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  1. Yes. I did, and actually, now I'm happily married to one. We knew within the first few times we spoke that I was an atheist and he was a Christian. It's pretty much a non-issue. We have mutual respect that our spiritual pursuits are our own. There is no tension or pressure or a need to talk about it. He walks his faith rather than talks. He's soft-spoken, humble, kind, and deeply compassionate. Actually, my husband can't stand most Christians or how they do things either. *L*
  2. Of course. You can enjoy anything you'd like. I love visiting churches, reading about religions and scriptures of all kinds, religious music and art, and whatnot even though I'm an atheist. If you're comfortable with it, rock it and never apologize. You are FREE.
  3. God cannot be fooled like that. You know this. A deity gains nothing when unbelievers go through the motions and provide lip service. However a con artist gains everything by convincing the unbelievers to go along with the scam. Precisely. If Christians truly believe their god can understand people's minds and hearts, then they KNOW that it's not possible to scare us back into belief. We can only be scared back into showing up at a building every Sunday and lying through our teeth and actions by going through the motions. I'm not a fan of lying. I'm not going to waste my time or the time of a congregation with fakery.
  4. Hi Worthless, I'm going to focus on this part because you seemed to have switched tracks here in the middle of a thought. So, yes, let's say Jesus really wasn't a god but was either an ordinary if very enlightened individual or he was a made-up character used to convey messages in secret between people who were rebelling against the dogmatic theocratic oppression at the time and fearing for their lives. Is that so bad? Would that really discount it all? Or is aligning yourself with the message of eking out a living a simple life of love, compassion, kindness, charity, and happiness aligning yourself with God's Truth regardless? God cannot be fooled like that. You know this.
  5. This is basically like asking me if I'm on Team Jacob or Team Edward. I don't care. If someone asked me this question in all seriousness I'd probably just stare at them like they had three heads and excuse myself.
  6. OK, I was raised in an athiest/agnostic household and I really wasn't involved with churches as a Christian for very long. I've read the Bible numerous times but I am not well versed in Christian culture, so I have a question for those of you who have been. Why do some Christians feel they can't sell goods and services to homosexuals? How was this explained to you? Is it just the "abomination" thing that makes these people act like this? Is denying goods and services supposed to be the PC alternative to stoning LGBTQA? Because I don't remember anything in the Bible that says either Jews or Christians are forbidden to sell goods and services to homosexuals. Otherwise it's just pure arrogance to assume that because you sold something or performed a service that you're personally involved with your customer's lives. Thank you for your insight!
  7. The parables are actually pointing to very deep and powerfully abstract spiritual concepts that can't really be conveyed properly with plain speech. Jesus certainly could have use plain language and he did explain one of the parables at one point, but that would have lost the subtle message of what he was trying to convey. He's trying to get people to think for themselves and try to figure it out, because that's the only way any of us can grow. It's like the difference being told about music and hearing music. You could tell people in great detail how much music moves you, but you know they will never truly get what you're talking about unless they too start listening to music and find stuff that moves them too. Jesus knew that anybody who was truly serious about walking a spiritual path instead of just paying lip service would be able to figure out what he was talking about. In his time the Jews weren't just being oppressed by the Romans, they were being oppressed by the clergy who acted similarly to our irritating fat-cat Evangelists like the Hams and Craig and Robertson, corrupted uber-religious politicians like Palin and Santorum, and corrupted wealthy merchants (corporations like Hobby Lobby in 2014). I don't think the character of Jesus was a bad guy anymore. Once I finally got enough pieces together through years of studying not just the Bible outside of the influence of Christianity, and studied many different religions along with philosophy and history, I realized that what Jesus said has been repeated many times by many different people. There is no evidence that Jesus ever existed. Maybe he was just a pseudonym for many persecuted wise men and women who couldn't openly express their philosophies due to dangerously deadly oppression they were living under. Regardless, when you finally really GET what "Jesus" was talking about, you realize how astronomically far off base mainstream Christianity as a religion actually is. It's been designed to train people to be focused so hard on the religion, they never get a chance to grow spiritually and figure out that churches aren't actually necessary. It keeps the money coming in. Jesus was telling this same thing to people back in his day, that's what the whole Matthew 6:6 quote about praying in closets means and why he overturned the money changer's tables. That's why Jesus was conspired against and crucified...he messed with the money. He knew it was a matter of time before they came for him. The Bible is just a collection of metaphorical stories. Myths have long been an important tool for teaching spiritual concepts and they don't have to be literal to have truth. There isn't anything in the Bible that an atheist couldn't figure out on their own through another method. Jesus didn't have to have been real or be God himself manifest for the lessons he taught to be relevant. Nobody is going to some literal Hell for not being Christian. Christianity as a mainstream religion is pretty much just a rehash of the Pharisees from Jesus's time. That's my two pennies for the pot, anyway.
