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  1. In my opinion, there are universal morals and subjective morals. Universal 'morals' are shared by nearly ever human culture, such as the prohibition to murder and steal. Subjective morals are normally applied to things that do not demonstrably harm the society; they are in essence preferences. This is where the legislated homophobia comes in. They can and do. Check out the fundagelicals in the United States, for example. These are the same types that call homosexuality a "lifestyle" as a term of debasement. From us. And genocide is a form of murder, one with an incredibly STUPID basis (race/ethnicity/creed/etc.) Therefore it contains a universal moral. However, religion can often help defeat this moral because if you're taught that a group of people is less holy/less worthy than you, it's easier to kill the group or mistreat the group. This, for example, works very well with religious people and homosexuals. "I don't like it when guys have sex; I find it icky! I know, I'll tell people that GOD said it was bad!" -Seth
  2. Geez, gal...I wouldn't wanna be you either. It'd kinda be like those people who are fans of Charles Manson or something. Since I'd be doomed anyway under your fatalistic theological dogma, I'm not even going to bother worshiping that sadistic creep you call a god. At least I can get some fun in before the eternal torture for my finite life! -Seth
  3. Balance is a funny term. Amy Marie, on the balance, your god is one sadistic puppy! I'm pretty sure even the BTK serial murderer did some nice things from time to time, like help an old lady across the street. "Yeah I slaughtered all these people, but think of the times I *didn't* slaughter people!" Yeah, that'd get some people off death row, right? -Seth
  4. Your god is unthinkably cruel, Freeday. Infinite torment for finite sins is nothing short of unthinkably cruel. I could never worship such a callous, sadistic bastard as that god you worship. Never. I know I'd be doomed anyway. So why bother worshiping such a vile deity? I'll be tormented forever and ever anyway. Besides, depending on your denomination's theology, even if you do act the way he wants to and kiss his ass all the time, there's still a good chance you'd get snuffed. I think I'll just live my life out in atheist fun. -Seth
  5. That in a nutshell is one of the reasons I became a heretic. That kind of abject cruelty. It really sickened me to see some of the stuff in the Christian bible. I can't even express how patently unfair that kind of collective punishment is! Awesome post. -Seth
  6. That's one of the best things in my opinion! I for one am glad when people find themselves a positive spiritual path for themselves that doesn't require them to be badgered into it. One where shame and the like isn't drilled into you! And I must agree, this does look like a very supportive group here! -Seth
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