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  1. God also told Pat that he'll be building a wall around Trump Towers to keep the Mexican Christians out and on their side of Heaven. Pat was extremely pleased at this revelation, as was his elderly in-studio audience as they banged on their walkers, oxygen tanks or honked horns on their mobility scooters to indicate their approval. (Nurses stood by in aisles with defibrillators in case of excitement induced cardiac arrest).
  2. I haven't found much. I watched the above video, I guess it's some sort of hypnotherapy?
  3. Right on. I liked your post because I agree with you on many things, especially the above. In your defense, people who say shit about suicide like "it's selfish", " it's cowardly", "think about family" blah blah, really shouldn't say anything if they don't know you, or haven't walked in your shoes. To me it's like kicking someone in the gut when they are already down. How the hell is that supposed to help someone? My situation, while not as dire as yours, is similar in that I am not close to anyone, single, have no family to speak of, etc. When god was dealing out the
  4. Unfortunately we were pentecostals so I am quite familiar with fakery of babbling in tongues. It was sort of an unspoken rule in my church that if you couldn't speak in tongues perhaps your faith was weak, or you had sin you were holding on to so the Holy Spirit was kicking you to the curb until you got your shit together spiritually. So, it was better to fake it then look like you weren't one of the club, a bona file True Christian ™. Sakalaka fukamutha sukka fukka bitch ho cocksucka
  5. I am sure we've all heard the word algorithm by now. Algorithm = manipulation. The big social media and content aggregators like Yahoo don't even hide this from us, they use algo's to decide what we get. I feel like the only way we can truly know what is factual today is to rely only on what we witness ourselves. Which basically takes us back to the days of isolation. Technology is advancing us backwards.
  6. Decades ago people watched the news, especially local news, because they wanted to know what was going on around them. Information is important to us because the more informed a person is, the better we can plan and live our daily lives. Today? "News" no longer exists. We get blogs, click bait, Facebook fake news, tweets, rants, sponsored stories, posts, trending topics, etc. Our mission should we choose to accept it is to parse through all this shit and noise to try and figure out not only what is relevant, but even what is factual. News has devolved into a sorry state of for-profit
  7. Snapchat now has a speed filter, which measures how fast you are traveling when you take a selfie. Kids are now risking their lives (and everyone else on the road) driving 100+ mph while taking selfies to get bragging rights. It's like being drunk, stoned AND texting all while driving
  8. Well then what about alcohol? The same case could be made, yet humans have been drinking alcohol all throughout history. In fact at times in history humans couldn't drink anything but alcohol because clean drinking water wasn't available. There is a lot of evidence now to suggest that sugar is toxic. In fact I have read articles that call it the "new heroin". So shall we ban sugar now, or deny healthcare to those who ingest it? Bottom line is we are people and people do stupid shit. Knowingly. It's unfortunate that many things in life that give us a "high" or an escape from the m
  9. No. At some point we're all going to get sick and/or die regardless of our diet or habits, so does it really matter who does or did what, or their consequences? Researchers can't even agree if 1 cup of coffee a day is going to kill you, or benefit you as an antioxidant. Clearly the data supports that certain behaviors contribute to poor health, but who's going to dictate which behaviors and their frequency to disqualify treatment? If I don't smoke or eat bad, but I drink regularly and get no exercise, I might get cancer before someone who weighs 400 lbs and smokes like a chimney. So th
  10. Unfortunately it's all a matter of economics (er.... profits). Due to the decline of print media (of which Time built their empire on, many decades ago), these now dinosaurs of media are resorting to cut-throat tactics to get eyeballs and ad revenue up. Such as tabloid journalism, click-bait, and yes... even trolling. Intelligent, thoughtful journalism has pretty much gone the way of the dinosaur because they've been forced to compete with opinions from freelance bloggers, social media and youtube for "eyeballs", who publish their content for free. Until serious journalists can fi
  11. Wonderful, we get to pick between a witch and a buffoon. I don't see much of anything changing either way, so the Trump "lets-burn-this-motherfucker-down" vote really doesn't make much sense to me. The rich and powerful will prevail either way, so it's a moot point. The question is how much do the rest of us stand to lose, based on the outcome?
  12. No Vig you're not missing anything. This thread has been hijacked enough with social media can we please move on. Thank you.
  13. This is probably the case with many people, what they post on social media is rather inconsequential. I think what started me thinking about this is that I noticed a couple of my family members posting very personal information on FB and IG with little regard for who could see it or access it. I was appalled. Not only that because it was personal, but also very inappropriate. If that information got into the wrong hands it could be very damaging to those people, not to mention the smear to other family members (such as myself). But they seem completely oblivious to it. This carelessne
  14. I don't see it so much as a differing opinion so much as it is what each person is or is not comfortable with doing with their data and personal information. It's a fact that most apps today that people download on to their phone share information and data with other apps, as well as other devices and websites, and email. Aside from personally identifying information, this includes sensitive data such that is used in authentication. When you download an app, you usually have to agree (via a checkbox) to share your data in order to use those particular apps, of which social media is very
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