  8. Got into a very civil facebook discussion with a friend of mine about pro-choice vs. pro-liarism. Yes, it was actually very civil, it was just very predictable because she's uber-Christian, and I don't think she's ever had an original thought in her life. I feel horrible saying that, because she IS a friend for a good reason. She's a very good person. One of the hardest workers I've ever met, strong, charitable, friendly, and honest. But yeah, everything with her is about Jesus, the Bible, and whatnot. Honestly, that's sort of all she's got in her life. Her life has been SO wasted by Christianity it's like seeing a spiritual alcoholic. We all know the type: Every decision she makes in her life is run through the Christian filter and never notices that's it gotten her absolutely nowhere. She's never gone to college. She comes from an uber-Christian family, so she's pretty ignorant and doesn't think too good. She always felt Jesus would reveal her purpose to her at some point. She's going to be 50 in September. Subsequently she's never made above minimum wage dead-end jobs. She works two jobs right now to make ends meet. She's a church secretary at one job, and as an operator at a struggling little call-center where most of her co-workers are retirees looking for a little part time income and college kids. She has almost no social life outside of church otherwise. I almost never get to see her because co-workers are always calling out, and she's always the one who will show up if you call her. You'd think by this point she'd be a manager or something, but it seems like most companies are happy just giving her all the extra work of one with none of the power or the pay because she believes it's her duty. She's never really had a relationship...She's admitted she's never even been kissed much less had sex. She'll be a 50-year-old virgin by the end of the year. No drinking, no smoking, no cursing, no...just, nothing. I feel so bad for her because she is understandably not happy with her life, but it's SOOOOOO hard not to point out the obvious to me. I've tried the usual advice, but she always comes up with an excuse why she can't do it and then says something about God will give her what she's meant to have. She expresses her regrets about all she's missed sometimes, and then says, "I just keep faith. Jesus will give me my due in heaven." It's just sad, and I can't help but think about this forum and how she could have been any one of us if we hadn't woken up out of that toxic mental poison.
  9. Moseying along like a chicken isn't a bad thing. While everyone else is caught in the rat race and worrying about whether God likes them or not, you can walk along at your own pace enjoying the sun, the breeze, the flowers, and the time you have the way you want. You are FREE. Your life STILL has purpose. Just because an invisible man sitting on clouds isn't going to hand it to you because you said "Jesus, I take you as my savior" doesn't mean that you can't achieve everything you've ever wanted to do in life. You've got LOADS more power to create the life you want and help the world than gods have ever had. Stop and think about that for a while. It'll give you some perspective. When I was a Christian, I had that "relationship with Jesus" everyone talks about. I felt peace, love, joy, compassion, and comfort with Jesus. But when I deconverted, I felt like all that was gone for a while and it made me very sad and lost. But then I realized that the peace, love, joy, compassion, and comfort are all REAL things. Jesus might not be, but that doesn't mean what I felt wasn't real. Nowadays I still practice peace, love, joy, compassion, and comfort for the sake of peace, love, joy, compassion, and comfort, and it's every single bit as effective as still having Jesus...only without having to give away 10% of my hard-earned cash to corrupt no-nothings who don't understand the Bible anyway. Emotions are like muscles...the more you work them out, the stronger they become. Stop being so hard on yourself. You've only been out of Christianity for a couple of months. Brainwashing takes time to undo. What you're feeling and going through is completely, utterly normal. You don't have to worry about feeling sad, guilty, confused, or depressed. And you don't have to do anything with them except let them come up and pass away. You'll still go through those things, but once you stop worrying that you're doing something wrong, it becomes significantly easier to deal with your feelings and your thinking habits as you work through your past. And finally, you can ALWAYS come here for support when you need us. We've all been where you are. Welcome to our forum family, Luke!
