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  1. I think I'm going to use Post-Christian for the Religious Views category on my FB profile. It definitely sounds nicer than ATHEIST!
  2. Today on the internet, I ran across a word used to describe ex-christian - Post-Christian - I think it sounds much more positive than ex-christian and still lets others know that you are past that part of your life. Thoughts?
  3. Going back to Genesis, here is another inconsistency: Everyone was living to see at least their 800th birthday, so... Gen 6:3 Then the lord said, "My spirit will not put up with humans for such a long time, for they are only mortal flesh. In the future, they will live no more than 120 years." But.. Gen 11 11 After the birth of Arphaxad, Shem lived another 500 years... 13 After the birth of Shelah, Arphaxad lived another 403 years... 15 After the birth of Eber, Shelas lived another 430 years... etc, etc And yet another inconsistency, this time concerning languages: Gen 10 5 Their descendants (Japheth's) became seafaring peoples in various lands, each tribe with its own language. 20 These were the descendants of Ham, identified according to their tribes, lanugages, territories, and nations. 31 These were the descendants of Shem, indentified according to their tribes, languages, territories, and nations. Then comes the story of the tower of Babel in Gen 11 1 At one time the whole world spoke a single language (?!)and used the same words. 9 That is why the city was called Babel, because it was there that the lord confused the people by giving them many languages, thus scattering them across the earth.
  4. I already posted this in another thread, but it seemed relevent here, too. I've just finished reading Drunk with Blood: God's Killings in the Bible by Steve Wells (also the author of the SAB online) which enumerates all of the deaths sanctioned by god. The results: God has killed 24,634,205 people. And Satan? He killed 60. Good read. Not serious like Dawkins or Harris. I laughed out loud many times while reading this book, even though the subject matter is not even funny! Wells approaches it in a humorous manner which shows just how laughable and ridiculous all the slayings for and by god are in the bible.
  5. Good luck to you Beth, in your examination of the truth. Maybe we should start a thread about ex-christians reading the bible? Maybe there are some already - anyone know?
  6. This is exactly what my daughter and I are currently doing. We started reading the bible chronologically 2 nights ago. My 14 year old daughter has never read any of it, so it's really eye-opening to see how someone who's never been indoctrinated, reading the bible for the first time can see all the nonsense and hypocrisy immediately! If you're already a non-believer the Skeptic's Annotated Bible online is excellent for pointing out all the inconsistencies, atrocities, and downright craziness of this ridiculous "holy" book. I've just finished reading Drunk with Blood: God's Killings in the Bible by Steve Wells (also the author of the SAB) which enumerates all of the deaths sanctioned by god. The results: God has killed 24,634,205 people. And Satan? He killed 60. Good book by the way. Not serious like Dawkins or Harris. I laughed out loud many times while reading this book, even though the subject matter is not even funny! Biblegod is just plain laughable!!!
  7. I'm "way up north" near Shreveport and don't get down your way very often. We may be going this summer to NOLA to see Def Leppard/Heart in concert. If we do, I'll have to look you up! We don't have many atheist acquaintances!!
  8. Absolutely! They both say they want to get away from all of this. They are both too liberal in their thinking to ever fit in with small-town southern Americans.
  9. I love Parenting Beyond Belief! It's definitely on my bookshelf. My daughter does go to church with friends on Wednesday night to their youth group stuff. We always talk about it when she gets home. It seems to be pretty light - teaching kids how to get along, helping others, etc. Every once in awhile they have some weird bible study. This is one reason I want her to read and discuss the bible at home with me and not with them! When I was 12 and going to a Baptist summer bible school, I remember almost getting pulled into being "saved" and then baptized because of all the fear they were instilling. Thank goodness my mother had the sense to get me out of there pronto! If I see any signs of that pushy behavior toward my daughter, she'll stop going also. Oh, and there is a Unitarian church about 45 miles away. I've thought about checking it out. Comparative religion in our town? - no way!!! The ONLY religion is christianity!
