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  1. Thants very true. Thanks for your comments, they were helpful! When I first decided not to just 'belive in God' but rather put it into the unknown basket, that was the most liberating and enjoyable experience of my life (one year ago, and I was overseas). But to bring that mindset home has been very difficult. I now plan to go overseas for a working holiday. I found that when I am in a completely different environment and culture, it then becomes easier for me to be myself and live how I want to live. Far away from the social and cultural norms that I am used to, and equally far away from my judging family and there rules! Maybe there I will sort out my life again.
  2. Maybe your right, but please, can I borrow that crowbar??
  3. I'm just wondering how things are going for you there with your folks? I had a bit of a talk to my mother yesterday about the Great flood, while we were working together (she doesn't know I'm a athiest yet!). I started to ask her about some of the massive absuridites of the flood and how the animals survived etc. She simply shruged it of and said "I don't know, Ask Noah" and "It's easier if you just believe". Haha, good o'l Mum. She might not be so bright, but I love her
  4. Oh, I'm sure if I showed my parents that letter, they would just palm it off saying "We are just mortal and can not understand God or his ways. Who are we to doubt God." But at least they could then understand my reasons for unbelief, even though I doubt it would change theirs. They simply have to much of there life invested in it, and don't forget that the Devil is always lurking around trying to deceive. (On a side note, I hate it when xians use the Devil as en escape goat; e.g. my parents said some very offensive things to me the other week, when I confronted them about it, they said that it was just the devil changing my perseption of what they actually said!)...!
  5. Good luck with everything with your parents. I know it won't be easy on them or you. I as of yet, have not decided whether or not to tell my parents. It may damage my family relationships all too much, but I will see how things go with more time. I know that there is no way that they could possibly comprehend why I've left!
  6. Thank you. Your words are very helpful!
  7. Thanks guys for your comments. I found them helpful. Yeah I guess more time is needed, especially when it comes to breaking old mindsets about how to approach a relationship. But that is not to say that all of Christianities ideas about life are bad. Certainly I see many problems with society in general. But now, I get to choose for myself how I will meet those issues, rather that having that forced upon me. And in the long run, I can see that is the better way to live.
  8. I have de-converted about a month ago now. Still going through the pains and emotions. I guess I should be happy. I am finally completely free to live my life however I choose. I am finally now free to take or give my own life, as I choose. There is immense freedom in that (not that I plan to). But I have some problems. I am single and in my mid 20s, and suddenly my life completely changes. I feel like I am so behind everyone in so many respects. I do not party much, I've only had one relationship, I don't like the city life much, etc. Basically, I am now not a Christian, but I still like the Christian way of life and morals (or at least, they are still a part of me). My biggest hang up is probably relationships. I feel like I'm way behind women out there, but I need someone who is at my level (experience wise). I just feel like I do not fit into this new world! I feel like the old world suits me better. I don't know what to do! Maybe if I was 18 I could sort everything out, but at my age, I really just want to settle down and mature. I'm lost! Yes I'm free now, but I don't really want to go out there and live like the others in my society. And I will never be like them even if I wanted to, given that I missed out on a lot. Even God can't help me now!
  9. I've gone through and read the first half of our letter, and WOW! You've really done a great job and put heaps of effort into this. I've only very recently deconverted myself and am yet to look into much of the Biblical contradicions for myself, although I had spotted some of the larger ones you mention. I also found your section on fabricated prophetic fulfilments to be very insightful. Heck I could be Jesus if your going to cherry pick the Old Testament like that! As I was going through this, I was checking against scriptures to verify that everything is as you've stated. Is been very important for me to see the full story for myself in the Bible, reading portions before and after the listed verses. It helps me to collapse years of brain washing. I must be honest in that I started to feel depressed as I got half way though. I feel that so many years of my life have been wasted, and everything that I have been taught about the Bible is only partly true. I can't believe others around me taught me such rubbish! Part of me still can't believe that it's all a lie! I'll definately keep this one around. I'm sure that when the time comes to tell my parents, that it'll be handy to have around, if you don't mind. That and a but load of other evidence I've collected! Great effort man!
  10. Thanks for sharing your story. I can see some big similarities in my own story. The emotional baggage and circular logic have certainly been my biggest struggles. The logical part of my brain does not always seem to have full control, especially if its something that has been so programmed into me from childhood.
  11. Sorry I don't know if there are any support groups in Australia. I am in Canberra. I enjoy your posts!

  12. HI, and thank you. I am in Adelaide, and urself? I was actually curious, do you know if there are any support groups or something around australia?

  13. This is a letter I wrote a few months back. I thought that I might share it with you guys... Hi God, All of my life I have believed in you. All of my life I have struggled to do what you have said is right. All of my mature life I have had this internal struggle between what I want in my life and what I was taught was right. So now I need to decide one way or the other. To continue as I do now will only cause me countless problems. I have been thinking about this a lot and there are many things that I do not understand. I realize that I can never solve this with pure logic because my logic will always be flawed and inferior to yours. I realize that we humans have such simple minds that our best attempts to understand are ultimately flawed. I can not even begin to try to understand how you think. So I can not approach this with my logic. So how else can I know about this if I can not rely upon my logic? Should I just feel a certain way, or perhaps just ‘know’ on the inside that you are real? Again, how can I rely upon this? Feelings change constantly and are much less reliable than logic. Hence feelings are not appropriate to know. Now I don’t mean to go ahead and tell you how to do things. But somethings are just so confusing and complicated that I can not possibly know the answers. For example; I was born into a Christian family. That has always been the basis for my beliefs. The fact that my parents, who wouldn’t lie to me about this, believe with all of there being that you exist just as in the Bible. Can this be a basis for my beliefs? What if I was born into a Muslim or Hindu family? Then I would have grown up with and have been taught those beliefs. So this seems to be a unreliable way to know this. There are also so many different religions. Me, with my simple mind, even if I was looking the best way I knew how, for the entirety of my life, I could not possible look into all of these different religions. There are just too many to look at them in this systematic way. Surely, if you made man, you would have given him a way to know that he is yours. But ultimately, all of my analysis here comes down to my logic and feelings, which as I have already said is ultimately flawed. So God, as you can see, I have always been seeking you. But I am so confused as to what is right and whether or not you are there. This is all so complicated and confusing. How could you have let it be so difficult for your creation to know that you are there? You will need to help me with this one, otherwise it will continue to cause me massive problems. I can not live this split life any longer. I will still keep my eyes open for signs of you, but I will from now on live my life as if you do not exist. Please prove me wrong! You know my heart. Please do not just leave me here on this Earth, just expected to know this alone! I need to know who you are! Deeply sorry,
  14. Thank you for that. You have managed to descibe everything that I have felt!
  15. Welcome to the forums fellow Aussie! What part of Oz are you from? There are a few of us in here from Oz.:))

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