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  1. Try reading Rob Bell's book, "Love Wins." He argues that God won't send anybody to Hell. I tend to agree. A God of love would not do that.
  2. Your post struck a chord with me. To be honest, I never really thought about the personal pain I might be causing people. I knew that folks disagreed, but I really didn't think about pain. We all know that this shit is tough for all of us. I'm going to take your words to heart and stop being antagonistic. I was mostly just having fun, trying to get the counterpoint argument to my arguments. I actually enjoyed reading them. However, I don't want to be an a-hole. So, please accept my apology.
  3. Freedom of speech ends at this board. As soon as a Christian posts a contrary view, hordes of folks go screaming to the moderator to shut that person down. Pathetic. True freedom of speech is to say what you want even if it offends people. I don't agree with 99% of what is posted on this board, but I would never suggest anybody be stopped from stating their opinions.
  4. Gotta run for the day. This has been fun. Ladies, don't fall for a guy who feeds you crappy reasons why you shouldn't get married. Dump him and find a man who wants to marry you.
  5. Maybe some men don't marry the women they are with because they don't want the government to define for them what is and what is not a committed relationship. R r r i i i g g h h t t! Dude, you keep serving your woman that Kool-aid to drink.
  6. I'm not suggesting that a marriage makes a relationship better. I'm simply saying that men who don't marry women usually have a reason. And these men aren't studying marriage tables to determine whether they should marry. Usually, they aren't really sure if they want to be with this woman, so they don't marry her. However, when the right girl comes around, he'll marry her in a New York minute.
  7. You cannot be this stupid. Clearly you can read and write so you must be pretending to be this stupid. Dude, what planet have you been living on? Men tend to think like men. Sorry if that comes as a surprise to you. If your position is to be logically taken, then the converse (i.e., your argument) is false as well. Bottom line, if a guy doesn't want to marry a woman it's likely because he's not in love.
  8. Sorry, but society looks differently upon women who live with their boyfriends as opposed to those who are married. Just a fact. You can curse, yell, and do whatever else you feel is necessary, but it's the truth.
  9. Ahhh, the old "it's just a piece of paper argument." Guys who truly love their women don't make this lame argument. How would you know what guys who truly love their women do? Who are you to speak for men in general like that? And where the hell is my Slushie? I'm a man. I have inside information. Your clueless if you don't think men know what men think. Women clearly know how women think. Why would it be any different for men?
  10. What sticks in my craw is women who are obviously being used. For example, I had two separate clients who each had 3 kids, but weren't married. Yes, that is what children want to see: Dad's too much of a weenie to commit to mom. Kind of like Matthew McCaughney (however he spells his name): His girl friend got pregant for the third time and he decided to marry her. It's about time. I'm all for women's rights. Raised by a single mother who raised 6 kids on her own with no help. Please, don't presume that everyone who is a Christian believes that all women should be Quakers. I'm ju
  11. Ahhh, the old "it's just a piece of paper argument." Guys who truly love their women don't make this lame argument.
  12. This has nothing to do with the whole sin thing. I just feel sorry for women who live with their boyfriends. 95% of the time, these women want to get married but their boyfriends always have an excuse for not getting married. To all of you ladies who are stuck in this predicament, a real man will dive head first into a marriage for a woman that he loves. If you have been living with a guy for several years, then he's a turd. Get rid of him Why settle for someone who doesn't want to marry you? Yes, I realize that some women actually start off just wanting to live together, but, as the ye
  13. Whether you know it or not, the entire foundation for evolution requires this question to be answered. I find it fascinating that people just skirt over this question, as if it has no relevance. Again, I'm not asking folks to believe in God. I'm just trying to get them to think about why they really believe evolution and whether there is any proof to support its ultimate origins. No, it doesn't ..... Evolution is how biological things change... NOT the origin of the universe. That's cosmology. The ORIGIN of life is ABIOGENESIS. Not evolution. Evolution is a fact.. it happens, we
  14. You cannot possibly really be this stupid. Please, tell me that you are not and that you are simply trolling. At this point, I would prefer that you were a troll than a complete idiot. It's common sense. Evolution preaches that the contents inside the building move and change. However, it has no explanation for the existence of the building itselt. Until you can explain the origin of the building, any discussion of evolution is secondary.
  15. I read it. Fair enough. I don't necessarily agree with everything, but I see your point.
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