  10. People don't know how to use either religion or morality. Most religious folk are just acting like parrots and repeating what they've heard. I decided to start drinking because I have a family full of alcoholics. I'm serious. I don't drink very much and I'm very picky about what I drink, why I am drinking it, and I don't drink to the point of drunk. It's the same with marijuana (which I take medicinally). Neither of these things is sending me to Hell just because I use them. Hell is just a state of mind, and we have control over that. So I make it a point not to make life hell for myself or others. It's that simple.
  11. Of course. I don't consider energy vampires to be supernatural beings or anything. Some people in the world are just so intense, and so negative, and so constantly embroiled in drama that it just sucks you in and influences your state of mind and getting it worked up, resulting in feeling exhausted and ill. I think that's just a normal way to feel after dealing with folks like that.
  12. Thanks! I didn't know we even had one. Never scroll down that far. XD Edit: Ok, I posted: http://www.ex-christian.net/topic/61441-ethical-farming/#.UyU96fldU0Q
  13. That's cool. I'd be happy to start a thread, but not sure where to put it since it's pretty off-topic.
  14. Merry meet Cianna! I'm a former Wiccan and now mostly a general pagan in lifestyle. I left Christianity because I became fed up with the lack of understanding, the elitism, the arrogance, the corruption, the bigotry, the jerkassery, and the outright stupidity and lunacy of organized religion and the people that follow it. I pretty much I studied the Bible cover to cover and realized that the vast majority of Christianity and the people who follow it are not spiritual and have no clue what their own book is even talking about. Blessed be.
  15. I think it's sort of understandable for the time the books were written. In war, you don't want your enemy having resources to fall back on, so you kill the livestock. It's shitty and stupid, but that's humans for you. Meat was a precious commodity then too, so killing and burning meat was the ultimate sacrifice. The meat also went to feed the clergy, so it wasn't just a sacrifice to God, it was also a form of tithing. Grains, vegetables, and bread were also offered, especially by those who couldn't afford to sacrifice a dove, chicken, lamb, or cattle. Understandable then. Not now. It's not 2,014 years ago any more. As for modern day, I speak as a small suburban farmer that raises and butchers her own livestock that I live very intimately with the cycles of life and death. I don't see killing and eating meat as wrong or immoral (harvesting meat is very necessary for how I do things) but cruelty doesn't factor into it anywhere. I've taken great pains in planning to make sure everything here can live a normal, healthy, and happy life as nature intended...in fact, letting them act as nature intended saves ME a hell of a lot of work and expense. Not only do I care about them as sentient beings and don't want them to feel pain, it's imperative that I keep them healthy and happy for the survival of my body and my business. I KNOW very well that our current industrial farming practices are barbaric, inefficient, wasteful, stupid, dangerous, corrupt, and destructive. Things HAVE to change. Everything we do to animals and the environment is backlashing back at us badly and making us sick as a species. Do people have to be dropping dead in the streets for things to change? I could go on a very long tirade complete with my own opinions on how to fix our food system, but I won't hijack the thread. Suffice to say, I am not down with the Biblical ideas of how to treat animals.
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