  10. Jesus Christ, where do you live? I grew up in the Los Angeles area and nobody gave a shit. Or if they did, it wasn't nearly so acute. There was an outspoken atheist kid at my elementary school and we thought nothing peculiar of him, he was just another kid. One afternoon I made a kneejerk argument against his saying he didn't believe in god (along the lines of "how can you say that?") and he said "you're stupid" and I didn't know how to respond to that so I let it be. We live in a small town (population 12,800)in Louisiana, Bible Belt USA. You can stand in the middle of town, throw a rock in any direction, and hit a church. We can boast that we have 62 churches. If you are gay or non-christian in our town, you are SOL. Sure, it would be nice to move but our jobs keep us here, especially my husband's government job. Plus, my extended family all lives in the same state. We're stuck here, at least until we retire.
  11. Oh yes! We've had several incidents occur over the past few years. When my daughter was in 5th grade, about 6 of her good christian classmates backed her into a corner (literally - in the classroom) and demanded that she admit that she believes in god. Of course she did; she was afraid. (My son was in 9th grade that year and began to "admit" that he was atheist and word got back to the younger kids through one of my son's classmate) In 7th grade, twice she came home from school with her heart broken because another "boyfriend" had just broken up with her when they found out that her brother was atheist. Even the girls stopped talking to her for a brief period of time. She cried a lot about that and wished her brother wasn't so outspoken 'cause it was "ruining her life." Now this year, she's in 9th grade and we're at it again with the boyfriend questioning her about her atheist family even though she's been careful not to talk about religion with any of her friends in high school. She thought it would be better now that her brother has gone on to college. Maybe not. I guess she's had enough and wants to explore it herself to decide what she really is so she'll be able to firmly stand up for herself the next time this issue comes around. Let's hope so!!
  12. Thank you so much for the resources! She and I started last night reading an NLT translation of the bible called The Book. I know that it's a phrase by phrase translation and not a reliable as a word by word translation, but I think it's just right for starters since it's in "plainspeak." After reading for just 30 minutes in Genesis, she's already seeing the discrepancies: the moon as a light, the 2 different ways Adam and Eve were created, the fact that they didn't die when they ate from the tree like God told them they would and where the hell did this woman come from that Cain married in the land of Nod? -(for some reason, this especially bothered her)
  13. Okay. I finished the book this morning. The first 50% of the book is the pastor dad telling all about the family, their beliefs, the boy's illness, etc. Then the child says upon seeing the hospital again from the car window (4 months or so after his surgery - not an NDE at all) that the angels sang to him when he was in the hospital. The next 20% of the book is all about them discussing the child's experience. At first it seems plausible. What's so odd about the 3 year old son of a pastor who listens to bible stories every day saying that while he was in surgery he went to heaven and sat on Jesus' lap? He seemed to have had a bit of an out-of-body experience because he said he could see what was happening in the hospital. He definitely was never dead at any time. Even the parents admit this. Then the book gets ridiculous. The parents, especially the dad, continue to ask Colton about his "visit to heaven." They question him not over days or weeks but over YEARS. They expect him to tell them something new each time, so he does. Here's an example of the questioning: Two YEARS after the boy's surgery, the family was watching a DVD of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." After the last big sword-fighting battle scene where the princes and princesses along with the other "good guys" beat the monsters and "bad guys," the mom remarks to the boy, "Well, I guess that's one thing you didn't like about heaven - no swords up there." Colton came back with, "There are too swords in heaven!" Then he proceeded to tell them all about a big battle between the "good guys" and the "bad guys" including the devil, in heaven. Pastor dad says scripture from Luke leapt to his mind where Jesus tells the disciples, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven." and scripture from Daniel where an angel pays a delayed visit to him because he was engaged in a battle with the "king of Persia." So, the movie and the kid's attraction to action figures and swords, and the kid's knowledge of bible stories never figures into the equation? Over and over again, this is the kind of "proof" in the book that Colton visited heaven. It's simply nonsense. Much of it seems to be pure fabrication by the pastor dad. In my opinion, I think that's why they've waited so long to write this awful book: They needed to convince the poor kid that he went to heaven and it took lots of years of subliminal suggestions to do it. The book made me angry with the parents and very sad for the boy who's been used and brainwashed for what? Notoriety, money, and a religious agenda! Sickening!
  14. Thank you, SirPhoenix for that information. I've seen someone else discussing Mistakes of Moses for their child on this forum. YouTube videos are a good suggestion, too since we'll already be doing lots of reading.
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