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  1. The only way I can think of to diminish the symptoms of Fundementalism in the United States is either for nonbelievers to reproduce more than Christians(Not my first choice) or for moderates and nonbelievers to vote more. Sadly, each has about the same chance of happening. -Jake
  2. After a few hours of thinking about Christianity and that a cigarette would be nice I decided to publish my findings. Suprisingly I have come to the realization that Christianity is in no way a bad religion. In fact I would venture to say that most people who are Christian are thus only out of circumstance and not an actual desire to know God. For many people Christianity gives them morals because they are too weak and afraid to find them on their own, a very useful thing to society indeed. For some it gives a sence of pupose and direction, guiding them towards what they hope is to be the big pay off at the end. So if Christianity is benign, then what fault lies in a Fundamentalist? It is my belief that pride is what makes the Fundamentalist so unbearable and so unexcusable. In his pride the Fundamentalist forgets his own humanity and in doing so sees the differences in men to be faults, not fortes. For example: In the American South blacks were treated as second class citizens for decades. This system of de facto segregation was heavily influenced by the teachings of churches, to be precise that black men bore the mark of Cain. Imagine how many great minds were waisted in the South, choked as weeds can choke a flower. Segregation was borne out of pride, the pride that aristocrats had. They would not do common work, as that was unseemly, and as soon as they had a ready cheep labor supply they had no more use for the humanity of their slaves. But I digress. It is the pride that a Fundamentalist has that leads to a lack of respect for all other people, as they believe that that are above others. This naturaly leads to them becoming charismatic, flamboiant, and sure of themselves and their beliefs; and naturaly others are drawn to these people creating a following that grows like a virus. The above I take to be hard facts that come about through observation and a little rational thought, though it is possible I have erred in my judgements of people. Now, though, the only real question I have is how to stop the spread of this virus or at least render it harmless? -Jake
  3. Jason, why don't you talk to a pastor about this? I am sure he can give you good advice that fits in with your beleif system. -Jake
  4. I think most people lie about their beleifs at some point in their deconversion, I know I did and now I just avoid the topic. Of course in my family when you say I dont want to talk about it, people listen. -Jake
  5. If god is all knowing why didn't he know you are an ass and just not make you? -Jake
  6. I don't have much to add on top of Nivik's post. The way I see it is to stand your ground but don't be beligerent. Then again I've never been married and don't have kids. Good luck. -Jake
  7. Ummm... not to point out the obvious but I would like this reasoning to be applied if I ever kill someone. As long as no one see's me do it then there is no proof because there is no way to tell when the person died. Right? -Jake
  8. Actualy they would just change what they said all along from there isnt any life on mars because the bible never mentions mars to there is life there because any time that there is god there is life. Trust me I have heard the arguments. It happened in church one day at Only Beleive Ministries (Or Theo-nazi training as I call it) -Jake
  9. There are a few things in life that would make me reconvert outside of the god in my livingroom type of thing. Most of those are violent and involves hurting those I love. The only peacefull way would to give me all the tithe money the church gets for 10 years. -Jake
  10. Actualy whenever someone starts to tell me something and I pretty much have the speach down in my head I usualy go "AND CUT! We got it, don't overplay the scene." I got this from Jim Gaffigan but it is rude enough to work in a real world situation. Not to mention you get a good chuckle out of the look on their faces. -Jake
  11. Hello again from your complaining friend. Well it is January and at my school that means exams, lots of them. I have a friend, Chuk, who needs help studying for his world history class. I asked him if he wanted me to pick him up from work like I did last night when we studied for the same test. He said sure. He called me at about 5:30 that he got off early so I picked him up and took him home so he could get his books. He cam out of his house at about 6:05 about as pissed as a guy can get. I waited for him to get in and then asked him what was the matter. He said that they got in a fight and that he walked out so that he wouldnt do anything stupid. At the time I didn't think his parents would care if he left, although I have to admit that I had not thought about it too much. He was mad and explained to me that he was in trouble for a fight he had gotten into a few weeks before that that his parents said they had forgiven. We stopped at Dairy Queen so he could have something to cheer him up. He talked a little bit more there but was soon abvsorbed in his ice cream. I asked if he wanted to call his house with my cell phone and then told him to wait until we got to my house so that I wouldnt have to pay as much on the bill. When we got here a cruiser was waiting with two cops. They took Chuk away and left me wondering what the hell is going on. Just needed to vent. -Jake
  12. I do not know. But before the rest of you say pas passible I recall reading in a psychology textbook that people who suffer from multiple personality disorder sometimes create personalities that speak a primary language that they had never had contact with. Just something to think about. -Jake
  13. I do not beleive that this is true since such a relatively LOW percentage of Americans vote. If, say 20% of the population beleives that a canidate is sent from god then that makes up roughly a third off all votes, since on average 60-70% of americans will vote. ANd remember, those 2.2% are going to be telling others how great it is and then the numbers may skyrocket. -Jake
  14. Don't worry Amethyst people get this way whenever a new fad comes along. Take T.V., Electricity, Rock and Roll, that sort of thing. Whenever something new, different, or that causes an opening for children to go to that the Church has not already condemned, well... they condemn it. This person has never read the Harry Potter books and in my opinion is a better person for it. But I don't like Harry Potter. -Jake
  15. I suppose we could see he as trying to make Iraqi's slaves, but I doubt he is actualy trying to destry them. Perhaps Muslims in general, but not Iraqi's specificaly... so yes he would be genocidal. -Jake
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