something to make you wise." I'm pretty sure that this is the doctrine concerning communion anyways -- that a person consuming it without a spirit of repentance, will experien
  13. Thanks for telling us your story. It sounds like a real rollercoaster of belief, action, and emotion -- hope you enjoyed the thrill of it! Donald Trump also enjoys his experience of the Eucharist elements: "I drink my little wine and have my little cracker."
  14. Why have Christians not sincerely apologized for their complicity in what happened in Paris? Where is the Christian apology for what they did in Paris last week end? Instead of a Mea Culpa from Christians, and a resolute turning away from religion, we hear silence. Christians should accept their blame and then set aside all thought of Supernatural Goodness. Christians and Muslims are united in believing in Supernatural Goodness, aka "God." If there is a Supernatural Goodness, then that means that natural purposes are more-or-less irrelevant and can, even at their most cogent, be only r
  15. William James, the 19th Century Scientist, even though he was an atheist, said that: "Religion will drive irreligion TO THE WALL!" His point was that human nature wishes to live hard, with pains, and strain, and religion gives us a reason for this, but secularism does not. Religion gives a reason for, and amplifies, the hard-scrabble life which we wish to live. Religion awakens something in the human which is the most fundamental. William James: "The capacity of the strenuous mood lies so deep down among our natural human possibilities that even if there were no metaphysical or tradit
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