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    Great minds think alike, dirty minds shouldn't share.

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I'm a married genderqueer woman living around Seattle.

My husband is a Christian, but one of the cool kinds who loves science and walks the talk. He married me knowing I'm an Ex-C and a very out and loud about it. Religion is not an issue in our relationship.

At the moment, I mostly work as a farmer growing fruits and vegetables, and raising free-range chickens and ducks in a suburban neighborhood as well as freelance writing and art. 

I was raised in an atheist/agnostic household, but converted myself to Christianity when I was a kid. I've been through many religions since my deconversion, and studying religions are a hobby of mine.

In regards to spiritual concepts, I've gotten to the point where I identify as nothing in particular. Not religious, not areligious, not theist, not atheist. I'm just past the whole labeling thing. It never really adequately described my feelings anyway. I feel a deep connection with all life, and I relate to it how I see fit. If I can help alleviate the suffering of beings whether human or nonhuman, I endeavor do so. 

My political leanings are loose. I don't identify with any party in particular, but you can bet that if they are against basic human rights and try to destroy the environment, I'm against them. 


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